Posted by: Leah | May 18, 2007

I got a domain …Now what?

I finally got a domain name. I actually got 2 domain names. One for this blog and another one that I will use mainly for pro-blogging. I thought I’d still use Blogger as my webhost and it should be easy-peasy. … …NOT ! ! !
I bought my Domain name from Go-Daddy and tried to follow the steps given in Blogger.
Where is the disconnect? Can someone , please HELP me out.

Is it better to get hosted somewhere else? Have you blogged about your transfer from blogger to another webhost? Or is your domain name being hosted right now in blogger? Is it better to use WordPress? I dont want to do any work and get sleepless nights over it. Is there someone out there that does this for a living and how much does it cost?



  1. hhhmmm… we have a client right now nagpapagawa ng website nya. may kasamang blog. try mo wordpress. kasi yun yung ginamit namin and medyo madali yung pag moduify. 😀

  2. No need to move. Blogger now allows users to have their own domain name. I haven’t checked the procedure but once you’ve associated your domain name with, you can define your domain name your Blogger template. This will the official name of your blog which people will use to access.

  3. Hi Paul,
    I’ve heard a lot of good things about wordPress but I want it really easy. I am looking into it.

    Hi BW,
    Yes, I’ve tried to do that but its not working, I think I’m doing something wrong. I sort of like blogger since I am so used to it already. Hopefully, I can figure out what is it I’m doing wrong.

  4. Congratulations on registering your domain Leah. Naku, if you ask me… I’m a die-hard WordPress fan. I did blog about my move to my own domain… kaya lang panay sakit ng ulo ang kuwento ko. 🙂 Here it is if you want to read it.

  5. I dunno. Don’t ask me. You know you’re the one I turn to for PPP stuff. You tell me.

    Goodluck whatever is stumping you.

  6. this might help…this was just forwarded to me, kasi just like you i want to have my own domain name and have it hosted by blogger, kasi nga sanay nako sa blogger. But until now i have not done it yet. here’s the link
    tell me kung successful ha ^_^

  7. You should have looked for a host first before deciding on getting a domain name. Most web hosting companies will include a free domain name registration or at least, for a minimal amount as part of their services.

    For your pro-blogging and personal blog, I’d recommend you use WordPress, since most professional bloggers use WP.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  8. naku ate… hopefully you’ll learn how co’z i’m also planning to get one–when my ppp posts is successful! 🙂


  9. Leah,
    Hopefully somebody has given you useful tips and guides na. Good luck with your new “digs”!

  10. sasabihin ko sana to talk to Sngl or Toe because they have great ideas on how to do it hehe ayan na pala sila 🙂

    Anyway goodluck Leah 🙂

  11. Hmm. Medyo seryoso ka na sa blogging ah. I will still remain with Blogger as long as it’s for free. I don’t want to pay for a domain. For now, at least.

  12. Isn’t it expensive to get a domain ? I agree with Abaniko, will go for free ! Anyway, goodluck Leah to your new blog 🙂 !

  13. Congrats on your new domain 🙂
    Unfortunately when it comes to things technical, I’m the last person to ask… good luck and may the force be with you!

  14. I got a domain from Noemi (for a new site) .. she took care of connecting with the host blogspot. She did say though that later, I should transfer to wordpress. I dunno why.

  15. nothing here to help you with….i love blogger and my 6yr old domain name…(btw, my url is also – but it still points to my blogger site, redirect lang 🙂

  16. Hello Toe,
    Thanks. I did read that post and I’ve re-read it too. I might try WP for my pro-blogging. Stil working at it. And its not easy.

    Hi annamanila,.
    Yup, still stumped…Been doing some research and weighing lots of options. Maybe I’ll try to connect with Noemi too to find out.

    Hello HiPnCooLMoMMa,
    Its the same info as the link I have in the post. Thanks anyways. I’ll let you know when I’m successful.

    Hello snglguy,
    I’ve heard a lot of good things about WP, I’m certainly looking into it.
    As for the domain and host…I heard its better to get it separately. So its easier to move from one web host to another.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Hi Dangkin,
    Oh, you’re doing PPP too. Goodluck.. Hope its lucrative sooner.

    Hello Gina,
    Its not easy. I’m trying it all by myself and mostly from blogs that I read.

    Hello verns,
    Yes, they’ve given me some pointers .Thanks

    Hello Abaniko,
    Medyo serious nga. Hope it’ll turn out for the best. Thanks.

    Hi Haze,
    Yes, it is a bit expensive for a monthly hosting that’s why I’m trying Blogger’s free hosting but with my own domain. However, still getting errors.

    Hi Pining,
    Thanks ..I certainly do need the force. I’m techie dummy too.

    Hi Junnie,.
    Some people are happy with Blogger, some are not. I’m in between.

  17. the truth is, i really do not care about these tecchie tecchie things, i have my sons to rely on. and i am glad they are always there to do these things for me.

    but i am comfortable with word press. and yes, you made the right move in purchasing your own domain (this is the subject of my strategic management paper last year before i completed my MBA at the ateneo)

  18. Hi Leah. I like the idea of getting a domain too but haven’t gotten one yet. Sorry I don’t know anything about domain transitions. I hope someone could help you out. Please let me know once you have changes in your url so I can update my list. Good luck!

  19. Hi Dine,
    Good for you to have such sons who help you out with the techie stuff.

    Hello Rachel,
    I’m almost there….I’ll update you for sure. So keep posted.

  20. Hi Leah.
    It is so much easier to organize and more secure at Word Press. Maybe that’s why Noemi recommended for annamanila to move to WP.
    Good luck with setting up. Hope to read your new blog soon.

  21. Hi Leah,
    I just read this post. Looks like you have figured it out already.

    Happy New ‘Net Home!

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