Posted by: Leah | May 27, 2007

GK movie – PARAISO

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie after hearing about it a few months ago. I heard it is being shown outside of the Philippines first before it premiers there sometime after the election. I guess, it has something to do with the stars running for office not allowed to be seen in movies or TV shows. Not sure, but that’s how i understand it.

So tomorrow night , I am off to see this movie, three stories that will probably make me cry. So i’m going to be prepared and bring lots of tissues.

I found this quoted piece from

GK (Gawad Kalinga) hopes to build a ‘Paradise’ for all with stories brought to life in feature film debut.

Just in time for the celebration of Asian Heritage Month in Canada, non-profit organization GK brings Filipino culture, inspiration and resiliency to the silver screen with the movie premiere of Paraiso: Tatlong Kwento ng Pagasa (Paradise: Three Stories of Hope), highlighting a powerful trilogy of faith and hope. This Filipino produced and developed film reveals the extraordinary stories of three ordinary people whose lives are forever touched by GK’s tremendous strides to “give care” by offering land to the landless, home to the homeless and food to the hungry. On Sunday, May 27, 2007, Paraiso debuts at the RBC Theatre in Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre.

Celebrated Filipino actors such as Cesar Montano, Maricel Soriano and Michael V., in addition to top entertainment executives and producers like Butch Jimenez, Robert Arevalo, Ricky Davao, Carmi Martin, Lilia Dizon and Bobby Barreiro waived their fees and volunteered their time and talent to bring Paraiso to life. This trilogy captures the spirit of GK with every scene and creates hope for the future through images of heroism and grassroots momentum towards “rebuilding a nation by rebuilding each other”.

“The compelling stories that unfold in Paraiso will impart viewers with the essence of GK’s continuous efforts and endeavours here in Canada to impact the lives of the poor in the Philippines and beyond,” said Ricky Cuenca, President and CEO of ANCOP International Canada. “This film also brings poignant images to the forefront that will inspire everyone to take action and hopefully give of themselves through contributing to GK.”

About GK: ANCOP International Canada is a registered non-profit charity organization in Canada involved with a project called Gawad Kalinga. Gawad Kalinga, or GK, translated into English means ‘to give care’. It is a charitable initiative created to improve the lives of the poor in the Philippines and abroad by transforming their qualities of life and communities. GK builds the impoverished homes and equips them with education and livelihood to sustain their communities as well as offers them spiritual support and hope for a more positive future. GK’s development program includes four key components: Shelter—transforming shanties into decent 200 sq ft homes; Education – giving street children a chance to go to school; Health – access to cure and sickness prevention; and Livelihood – setting people up to be productive members of society. Each GK Village is composed of a cluster of 50 to 100 homes, with access to clean water, electricity and a landscaped environment. A GK home is a modest and equates to the size of a typical Canadian garage, but to many poor people it is a step change in living comfort, and a gift of hope. For more information, lease visit and or call the offices in Mississauga, Ontario at 905-564-8539.



  1. I was supposed to watch this movie last week with my mother and niece. My sister paid for my movie ticket, pa-birthday daw niya sa akin. But I wasn’t able to go with them because of work commitments.

  2. I should see this when I go back to Pinas ! GK is really a BIG help and we Pinoys abroad are making this possible! CFC in Marseille, Paris, Nice etc contribute on this project !

  3. Hi Niceheart,
    Naku sayang di ka nakapunta…Antayin mona lang sa DVD. I’m sure it will come out sooner or later.

    Hi Haze,
    Pupunta ka pala sa Pinas. OO sige, watch mo. Bring a hanky or lots of tissue. Iyakan galore. All for a good cause so its all worth it.

  4. what is your comments about the 3 films answer it in separate films

  5. pls answer it long and nicely thanks

  6. Hello Yito,
    thanks for coming over…as per your request, here are my comments:
    Here is another post which I put more details about the film.

    The trilogy tells us about the story of hope. That amidst the darkness and sorrows of life, there is a silver lining awaiting to be unfold.

    1st movie with Maricel Soriano – it is very emotionally draining and I somehow picture myself in the mother’s shoes and I cant help but cry all over again. It is tragic to lose a child and wonder how you can pick up the pieces again. The actors were all effective…I’m sure everyone in the theatre she a tear.

    2nd movie with Karmi Martin and Michael V – a story of a couple who devoted their time so much to the GK effort and somehow made their son feel left out of the family’s purpose. It is a comedy and gave me a reprieve from the drama of the 1st film. In the end it is all about sharing, giving and family. A very good cast I say.

    3rd movie with Cesar Montano – this is another drama, a story of a husband who loses his wife in the 911 tragedy. He then discover GK and find a way to pay homage to his wife by helpiing out to build houses for GK. I really like how they showed the purpose of GK and how much life they affected through their help.

  7. hello! im a youth 4 christ and a part of gawad 16, and i’ve been a gk youth volounteer for about 3 years ( since i’ve been part of the community CFC-Youth For Christ).. GOD is so great and GK is now moving..As a matter of fact, we just opened a new site here in Ilocos Norte…ang galing lang po talaga ni GOD!!!he made all things possible..even my friends who i seemed not to care about what’s happening to our country, wanted to help!!!!GOD is so powerful….let’s just continue to pray for everything that may happen to us…because we know, whatever circumstances we take, GOD is with us!!!!!!! the theme 4 ds year, LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU (Jn. 3:16)
    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. last week we were requested to watch this movie to make a movie review for our literature subj.. i was amazed, it is not just a typical movie..its something that will touch your heart and unravel the real life story of most Filipinos nowadays..the bottomline- all we need to have to make this world a lot better, is a pure heart to help other people.

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