Posted by: Leah | April 20, 2007

Hair part 2

I had a haircut about a month ago. Yeah this post was in draft mode since then.

A few months after my disastrous and hair-rific treatment to relax this crowning glory, I had to do something. Grays are starting to show. The hair is dry, split-ends are unsightly, I had to do something. So I had a moisture and protein treatment; $15. Ofcourse, I had to have a hair-cut and style; $40. Hair stylist recommended a Salon shampooo and mositure theraphy treatment instead of the regular grocery bought products, $24.99. Hair serum for styling $20. Tip $5. Credit card charges: $110.

Feeling of beauty and looking at my hair now; priceless.

The stylist recommended for me to use the shampoo every other day only (we are not suppose to wash the hair everyday so we maintain the natural oils daw) and the moisture treatment only once a week. So I’ve been using it for a month now and its been working so far. There were times I had to wash my hair one day after the other because it just felt too oily and my scalp itchy. And I use more than what she recommended. Her instructions were, use a penny size amount of the shampoo and the moisture theraphy about a loonie size amount. Well that doesn’t work for my thick hair so I doubled that amount. My shampoo bottle is still heavy so I guess I might have a month or two worth of usage for it still. After that, I go back and see what the stylist says. Maybe a colour treatment next time…..



  1. I also have thick and straight hair. I also used to get split ends when I was still in the Philippines, but eversince I came here, wala na. I also wash my hair everyday, can’t stand it if I don’t. I guess my hair is low maintenance. I don’t spend a lot on hair products. I just use gel and blow dry it every morning.

  2. Whoaw! I think it takes me a year to spend $110 on my hair hehe 🙂 Why do women get charged so much more than men for a “haircut” anyways? Oh well, hope your shampoo lasts you Leah 🙂

  3. Hehe, you sounded like a Mastercard ad up there. Oh and I suppose you used Mastercard as well? 😀

    These days, I keep my hair as short as possible para low maintenance. 🙂

  4. I always take hair advise with a pinch of salt–I think we all know our “hair personality” more than any other person..sinabihan din ako not to wash and shampoo hair everyday–disaster sa akin yan, coz by the end of the no-shampoo day, mukha na akong nagpomada. 😦

  5. Hi Niceheart,
    Alam mo ganyan din ako. But since my other haircut, (lots of layers and that got short) plus the relaxing chemicals, nagkaproblema. I wish my hair would grow faster. Low maintenance is good…buti ka pa.

  6. Hi Angelo,
    You know what, I really dont know why women gets charged that much…its not fair.
    Yeah, I hope I can stretch out this shampoo. Otherwise, I’ll go back to my Pantene.

  7. Hey sngly guy,
    I probably did use MC. Cant remember. Guys get it easy with hair. Good fo you too.

  8. Hi Gypsy,
    you’re right….sometimes, we get sales talked into things. Its working for me right now though. However, I find that I have to blow dry and add the serum to make it look nice. If I simply wash and let it hang dry…pangit! It takes time to get beautiful hair. We have to be willing to spend that time for our hair.

  9. Mahal talaga magpaganda, hehe… I saw your hair after that treatment laki ng improvement and I can say you look more gorgeous 🙂

  10. Angelo is damn right.

    I budgetted $ 100 for the whole year for personal grooming. I spent $ 10 (2$ tips) every other month. I’m wearing a close crop (so that the grey hair dont show)…so they grow a wee bit slower, for some reasons.

    This post reminded me to get a new haircut. Mitzi spends the same amount for her hair…the difference now is that I’m her personal groomer para makatipid. She uses this Nutrisse product, which really works. I dont mind advertising them. 🙂

  11. you’re right, have to pay that much money to get the “proper” result you want (…or your money back..I kid!)
    anyway, I don’t wash my hair everyday as I used toin Pinas; I wash it every other day or else I’ll be baldy in no time (use to have really thick hair me…)

  12. I wear my hair short kaya low maintenance lang ako. I spend $23.00 (including tip)every month. =P Although, there are times that I wished I had long & lustrous hair!

  13. Hi M I C H E L L E,.
    Oo nga , aside from money, time is also needed di ba?
    Thanks for the compliments.

    Hi Junnie,
    Pareho kayo ng mister ko, He also gets his hair cut short so he doesnt have to go as often and he goes to First Choice Hair Cutters with a $2 off coupon pa. Tipid talaga.
    You’re nice naman in assisting Mitzi with her hair needs.

