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This is a re-post from my original one posted here.

Why are we fond of collecting? Maybe because we want to show our personality. Or maybe because the object are expensive. Or perhaps just because these things are pretty, big, or small. Whatever it is, it brings us joy and satisfaction when we see it.

Do you have any collection? Is it rare? is it precious? Is it related to your personality? I know of some people who collect shoes, bags (miniature and regular size), dolls, bears, porcelain, jewelries, etc….

Personally, I collect elephants (miniature one of course), I like the Tusker series. These are wonderful collection of quality hand-crafted elephant figurines created in sculptor’s resin and brought to life by the artist using the finest oil-based paints.

It all started when I got one as a present. I started buying and then it gradually built up, most of which I got as presents. Elephants are symbol of good luck. It is the symbol of wisdom, intelligence and strength in many countries. Also known to bring happiness into the home.

I also collect coins. I used to collect stamps. There were some old books I cannot get rid off , so I guess those are my collection. I have old birthday cards, christmas cards, lovey-dovey cards – these are memories you dont want to throw away and they will be passed on. Who knows, my great, great, great, great grand-children in the future might find them interesting…

What about you? Do you collect?

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  1. i collect books. i love reading and seeing all of them side by side gives me this deep sense of fulfillment that i’ve read most of them. ^_^

  2. have a unique collection Leah 🙂 they’re so cute 🙂

    When I was in elementary I also collected stamps. But I’ve outgrown it. Sayang nga coz I dunno where those stuff are nowadays. Then I also experienced collecting angel figurines.

    Now that I’m older..oh well…I kinda collect undies hehe I just can’t get enough of it…then shoes 🙂

  3. I’m collecting trains, mostly of Thomas and Friends. My son is fond of those too, so both of us enjoy our train stuffs.

  4. They are beautiful Leah! I always look at them longingly at stores and wished I could start a collection. 😉

  5. hi just bloghopping & found your site from Rachel’s link 🙂

    I like Tusker’s but I haven’t been tempted to buy one yet. Hubby though has been giving me some pieces, three years running now, of mother-child sculptures. I forgot what that series is called but they’re really pretty.

    I used to collect pigs then stopped & gave them away. But I’m still collecting letters, cards & notes from friends & family. Oh yeah & fridge magnets from every new place I visit.

  6. I collect almost everything–

    miniature whiskeys/wines, watches, paintings, movies, cds, sports memorabilia, breweriana, shoes, ties, jackets, caps, coins, porcelain dolls, stamps, coca- cola, beer bottles, vinyl records and of course books. lol

    i actually have a mini- museum back home. hopefully my mom’s taking good care of them.

    i even put up a website just to keep track of my collections which i haven’t updated in ages. how OC of me ha? 🙂

  7. very cute elephant collections! Printing these pics are already a great collection in fact hehe 🙂

  8. i used to collect stationeries..but now,my house is full of papers,prints,drills,etc!

    you have cute collections,Leah..maybe I should start to collect again someday 🙂

    have a nice weekend!

  9. Much as I wanted for myself my own collection, I just cannot the fact that I’m moving from one place to another and I need to move around so lightly. For now, what I consider my collections are the gadgets essential to me and am using everyday, like my laptop, my PDA, handy phone, and my SLR. Perhaps a few signature polo shirts and jeans and soon a Honda dirt bike for easy mobility…

    By the way, belated Happy Mother’s Day. Late na ang bati. Ngayon lang ako naka-online…

  10. I have a friend who collects elephants like you, when I asked her why, she said, ” because elephant never forgets…” Sweet!
    Myself, I’m not really a collector, but I’ve got loads of books I acquired from working in Penguin, many moons ago… can’t have too many books 🙂

  11. Hi Liz,
    Books are great collection. Its just finding space for them that’s a problem for me. I love reading books too. I have decided to give away some of mine through Book crossing. Check out my link in my sidebar.

    Hi Verns,
    Yes, its truly cute and charming.

    I used to collect stamps too. But I like your collection now much better. Shoes…you simply cant get enough of those. Undies…though?!!! that’s unique. Thongs ba?

    Hi malaya,
    Thomas and friends are cool stuff. We bought a set for my daughter when she was 3 or 4 but she doesnt play much with them anymore. The pieces are quite pricey di ba?

    Hello Gina,
    Thanks Next time you see one, buy it and then send it to me (he!he!)I love your tweety collection.

  12. Hi auee,
    Thanks for dropping by,
    Most of our collections indeed starts as a present. That’s really nice that you’re hubby gives you this.
    Oh..a friend of mine used to collect pigs too. They’re kinda cute right?

    Hello mitsuru,
    Now that’s really a lot. So you’re a vintage collector huh? You should send me the link so I can browse and see how they look like. Planning to sell on evay maybe?

    Hi BW,
    Thanks. yes, photos can be collectible too. lol

    Hello ghee,…
    Ohh…I love stationeries…I used to collect all those My Melody, Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars back in elementary and high school days. Girly stuff, right? Now that you’re in Japan, you certainly have lots of these. You should put some in a box and make that your collection. I love Japanese papers.

    Hello Dodong,..
    Thanks ! Wow , a dirt that’s a really cool collection. So when are you going to stay put and finally settle down?

    Hello Pining,
    Yes, elephant have a great memory. As for your books…check out my book crossing link in the sidebar and maybe you’d like to particiapate.

  13. Cute collections Leah ;)! Mine are Angels !

  14. Wow, this is unique. I’ve seen angels, dogs, cats and pigs … but not elephants and this collection is certainly cute! 🙂

  15. Well, i guess i collect books too .. but to read .. not really to collect per se.

    I used to collect basketry and pottery. But I guess the one bordering on passion is collecting chinese and japanese teapots with matching teacups (one or two cups pwede na). I get sets from japan, china, and thailand.

    I dunno the psychological background of collectinig. Do you?

  16. Forgot to tell you i found your elephant collection fascinating. Do you know russian dolls? I think i saw an elephant set ala russian dolls.

  17. I collect back issues of Real Living magazines 🙂

  18. What a lovely collection of elephants. My mom loves collecting elephants too.

    I used to collect bears but haven’t added anything new to my collection for years.

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