Posted by: Leah | April 16, 2007

My APO experience

Together with my Kuya and my younger sister, we drove to the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga last Saturday night to watch “The APO Experience” concert. So I am an APO virgin, the term for newbies to the APO concert goers. It was my first time to ever watch APO perform live in concert, same is true with my dear sisterette. Kuya apparently have watched them before back in the Philippines. 30 years this group has been together and they were simply marvelous. I really had a great time. The hall was full and packed with eager Pinoys and a few caucasians,show was very entertaining, , songs brought so much memories back and the performance was just awesome. Not to mention the great sync and rapport this 3 guys (Boboy, Danny and Jim) had which illicited so much laughs from everyone, me included. Sometimes, it was just so hysterical. Now I wonder, why did I not watch them before? I guess, the concerts I watched in my days were live performances by Pops, Martin, Sharon, Gary V., Oggie, and Side A band to name a few. The APO at that time was somehow not in my list of musicians to watch. However, most of the songs they sang in the concert were all so familiar to me. I simply loved Heto Na, Ewan, Pumapatak na naman ang Ulan, Mahirap Talaga Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba (not sure if that’s the title) and ofcourse their revised renditions of so many of their songs and some Filipino music. I hummed or sang with them all. I guess, I’ve heard their songs so many times from my elder brother’s cassette tapes and probably from watching sa Linggo naPo sila TV show.

I would like to mention of course the front act namely Clarissa Miranda, Josie de Leon, Leander Mendoza & Rico Callao and that they were wonderful. Voices were amazing. Gave me goosebumps with their high notes and their rendition of Ryan Cayabyab’s songs. Show started on time which was a first for me in attending Pinoy concerts. Usually, you have to wait for half an hour before the opening act gets going. So for half an hour or so, these group serenaded the audience with beautiful music. Guys, you were fantastic.

APO has a series of concert over the next month in the States and if you are reading this and you want to revisit the Pinoy music again, check out their website here for details on their tour.

Also they still have another show scheduled for the 24th in Winnipeg. For you folks over there, check out details here and get your tickets now.

The highlight of the night for me was meeting Apo Jim himself. We were able to go backstage at the end of the show to EB with him. Wow, what a great fellow,so nice, very down to earth, and despite the gray hair which I thought made him more distinguished, still good looking.

Me, Jim and my sister
Why did I get this privilege to meet up with him? I have been an avid reader of his blog and decided to contact him so I can get copies of his books, preferably authographed/signed ones. We mostly communicated through emails and I’ll probably just make another post out of that. So long story short..we arranged to meet. And hurray, I did get my books..all signed too. Now my collectibles.

For now, I am star-struck. Thanks Jim.



  1. The APO are splendid ano? Iconic talaga … national treasures to cherish! And they’re very intelligent guys ba … especially Jim Paredes. I bought one of this inspirational books but gave it away so I really have to get for myself one of these days.

    Haven’t attended any of their concerts too nor much of any other artist … but now I am trying to pack in as much of those musical and other experiences as possible. Watched an orange and lemons gig last month and more recently a Dulce concert.

    Hey kailan tayo magscrabble? I asent you an email over a week ago.

  2. Hi Anna,
    I used to go to a lot of concerts as well when I was back in Pinas. Enjoy while you can. And you know what, I liked the Lemon and Orange guys esp. the Blue Moon song.
    I am now reading Jim’s book “Humming in my Universe” and I really like it and I feel so inspired by it.
    I ‘ll respond to your email – sige I’ll sched a scrabby game.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the APO concert and had the privilege of meeting Jim. I like their songs but sadly I haven’t seen them perform live. I’m sure it was a great experience. Thanks for sharing your memorable photos.

  4. What a ‘nostalgia trip’ that must have been listening to the APO songs! I could just imagine the crowd singing along with them (as I surely would have if I were there =p). Ibang klase talaga sila! And you got up close and personal with Apo Jim pa ha! He’s a smart guy and I do visit his blog sometimes. Hey, cute & pretty naman ng unica hija mo!
    Btw, I saw the pics of the prizes, swerte naman ni Bw & Rachel dahil ang gaganda ng prizes! Di bale, pagnapa-raffle ka on your 150th post, baka it would be my turn! hehehe..