    Hello pining,
    You know what, the every other day routine works well for me too since I save on time too. If only our hair stays as nice and thick forever ano? Sa commercial lang ata yun.

    Hi Gina,
    Naku, every month pala ang hair cut mo. I guess, that’s needed to keep your short hair in control. Its good to have short hair kasi low maintenance nga. I used to have short hair (like the Demi-Moore cut back in the Ghost days) and I liked it, wash and wear, konting gel and done.
    Sometimes I think of having a haircut like that again. Maybe one day.
    Ikaw, maybe try growing it. Its a pain to wait for it to grow kasi it gets messy but who know, you might like it again.

  14. Getting a haircut is a fortune, sa Pinas lang ata ang mura! I went 3x to beauty salon in my 5 yrs in France co’z it’s too expensive the minimum is 25 euro (haircut, shampoo, dryer depende pa minsan sa name ng parlor)! Instead I ask services from Filipinas who could perfectly do the job for 10euro and I prefer their cutting style! I don’t do hair coloring yet but I will try it for a change! Back home I did hot oil once a month and yearly hair straightening kaya medyo mahal na rin pag sa atin! Now I just buy products from Salon to save money anyway all I need is a hairmask lang naman para ako na mag hotoil ng buhok ko 😉 tapos may pang plancha na ako ng buhok!

    Di ba mas tipid Leah if we buy products from Salon :)! Syempre from time to time we could always satisfy our desire. And I agree, we should not wash the hair everyday to maintain the natural oil…it’s so true !

  15. wow..high maintenance pala ang hair mo Leah hehe actually lahat naman ata tayong mga babae lol 🙂

    Anyway true..its not advisable to shampoo the hair everyday. Conditioner everyday but not shampoo. Unlike Gypsy I can last for a day without shampooing but not more than a day kasi nangagati na ako pag longer than that kahit naka conditioner pa 🙂

  16. i used to shampoo my hair everyday until recently when i read in the net that you’re not suppose to do it. pero pede naman daw wash (without shampoo) everyday first with hot water, then cold water. it’s working well for me

  17. Why not. We need to treat/pamper ourselves every now and then. Pero, magaral kaya ako ng hair science and go to Canada. Looks like a lucrative business.

    I also don’t shampoo my hair everyday .. nakakaalis daw ng natural moisture. At lalo ikaw, i am sure hindi ka naman pinagpapawisan masyado dyan at wala naman masyado pollution.

  18. Hi Haze,
    Buti ka pa, may Pinoy haridresser at serviced pa. Nice! If you have not done any hair colour before, stay away from it lalo na kung wala ka pang gray hairs. Pero kung type mo lang to get a change, sure go ahead. I do blame this hair colour for my graying hair and not because of age. Although I blame the water here in Canada as well as the chemicals in the shampoo. Oh well, we all have to live with it di ba? So how often do you do hair mask and what brand do you use?

    Hi Verns,
    Its really expensive to be beautiful. Magastos talaga being a girl, di ba?
    Yeah, the every other day shampooing works for me well. Although at times I like to wash it wet lang. No shampoo.

    Hello Girlie (hipncoolmomma),
    Yeah, the stylist explained to me as well the benefits of cold and hot. And so after washing with warm water, I wash it cold too so that it will close the cuticles daw. Same is true with blow drying. You know that cool burst function which I only ever use to cool myself down once in a while, now I use it to finish off the blow drying.

    Hi annamanila,
    Oo nga, its a good business for sure. If ever you get a hair salon business, I’ll be one of your first customers. lol
    Come summer time, i’ll probably wash it everyday but only shampoo every other day.

  19. I have thick hair too. I used to have long hair from grade school to college but had it cut short when I was already working. I like my “wash and wear” hair. I love going to the salon. I’ve been going to the same salon since college (same stylist). I don’t think I can manage without her.

  20. Hi Rachel,
    Its always good to find a special someone to care for your hair. good for you in finding your stylist and keeping her.

    Me, I jump from one stylist to another. I will try to go back to this last one I went too. Hopefully, I’ll stick with her.

  21. buti ka pa na thick pa rin ang buhok mo. Mine’s not as thick as it once was. 😦 oh, well, at least it’ll save me money on hair products. 🙂

  22. For us gals, no tagprice is big enough for our hair. As you said nga, the feeling of beauty and looking at your hair is priceless. 🙂 I also spend a small fortune on rebonding and stuff on my hair.

    But one advice I never take is not to shampoo everyday. Alam mo naman dito sa tropics, it gets really disgusting if you don’t wash your hair daily.

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