Posted by: Leah | May 31, 2007

1 yr post

I dont know what’s customary to post on a milestone for a blog such as this but I’m gonna wing it and hope it perks up some interest and you’ll keep reading rather than hit next blog before the end of my post.

Well for starters , check out my 1st post. Duh? Didn’t really know what to post. When I was chatting with my cousin, Ronald that last day in May, he said just click on create a new blog and you’ll be on your way.

And so..think..think…think…Ta da!!! leahmumfordlang became my url. “Lang” is a tagalog word that means “only” in english. Its humility in its finest. Yeah right. That took me a whole 5 minutes to come up with. Maybe I should have thought longer and came up with something more catchy. Oh well, having my name in my url is not so bad..who cares about anonimity? I guess, the blog is better known with its title “Mga Muni-muni”. If only I did more blog hopping before creating one, I would have known better. The only blog I ever read before I started mine was Jim’s Writing on Air. I think I lurked there for a week and read most of his archives.

Speaking of archives, here’s a few links just in case you want to know more about me. I find that digging into the archives makes you know more about the blogger.

1. My Thursday 13 posts – I have 18 list of 13 , so that’s a long list of things about me.
2. My Photo Hunt posts – each week a theme is given to photo hunters to post.
3. Build a house – filed under label fun stuff
4. Most referred post by google – a lot of people want to know how to use the gym ball or do stretch exercises.
5. Memes
6. Mommy moments
7. “Husband gone wild” – Most absurd, funniest google search words that landed on this post.
8. Favourite Pay Per Post post – I thought this one was pretty good. I got paid $6 for posting it.
9. Featured Photos
10. My least posts Month aside from May – June , I had 2 posts here. In May I only had 1 post which was my first ever post

What about a 1 yr post contest? I do give out cool prizes you know. Yeah, that sounds more exciting. What’s the contest about? Please come back on my next post and I’ll let you know.



  1. First comment, on your first post after celebrating your first year!

    I thought you were blogging for more than a year or so now…galing! Keep you pag mumuni muni times always…we will be here to read them everyday.

  2. yeheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Happy First Post Anniversary!

    Look , how far you’ve gone! Here’s to more years, Leah!


  3. Happy 1 year anniv to all your “muni-muni” 🙂 I didn’t even have a post for my blog’s one year though. More years to your blog, Leah!

  4. An invitation from Mimi…….To: Saturday Photo Hunters
    Many bloggers will be flying Peace Globes in the blogosphere on Wednesday, June 6, 2007. It is BlogBlast for Peace day – the second annual event. Please consider using your blog voice and creative influence on this day to participate. The theme for June 2 is ART – perfect for creativity with a peace globe perhaps? You can find more information about the movement at Mimi Writes or BlogBlast for Peace. I wanted to make you aware of the event. I really enjoy looking at your photographs on Saturdays. or
    Thanks and peace!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Great milestone! It’s my first time to meet somebody with a cafe-latte colored bathroom..great for a coffee addict like me. 😉

  6. Happy 1 year anniversary! I actually thought your last name was “Lang”. You meant the tagalog word “lang” pala. hehe. Keep blogging! 😀

  7. uyyy, 1year na pala ang muni-muni ang bilis ng panahon talaga i can still remember hinikayat mo din ako last year para gumawa ng blog, so i also did at akong naging misyel na heheh..

    congrats ate! more entry to come para marami pa kaming mabasa from you..

  8. One year ka na sa blogsphere and you celebrate it by getting a new house .. a second one! Nice way to mark a milestone.

    I wish I can really read your archives to really know more more more about you — terrific you! One day I will do it .. promise.

    Awww … may pacontest. Type! Havent won anything yet online. May palakasan ba dito?

  9. What a great way to start your new year for posting. A new domain and new home. Congratulations, and more blogging years to come!

  10. Happy 1st Birthday to your blog! Hope that you’ll have many more inspiring thoughts to fill your new home. Take care!

  11. Happy 1st Bday ” MUNI-MUNI “. You’re right we almost start the same time, and we are still here sharing our thoughts to the blogosphere.

    Join ako sa next pacontest ha, I wont miss it this time 🙂

  12. Congratulations for your new domain, Leah.
    Happy 1st year anniversary to all your “muni-muni” 🙂

    Thank you Dodong

  13. happy one year blogsary!!!

    you have been blogging for a year now, and just to let you know — we have been exchanging comments for 5 months now! thanks for the friendship.

  14. Happy 1st Blogiversary!!!

    Nice home! I always like this template from wordpress. It’s also very light, easy to load. 🙂

    Hi ipanema
    Thanks. i like it too.

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