  5. Sayang di ako nakasama sa concert, anyway sa next na concert (dunno kung sino yun?) sasama na ko sa inyo… Nice photos you have with Jim and oh Sam she’s really cutie 🙂

  6. naks, galing naman.. and jim with the white hair.. hmmm, parang ang tagal ko na yatang nawala sa pinas?

  7. That’s great 🙂 Glad to know you had a great time with APO. Buti nakaabot ka pa ng ticket 🙂 Saw APO a couple of times here in Toronto, the last being 2 years ago. Had an autographed CD by the trio. Walang kupas – they’re still the same over the years ! Great pics with Jim.. Boy, you really had an audience with the star 🙂 Good for you girl !

  8. Hello Rachel,
    Oh yeah, it was a great experience talaga. Hope you get the chance to see them next time they have a concert in Manila or in your province.

    Hi Gina,
    I’m sure you would have enjoyed it and sang along like I did as well. I’m sure there will be a next time, maybe we can go together then. As for the prizes…di bale baka manalo ka sa next time nga.

    Hi Michelle,
    Sa next time, dapat nga kasama ka. You missed out on this one, eh di sana nariyan ka rin sa EB photos namin…nang-inggit pa no?

    Hello Analyse,
    Yeah, I was surprised to see Jim donning gray hair also. I guess, its a new look for him. So when was the last time you were in Pinas? Not sure if they are doing a European tour. Who knows, maybe they’ll have one where you are di ba, catch them then, ok?

    Hi BW,
    Yeah, lucky that I was able to still get tickets. The show was sold-out. It was great fun. And I was able to get my autographed books too.

  9. Cool Leah, the APO Hiking Society was here in Mississauga?! That must’ve been a nice experience. I remember watching Side A and Freestyle at the Ricoh Colesium at the EX, that brought back memories of the Philippines 🙂 I can’t get over how much you really look like my cousin Jing from Jersey!

    Anyhoo, re:the telescope…I lucked out and got my telescope from Price Club. It was on sale because they came out with a newer model, it wasn’t too expensive, I think I paid $300-350, can’t remember exactly. The big place to go is the one near Yorkdale Mall called “Efston Science”, pero I think medyo mahal… another place would be Henry’s…. it’s that camera chain. Do you have one close by? They have some telescopes there too. If your husband is experienced already, probably better to go the the experts at Efston? Good luck, let me know how it goes!

  10. Glad that you enjoyed their show. I love APO. They know how to connect with the audience. Their songs are very Pinoy and they tug at the heart.

  11. Oh, cool! Apo concerts are always fun to watch. And super-cool that you got to EB with him too. 🙂

  12. who’s not loving APO? they’re so good and their songs stand the test of time, a living legend of the philippine music industry. 🙂

  13. I loooove APO! But never had the chance to see them live yet. And what more when you had a chance to meet Jim – so nice of him! I’m really proud of this 100% pinoy band 🙂

  14. may edad na rin talaga ang APO pero wal pa rin silang kupas! ganda ng kuha nyo with Jim Paderes.

  15. Ay galing! You were able to meet up with Jim Paredes. Like you, I’m also an avid reader of his blog and I used to comment a lot on his entries.

    I saw the trio in a private concert almost 2 decades ago in an exclusive club where I was a member, and I agree, they have that certain magic on stage that makes watching their performance, a worthwhile experience…

  16. Hi Angelo,
    Oh I like Side A band too, I remember watchng them in Aranate Coliseum …galing. And the APO concert was real great fun.
    Thanks for the info on the scopes…I’ll check them out.

    btw, I can be your adapted cousin…just for the looks…so invite on the next family picnic ok?

    Hello Abaniko,
    Its true, APO songs are so Pinoy…its almost like you get transported back in Pinas. They were surely awesome and very interactive with the audience.

    Hi Toe,
    Totally cool talaga and very excting.

