Posted by: Leah | May 9, 2007

Sparks on TV

I have been watching American Idol lately. I have not seen the last season except for the finals. This season, I’ve only started watching a week or so before the white night (all contestants were wearing white that time). It was the charity night. I am actually enjoying it now. I mean the performances are not that great except ofcourse for Doolittle and Sparks. I think these two ladies will be the top 2. It could be Jordin Sparks in the end. She’s young and probably has a lot of young voters. I was curious on the phone voting so I tried calling the 1-866 number from where I am but it did not work. I suppose only the Americans are allowed to call. I got a recorded voice that said: “The number you have dialed cannot be reached from your calling area.”

Speaking of TV, checkout Toni from Wifely Steps . She’s making sparks on TV too.



  1. the moment jordin sung Fast cars in the early part of the elims, i already liked her. but lately, i’ve been a blake believer, but i think he can be more successful as an arranger/composer than a singer, have you seen his bon jovi performance last week? just amazing.

    i think they’re cooking a melinda-jordin finale.

  2. Hindi pala pwede bumoto ang taga-canada?

    My AI faves are melinda and jordin but the one i watch the show for is really simon. And you know what — i always know when he will praise or bash a finalist. Aba, pwede din pala akong judge. hehehe. I wish I could document his dialogues. I know i wouldn’t be at the other end of his bashing — i’d probably die.

    i went to wifely steps at your sayso. Celebrity blogger. award winning too. pretty pa.

  3. Hi Zherwin,
    Yes, Jordin is amazing. I think this gal will go places. I dont know about Blake. I guess, his style is not just my cup of tea. You’re right though, he might succeed in other side of the music industry.

    Hello Anna,
    Ala-Simon critic ka ba? He gets rude sometimes but everyting he says make sense. If you were to be judged by him, I’m sure you can rebut.
    Yes, I like Toni a lot…she’s a fun blogger.

  4. wala na si Sanjaya? 🙂

    Its going to be Doolittle vs. Sparks in the end? I dont think so. Its going to be a male winner again this year. Female. Male. Female. Female. Male. ???? Male.

  5. I’ve read a review about this season’s American Idol. It said that Blake, who’s considered as a dark horse among the final four – Lakisha, Jordin and Melinda, has a good chance to win the title.
    The three ladies have common quality as a diva and it was only Blake – a rapper and a look-alike of Justine Timberlake, who has a different persona besides being a male contestant.
    But I choose Jordin too. I bet she will make it with her charms, powerful voice and “star material”. If I could only cast a vote for her, I will.

  6. I haven’t been following Idol lately… I’ll watch nalang the finals!

    Thanks for the link love, Leah!

  7. I love Jordin! Actually I love the remaining three..Blake, Melinda and Jordin.

    I agree with Zherwin that Blake might be more successful as an arranger/composer than a performer or singer.

    As for Melinda, her voice is so great. But I dunno if they will be able to market her since she’s not the pretty. Don’t get me wrong but you know how it works in showbusiness.

    Jordin Sparks..she has a big change 🙂

  8. I’ve been watching AI since season 3. Although I still consider last year’s AI contestants as more talented than this season, I still enjoy the show. I also think the Dolittle and Sparks would be the finale. Dolittle is good vocally but I think SParks is more marketable to the general public. So she might win for me 🙂

  9. Yeah Sparks… she’s good, but my money’s on Blake coz he’s different. I always go for the underdogs 🙂

  10. Hi Junnie,.
    Buti wala na si Sanjaya. I think he had a good following. Fan ka ba nya? lol

    Hi malaya,
    Dark horse ba? Wow, I hope he makes it to stardom even after AI. Win or lose. Jordin might win, yes. She’s the best looking amongst the final 3 left.

    Hi Toni,
    Sige watch mo yun finals. And no problem, my pleasure to link you all the time kasi you have lots of good stuff in your blog.

    Hi verns,
    I was observing awhile back how Melinda resembles one of the Pinay comedians (si Zorayda ba? or someone else). Although, after a few weeks she’s getting really fixed up and looking much glamorous. Like anything else, aside from the talent, the looks always seem to be a plus factor.

    Hi Ferdz,
    I’ve watched AI from the start but missed out on a few seasons. I was more into it the very first time. And also during Jasmine Trias’ time. Those were when they really had good finalists.

    Hello pining,
    Dont bet your money yet, baka matalo ka…lol
    I guess Pinooys like to tune it to musical shows wherever they are.

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