Posted by: Leah | April 15, 2007

Winners for my 100th post contest

And so I numbered all the comments from my 100th post. Got a sheet of paper, cut it into small pieces, wrote numbers 1 to 44. Placed ’em in a box and drew a winner.

And I got #8. ….BW. So do send me your details and I’ll send you a dozen tealights and some candle holders to go with it. These are from my candle business.
Since you’re a fellow Canadian and its easy to send things to you, I decided to draw another winner….

and I got #25…… Rachel. Please send me your details as well. I am sending you this beautiful necklace. I hope you are not allergic to non-gold jewelry.

My email address is

Thanks to all for your warm wishes and your great comments.



  1. Huy ayus ah! Me raffle pa. Sayang di kami nanalo. baka me consolation prize pa. hehe Joke. More posts to come Leah!

  2. What about me? I was the 45th commenter? 😉

  3. oh darnit! That could’ve been me! I was the commentor right before BW 🙂 Have a great week ahead Leah!

  4. wow, congratulations to bw and rachel!

  5. hayy…di ako nakasali??!! sayang!!!

    nway, congrats to bw & rachel! 🙂

  6. Congrats sa winners! Actually hindi na ako umaasa in winning… ewan ko ba, wala akong swerte sa raffle. It’s been more than ten years sa opis namin, and all I get are the pa-kunswelo raffle items. hehehe

  7. Hello Ferdz,
    Thanks…yeah maybe next time…you will win.

    Hi Abaniko,
    Consolation prize na lang for the 45th commenter..virtual hugs…he!he!

    Hi Angelo
    Have a great week ahead as well and too bad…next time.maybe

    Hi Bingskee,

    Hello dangkin,.
    I think kasali ka. .#23..pero di lang nanalo.

    Hi watson,
    Ako rin walang suwerte sa mga raffle. Kaya ako na lang nag-paparaffle. Di bale, at least may pa=kunswelo prize ka.

  8. Wow, thank you Leah. Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you. I’ve been busy this weekend and wasn’t able to go online.

    That’s very sweet of you. Amazing, first time I actually won something online. Now I feel lucky. 🙂

    I’ll email you my details. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. Take care!

  9. I can’t believe this. I actually won something for the first time in my life !. hehehe 🙂 Merci bocoup Leah 🙂

  10. Hi Rachel and BW,
    Congratulations and you are mostwelcome.

  11. sayang di ako umabot, tutulog tulog kc ako from my long hybernation eh hehhehe

  12. yay ! di ako nanalo 😦 ! Anyway, congrats to the winner! galing naman, ganda ng necklace Leah ! Is it your creation ?

  13. Hi Cielo,
    Yeah…you missed on the draw…next time pag zoom na uli ang blogging mo.

    Hello Haze,
    no this was not my creation…yun sister ko, she does something like that pero this necklace was from Mark – a product endorsed by Avon. I also have one for myself. Gusto mo? I’ll check if its still available for ordering.

  14. waaaahhhh…i did not win =(

  15. ako, wala? sali akooooh, lol

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