    Hello zherwin,
    Balik uli ang old songs nila into the music scene di ba? Even the youngsters are liking their music genre.

    Hi Makis,
    As Zherwin said…who doesn’t love te APO. They are truly great performers.
    3:05 AM

    Hi Cruise,..
    Sinabi mo….Wala talagang kupas ang APO. Salamat.

    Hello snglguy,…
    Its been a while pala since you’ve seen them perform live. Better try to catch their new act. Kakatawa at kakaaliw pa rin. Yeah, Jim’s blog is quite inspiring that’s why I wanted to get this books. I’ll try to leave comments too once in a while.

  17. hi leah,

    i love APO, classic talaga ang music nila, imagine even my teen daughter luvs their music. click ang revival nang mga songs nila…Pinoy Bands sings APO.

    but ofcourse the original is always the best. 🙂

  18. wow! that’s wicked! I like APO, they have got this very distinctive Filipino sound!
    ang galing!

  19. hi Cielo,
    good to see you back! I have not had the chance to listen to the revival CD of the APO songs by the new bands. Its probably really hip sounding that’s why your daughter luvs it.

    hello pining,
    Galing nga…and as you said..Wicked !

  20. Share ko lang experienced ng friend ko w/ the APO. Nakasabay nya sa plane sa Bahrain dahil may show sila. Sa plane pa lang daw gusto na nyang lapitan, pero nahihiya kaya hinintay na makababa muna sa airport. Noong makababa lapit daw sya at papa autograph sana. Sabi raw nya “Mr. Jim, pwede pa autograph, idol kita eh.” Sagot raw, “Hayun si Jim ” sabay turo sa tabi. Yung Danny pala ang nalapitan nya…hehehe. Hiyang-hiya raw sya at di na tuloy lumapit pa kay Jim.

  21. Hi Ann,
    Kakatawa naman yan …Dun nga sa concert may jokes sila about that, yun pinagkakamalian sila as someone else. Totoo pala. Ha!ha!
    Ako rin nun umpisa, I pictured in my mind that Jim was actually Danny until I started reading his blog and realized otherwise.

  22. Wow APO Concert ! Buti ka pa, I think di pa ata sila napapagawi dito 😦 ! I can see in your face that you all had a great time !

  23. Hi Haze,
    yes, I was really ecstatic…kitang-kita sa ngiti ano?

  24. it’s really fun to watch them…di nakakasawa

  25. Wow! Na star struck ka ke Jim Paredes. I like the Apo as well. Mas lalo nga silang sumikat lately when a tribute album was released. Pero of course classic pa rin ang original nila. It’s great to see you had a great time there!

  26. diba blogger din yang si jim paderes?

  27. Hi Girlie,
    I guess, napanood mo na rin sila, its fun and invogorating to watch them.

    Hello Ferdz,
    Oo talaga, I had so much fun and since first time ako up close and personal sa celebrity , I was star strucked lalo pa at very down to earth si Jim.

    Hi Iskoo,
    Yeah, blogger din si Jim. That’s the reason why I was inspired by his writings.

  28. Doobeedoobeedoo, beedoobeedoo 🙂
    Cool, nameet mo si Jim! Btw he looked much older than I thought. Maybe it’s the gray hair, huh?

  29. lolo looking na si Jim? kelan pa?

    Pero ang saya nyo ha? wish i were there too, kasi I like the apo hiking soc also!

  30. Hi Kathy and Francesca!
    naku – they did the doo-bee-doo thing and its so aliw. Yeah, the gray hair does age him a bit. Pero looks good pa rin. The concert was really great. Hopefully, you’ll get to see them someday.

  31. I am jealous!!!!!!! I love APO!! I only saw them live once, a long time ago in LA. You are so lucky, and even a photo op with the man himself! I would have been swooning like a teenager. haha!! my kids will totally disown me. 😀

  32. ahhhh…kakainggit! hehe so green with envy! I also love APO especially Jim. He’s so respectable!

