Posted by: Leah | June 6, 2007

Where’s Leah?

McDonald’s crew 1990 or 91

Update: I am now closing the contest. I have two winners. Prizes will be announced later.
Misyel – who guessed it after a second try and since she is a relative – i decided to pick another winner and that is Maiylah – great guessing!!!

Thanks for participating.

I promised that my next post would be a contest so here it is.

I can say that I am part of the 1st crews of the 1st ever McDonald’s in Baguio. It was my first job too. At that time when I heard they were hiring I was already finished with my studies in college. I was already reviewing for the board exams. Mind you, despite the job title, there were a lot of competition. Luckily, I got in. Sabi nila it was my smile that did it (ha!ha!) Aside from the simulated training , we were also sent to Manila to learn the skills it takes to cook fries, patties and say Hello nicely to customers.

I lasted a whole year doing the job. It was hard work. Yes, I mopped the floor and cleaned after customers. We had to follow a lot of rules and be nice to customers all the time.

Although we did get free snacks and lunches, I got tired of burgers after a while. We got creative and added toyo (soya sauce) on the rice and used the burgers as ulam (main dish) for our lunches.

The whole experience was rewarding. Lots of friendship made and fond memories. But I had to move on and work on my field. Or so I tried. But that’s another story.

For now. Check out the photo below. (Its above now, I’ve updated it) Can you spot me? Not sure how I look like? Check this and this
First who guess right wins a great prize. Have fun.



  1. Hi Leah;
    I think after doing all the magnification and picture editing and other picture enhancements using FBI/RCMP hi-tech software with added filtering and image stabilization,I came to a conclusion that eventhough i haven’t seen you for a long time that you are in the third row the 10 th from the right with a big big was probably the smile u mentioned in you rblog.if not u there is another one in the fourth row.

  2. Leah, I would say 3rd row, 4rth from left … Hop on over to my blog to see what I did before I came up with this guess. 😉
    whewww, tough,tough..

  3. Hi Abed, nice to see you here. Did you really magnify the pix? Its an old one and I just scanned it. Nice try though…but nope. You can guess again.

  4. Hey Gina, came over from your blog and I was laughing out loud. Taking it seriously huh?

    That girl does look like me, but no…its not. Try again.

  5. Wow, a new domain… congrats po!

    I got so amazed with your group photo, dami nyo din pala nun sa Baguio. Natawa ako sa post ni Gina, hahahha.. Cool!

    For me, what I did is I copied your picture into my docs then viewed it in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer para ma-zoom in ko sya… I hope tama ako, you’re in the 3rd row, 2nd from the left.

  6. i think i will pass this game… medyo mahirap makita ang mga mukha sa group picture eh…

  7. Take 2: 3rd row, 3rd from left starting from the girl wearing pink!

  8. since i have no real idea how you look like, i won’t even attempt to find you from all those cute, innocent faces from years ago 😀

  9. ano muna ang prize? hehehe

    Ikaw yung:
    1. Naputol sa 4th row
    2. Yung naka red sa corner, yung maliit
    3. basta nasa 3rd row ka

    o sirit na.

  10. i think you are 3rd row second from left.i am pretty sure this need for any 3rd party software.i tell you that because i just finished eating sheesh-kabab i could think better now on a full stomach.

  11. Hi Misyel,
    Naku , wrong din. ikaw ha, you dont recognize my innocent face? oh, i’m enjoying this

  12. Hi Jo, thanks for commenting though.

  13. Hi Gina,
    Wrong again. Clue: i’m not in the 3rd row.

  14. Hi Delish,
    hi!hi! oh years and years ago.
    Thx for dropping by.

  15. Hi Junnie,
    another clue…I’m not wearing red.

  16. Hi Abed…ha!ha! You need a second serving of sheesh-kabab .

  17. just came from gina’s blog and i thought of doing the same, but i am not so good on this so goodluck sa mga maghahanap hehehe. 🙂 and a scanned picture is so hard to magnify, that’s why haha

    Hi zherwin, thanks for dropping by anyways

  18. ok, ok since pwede naman ang take two i will make a guess again…

    5th row, 6th from right.

    ano tama na ba ako? hehehe… 😀

    Hi Misyel…Galing naman. You got it right!

