Posted by: Leah | May 29, 2007

Of movies and meets

Last week, in a get togeher with family, we watched “Inang Yaya” ( Mother/ Nanny) starring Maricel Soriano.It is a Filipino movie that I’ve been waiting to watch and good thing I finally got the chance. Its a story of a single mother who works in the city for a family as a live-in nanny to a 6-yr old girl. She goes home once a month to the province to her daughter of same age. When the grandmother dies , the daughter then needed her mother to take care of her. And so the story goes…of who should she choose in the end? Its a guaranteed tear-jerker. I did.

The other night, as I mentioned here. I had the chance to watch another Maricel Soriano movie. She was the main character in a trilogy movie from Gawad Kalinga. Before the movie started, there was a short presentation , all equally good. When a trio of sisters sang “Paraiso” by Ryan Cayabyab, my eyes started to well-up already. And so once the movie started, with first episode showing Maricel, I was a wreck. Its a story of a family’s tragedy from the Leyte mudslide. Oh my, it was so sad.

However the next movie which starred Carmi Martin and Michael V was light hearted and that alleviated my heavy heart a bit. The last one was also a tear-jerker starring Cesar Montano, its a story about a guy whose wife died in the 911 tragedy.

I was looking for familiar faces before the beginning of the show and found a few and did some hello’s and beso-beso. I saw one blogger that I frequent but did not get the chance to say hi until the end of the show. As soon as the movie ended, I had to say hello and introduced myself to Junnie from Memento. I recognized him right away. Like him, the accidental EB was a highlight for me as well.

So to all who are thnking of watching the movie once it hits your city/town…dont think twice, go ahead, bring your family. All proceeds goes on for a good cause.



  1. I saw the trailer of Inang Yaya before and it seemed like a worthwhile movie to watch. Sadly, I wasn’t able to watch it on the big screen. I hope I can watch it on DVD soon.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I was able to watch Inang Yaya sa DVD lang din. Try to watch the GK movie sa sine pagpunta dyan. Prepare lots of tissue.

  3. I used to be a frequent moviegoer back home. Then dito sa napuntahan kong place di uso ang moviehouses…hehehe. saklap!

  4. It is so sad but the story of Maricel Soriano happens to often with plenty of Filipino women who go abroad, leave their only little children back home, to take care of other people’s kids.

    My Bruneian friend here has a Filipino nanny whose story is exactly like that.

  5. its so nice to know na may tagalog films na showing jan sa inyo,wala talaga dito nyan sa movie theater.parang feel ko ring umiyak at manood ng tagalog movies tuloy 🙂

  6. Hi Ann,

    I hope you are able to catch up on DVD the movies you are issing. Nowadays, I also dont go to the theatre as often as I want but I try to catch as many as I can via DVD releases.

    Hi Toe,
    Its really sad to know that the story of Inang Yaya happens in real life. Ganyan talaga, we dont what we thnk is best for our children’s future.

    Hi Ghee,
    This is actually the first time I’ve seen a tagalog movie in a big screen here in Canada. It was a premier and that was the only time it was being shown. Its a fund raising campaign kasi.
    Hopefully, you can catch some Tagalog drama releases para makaiyak ka naman. he!he!

  7. yay! we finally met and good thing you weren’t teary-eyed from the movie when you introduced yourself 😛

    hope to see you and your family in more GK fund-raising activities.

  8. Hi Junnie,
    Same here! Same here! And yes , looking forward to more GK events.

  9. I am super (as in really super)-iyakin so whenever I watch a movie na may dramatic/sad scene , it never fails- talagang naiiyak ako. One time, my friend and I watched Tanging Yaman which featured Gloria Romero as a matriarch developing Alzheimer , pag-start na pag-start palang ng pelikula, iyakan na kaagad kami. Hanggang mag- the end! When we came out of the theater , mugto ang mga mata namin. But then, along with a lot of people too. Oftentimes, I wished I don’t get so emotional and weepy easily! Remember the movies you sent me- Tony was teasing me- oh,yes, that’s a way to relax and enjoy your leisure time- crying 😉 May pagkamasokista daw ako, LOL!

  10. Wow, what a way to EB a blog buddy. Did his jaw drop? hehe

    I suppose you really miss Pinoy movies ha. Try to get Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros and Kubrador — which both won international awarads. I have seen the first but still looking for the second.

  11. Hi Gina,
    Pareho pala tayo, mahilig sa iyakan. Hindi ko pa napanood yun tanging yaman. Mahanap nga.

    Hi annamanila,
    The EB was a surprise and we we both happy and giddy I guess. I have not seen the movies you mentioned. Mahanap nga rin.

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