    Anyway I’m happy to know that you had a blast Leah (its APO for crying out loud Verns)! lol

  33. teka muna, may mga apo na kay ang APO? LOL

    oops, pumapatak na naman ang ulan…

  34. wow ha!!! first eb with blogger ba yan? at si Jim Paredes pa 🙂 nice!! kaingget 🙂

  35. Hi JMom,
    OO nga, medyo walking on airako after that eh…swooning too he!he!
    I think they might have some concerts coming there, check out the links in my post

    Hi Verns,
    So true talaga. I had a great time.

    Hi mitsuru,
    I know from reading Jim’s blog that he has one apo…ewanko lang for Danny and Boboy.
    Dito , ma-araw na, di na maulan. Pero dyan , lagi ano? Hmmph, Ewan!

    Hello melai,
    Oo nga ano, first eb with blogger ko ito. Naks, sikat pa. Naiingit nga rin pinsan ko eh. he!he!

  36. Love ko rin ang songs ng APO. It’s good that you had a great time. I checked out the site. Ang mahal naman ng ticket, type ko sanang manood. Now you must think that I’m really cheap. But if you have 3 growing kids and money is tight, every cent counts. 🙂 Anyway, I have their tape and every once in a while, I listen to it. 🙂

  37. Hi Niceheart,
    Oo nga, medyo mahal. I was just looking at the flyer in the link, one price lang pala dyan. Medyo OK na rin yun price. Dito 3 or 4 levels ata. But you know what, it really was all worth it. Treat yourself and hubby.

    Since last minute ako bumili, nabigyan ako ng discount. Try calling the contact person in the link (Victor Nombrado 294-298-0025)
    Maybe he’ll give you a discount.

  38. huwaw! we were just outside of Living Arts, listening to our CDs of APO 🙂 nagtitipid ng konti but still enjoying their music. Sana nag EB rin tayo after you drove to our part of this world 😛

    Haring Liwanag is awesome, I one of his books signed too. I listened to his reading sessions in Powerbooks when I was in the Philippines.

    Nice experience you just had. Galing galing!

  39. Hi Junnie,
    Sayang di tayo nakapag-EB. Next time I chance by Mississauga, I’ll just knock on your door..he!he!
    I was actually looking for any familiar face amongst the Pinoy crowd that night. I was hoping you’d be there. Yun pala nasa labas ka lang, ARe you just a stone’s throw away?
    I’m half way through Jim’s first book and I’m really inspired by it.

    Anyway, are you going to the GK movie?
    Its on Sunday, May 27, 2007 @ 3:30 p.m. in Toronto at the RBC Theatre – Living Arts Centre starring Maricel Soriano, Cesar Montano, Michael V.,
    Carmi Martin, Maricel Laxa, Robert Arevalo and Lilia Dizon. You can call Ticketmaster. It’s $25/ticket only.
    I havent bough my tickets yet. EB tayo!

  40. Am glad to learn that there’s quite a few sensible people here in GTA who appreciates Jim’s books…. Jim is a prolific writer indeed… and very talented as a composer, singer, photographer, ad man, commentator, etc.

    For those of you missed the APO experience concert or would like to read more about the concert review, visit

  41. Hey Leah,

    Was looking for something and stumbled upon your review of our concert. So glad you liked it. And equally thrilled at how much you are enjoying the books.

    Don’t be surprised if you see me with ‘normal’ brown hair again. I let it get white once in a while since that has been the natural color of my hair since I was in my late 20s. It’s in my genes. ha ha.

    But yes, lolo na ako and so I may eventually let it whiten again and leave it for awhile until people get used to it..

    To all readers and commenters on this blog, thanks for your kind words. If you are US based, we still have 5 shows to go until May 13. Check out our schedule at if you are interested.



  42. Hi anonymous from ipinoy.
    I read your review too. And it seems that we are both APO virgins who really had a blast. Thanks for dropping by.

  43. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for chancing over my blog and leaving a comment at that.
    Made my day for sure.

    Didn’t know you’ve had gray hair at such a young age. And yes, It will take a while for your fans to get used to it.

    Hope your Winnipeg concert was a blast too.

    And I love your 1st book. I’ve been going back to it now and then just to pick up a verse to inspire me for the day.

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