  19. TAke 3: 4rth row, 3rd from right. right?right? right? 🙂

    Hi Gina, take 3 – wrong pa rin, getting close though.

  20. Aha! This is a trick question! YOU took the picture! BWAHAHA! Akina prize ko. 😉

    Hi Gypsy, patawa ka ha? Nice try though!

  21. My …this is soooo hard. I can’t tell! but I’m guessing you are in the front #5 from the left. That’s my guess hehehe

    Hello Agring, I’m pretty tall, so I am the back. Hirap ba?

  22. Hi Leah,

    This is fun! Are you in the one in the 4th row, counting from left to right, the 8th person?

    Hi KK, Glad you had fun. Ako rin eh, kwela pala ito. Your answer is wrong though.

  23. it was really fun looking at the picture! but should I even guess or not? hmmm….. are you in the 6th row 3rd from the left with full of smile 🙂 not wearing the black ribbon, and you are behind the guy with no cap on?

    Hi Leila, naku naman, lalaki yun eh. Mukha ba akong boy?

  24. hi again,
    it has been one day and you know lots of vitamins came into the body including
    one more serving of sheesh-kabab and vitamin A which is good for vision.if i am wrong this time i am going to the doctor are the second row eight from the right just behind the girl with red uniform.don’t tell me how i knew but i did.i had to read your name off your shirt.easyhehehh.

    Hi Abed, that lady’s name is Leda i think. And those in front are the short ones. I’m tall , so I’m somewhere at the back, near the boys.

  25. ohhhh..i can’t do it! ang liliit! lol

    Hi verns, ganun ba? sa next time na lang.

  26. Leah! What a nice home you have here!

    My friends rin ako who were pioneers in McDonalds Baguio. And like you, nagsawa rin sila sa food sa McDo so kung anu-ano rin pinaggagawa nila dun sa sandwiches. hahaha. Ang hirap naman ng contest…

    hey Nick!!!Ha!ha! So you’ve heard of the stories too pala. I do miss the fried chicken and spaghetti, wala dito nun sa McDo eh.

  27. Leah! Sa McDonalds Baguio ba yun? Baka kilala mo si Leo? Pioneer sya na naging Store Manager!

    Hi watson, talaga , kakilala ko rin sya siyempre. I remember him as having chinky eyes. Say hello to him from me.

  28. Hi Leah! Wow, what a small world.. I have friends who were pioneer crew members of McDo Session road. Kilala ko si Leo mentioned above by Watson hehe. and kilala mo ba si emms, who must be the winner for loyalty award to mr. del rosario as she is still with McDo? haha
    Anyway, ang hirap ata ng contest… Hmmm…

    Hello imom, Talaga, you’re friends with them? Ofcourse I remember them. Si Emms nandun pa rin? She’s the one in the 2nd row, right behind the lady in red. I hope she remembers me. Send my regards to her. And Leo too.
    Small world nga


  29. naku, sorry, leah, suko na ako. can’t identify! been matching the faces with your recent pic, ala talaga, di ko maidentify! ;-D

    Hello bingskee, it is quite tricky (that’s the intention)…thanks for trying..he!he!

  30. My forty six year-old eyes wouldn’t be able see any faces in that photo, let alone ID you in the crowd. 🙂

    Hi snglguy, dont want to play trick on your eyes. should be able to handle that?!

  31. i can’t even try… nawala yung magnifying glass ko waahh

    Hi Auee, Naku…kailangan ba talaga ng magnifying glass?

  32. Congratulations on your new domain again Leah!!! First row on right (kc first row lang yung nakikita kong mabuti e). And from the Apo picture, I think you’re tall. 🙂

    Hi Toe, you are right, i’m tall. Thanks for trying.

  33. I’m throwing in the towel now ;-( , di ko talaga mahulaan. Next game na lang uli.

    Hi Gina, OK. next time then. Thanks for having fun with me.

