Posted by: Leah | May 10, 2007

Jobs I’ve had – Thursday Thirteen Ed#18

13 Jobs I’ve had

1. McDonald’s counter and Frenh Fries person
2. Computer Instructor
3. High school and College Teacher (Computer subjects)
4. Receptionist in an Optometrist Office
5. Manufacturing assistant – Assembler
6. Surface Mount Technology Operator
7. Failure Analysis Operator
8. Manufacturing Team Leader
9.. Quality specialist
10. Skills Administrator
11. Process Applications Support
12. Supply Chain Management Associate
13. Direct Sales Representative (Avon and PartyLite)

So these are the jobs I’ve had. #5-12 are all with the same company.
#13 is on-going.

I’d probably write another post on what these were all about. But it might get boring.

What about you? What’s your most memorable job, or which one do you like best?

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  1. Nice variety. Good idea for a list. Yep, my first job was at Dairy Queen doin’ the french fry thing 🙂

    My favorite job is now…I’m finally a business Owner… I had a wild and crazy fun career before though for 20 years as a casino dealer / pit boss / manager…

    Happy TT

  2. Hey…I worked at Mickey D’s for one day! lol!!

  3. McD was my first job in high school! I loved it!

    My T13 is up!

  4. Hi Leah,

    Happy TT!

    I believe I have held 6 positions only. I don’t like too many changes eh. “,)

  5. Great idea for a 13!

  6. Hi Leah. Interesting jobs you’ve had. For me, the most memorable was working at Epson because of the lasting friendship I have formed.

    I also wanted to let you know that I got a call this morning from the village guard. They said the post office called to let me know that your parcel has arrived. I’m excited to get it later. Thanks!

    Happy weekend!

  7. what’s depressing for me is that I applied for the McDonald’s job when i was in high school, but I never even got a callback. hehe

    you’ve got quite some impressive job titles (e.g. what’s #6, 7, 11?) 😀

  8. Hi Malinda, I tried going to your blog but was unable to leave a comment due to some pop-ups and internal failure.

    good that you were able to get your own business and BYOB (be your own boss)

  9. Hello Jdoirot,
    Fun times, fun times..Did you get tired of them burgers?

  10. Hi toni,
    So we had same first jobs huh? its nice to earn money on your own at that age, right?

  11. Hi jo,
    I get bored fast so its good to have a change. Good luck in your work though.

  12. Hi starrlight,

  13. Hello Rachel,
    So true, its the people that makes you remember your job the most. Same for me.

    Hope you’ll like the gift for sure.

  14. Hi Wil,
    So you were in HS when McD Baguio opened huh? It was grueling to apply, I remember that. More so for the training. So maybe it was for the best you did not get it.

    The job titles is hard to explain. Its electronic manufacturing related.

  15. Actually, I was already in California. Left Baguio when I was 10. Either way, it’s still probably better I never got hired at a McDonald’s. But I could’ve used the extra money back then. 🙂

  16. I’ve had 4 jobs before I got married and the most memorable are when I worked in Hotel industry which I gained lots of good friends and the last one with an International Moving Company where I met my Prince Charming who became my husband 🙂 !

    You’ve gone a long way Leah! Those are all interesting jobs !!! Goodluck to your new post !

  17. Leah, Great develpoment! … and that you’re continuing to have a second source of income is a smart move! My wife keep her Life Plus Rep job also, it’s fun and you meet people, just the same as you do with Avon and PartyLigths, I imagine!
    All the best, I have very fond memories of the Philippines, lived and worked there from 1980 to 1983

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