  34. taking a shot at guessing:
    are you on the third row, the 10th smiling girl from the right? almost at the center … 🙂
    congratulations on the new house! 🙂

    hey maiylah! Thanks for visitng. Try again.

  35. ooppsss… mali, wala ka pala sa third.
    pwede guess ulit? 😀
    sixth from the right on the fifth row? 😉

    Hey maiylah! So it pays off to read the comments huh and get clues? Good guess!!!
    You’re a winner. I’ll let you know what you get later.

  36. Leah, yes emms is still with McDonald’s. She’s now a manager. Sige I will tell her I “met” you. How wonderful talaga ang blog-world, no?

    Hi imom, o sige..let her know. Did you recognise her in the pix. she’s on the 2nd row, 6th from the right.

  37. cool!!!! i won!!!! yeheyyy! jumps for joy
    first time, really, that i won anything on the ‘net.

    Good for you maiylah. I will contact you my email once the prize has been shipped


  38. ayayayay! I knew it! Misyel got it right the 2nd time around. I was checking the comments last night and I noticed that you didn’t say anything to Misyel’s guess 😉 kaya I thought, ay nakuha na ang prize, I will throw in the towel nalang, LOL!
    Congrats, Misyel!
    Better luck next time nalang ako. should have guessed same. Oh well, thanks for participating and even posting about it


  39. Hi leah,
    Yes i recognized emms in the pix. LOL she still looks that way. 🙂

    Hi imom,
    Talaga. She’s still her bubbly self pa rin siguro.

  40. I would never have spotted you. 🙂

    My first job here in Canada is also at McDo. Assigned ako sa French Fries and the till. And yes, I remember my supervisor telling me to always smile at the customers. 🙂

    Hi niceheart
    So Nag-McDo ka rin pala. Sigruo its not as hard as in Pinsa. Kasi, here people clean after themselves (most of the time). I wonder if the customers in Pinas do that now.

  41. great answers to wonderfully made questions. 2 in particular caught my attention–i saw jim paredes in the UP church yesterday at noon, at mass, and Annamanila–have met with her, is now a good friend in person, and yes, she is one of the fine people who writes well.

  42. Nanalo si Misyel? meron bang dti representative yan nung pumili ka? hehehe! joke lang ‘te! Sayang na-late ako sa pagbisita dito, di tuloy nakasali. Natatandaan ko nung nasa nagwowork ka pa diyan nakalibre ako ng fries and burger kasama ko pa sila jed nun. Tsk! tagal na nun! Ambilis ng panahon. Mga teenagers pa kami nun,ngayon mga tatay na at anlalaki na ng beer bellies! haha!

    Hi Ronald,
    Nice to see you back in my comment section. Sayang, sana prize mo yung gel skin para sa iMac kung nanalo ka sana. :o)
    Yun sa McDo, binigyan ba kita ng French Fries for free?.di siguro..naku bawal yun ha? Siguro may coupon ka nun? Antagal na nun ah, naalala mo pa?

  43. Hey Leah, you probably don’t know me. I used to work too at McDo, as an Artist and Pioneer at 013 Aurora Blvd. and 021 Recto (College days) and a Store/Kitchen Designer at McDo H.O. (after College) Managers and Crews used to call me Sir Rico, I’m a member of the CV (Corporate Values) committee from 1994 to 1998.

    I saw your photo (the contest) with the whole Baguio Crew and I saw people that I used to know, just forgot their names (naku magagalit sa akin yung mga yon, hahaha). She’s the one on left side of your LSM (in red) and the other lady form the farthest left. They are actually Managers from Tarlac, they had their training at McDo Recto, Do you remember them? Is the first one Ma’am Wennie? I think I’m right but I don’t know, just guessing???? Do you still have contacts with them? Please let me know.

    That was a very cool contest by the way…………like where’s Waldo?

    Salamat and it’s good to see old McDo photos and families.

    God Bless!

  44. woah!!
    ang bata pa ni sir michael sa picture grabe!!!

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