Posted by: Leah | June 10, 2007

Interviews answered

I know you’ve read quite a few interviews. Each one is different and I enjoyed answering these ones. I have two sets. So read on.

Here’s one from Annamanila of “Ode 2 Old, the Best is yet to be”
1. If there is one single, most important advice you can give to a Pinay getting married to a Caucasian and about to settle in his country, what will it be?

First , I’d say, congratulations in finding someone to spend the rest of your life with. Second, be yourself. And third..brace yourself…he!he! Honestly, its all the same, just a different language. More English use I guess. Feel free to use Tagalog anyways and even if he does not understand, at least you’ve expressed how you felt (either because of anger or happiness or love or whatever else). And remember, it doesn’t matter where you settle, what matters is how the 2 of you work it out wherever you are.

2. What is an important Pinoy ritual/tradition that you find most difficult to keep where you are now?

I’d say the “Simbang Gabi” (Christmas morning service) is one Pinoy ritual/activity/devotion that I’ve missed. When I was back home, I’d always complete the 9 days of waking up early. I think there are some churches here that holds the Simbang Gabi but it is never at 5 in the morning.

3. What is in the elephant physically and other that has caught your fancy. Look at your collection now — what elephant item is still prominently missing?

Oh, my elephants, I suppose because for something so really big, it can be miniaturized and look so really cute. I simply loved the details and how each piece conveyed a feeling or a special relationship. There’s a lot I would love to get still. So for those willing to buy me one. Check this one out. Oh, and this one too or this maybe?

4. Lea Salonga takes you to her home and asks you to choose a personal item of hers (used) that you can bring home with you as souvenir. What will it be? (Bonus Q: If Leah were not your namesake would you as big a fan?)

I’d probably ask for her Tony Award from her Miss Saigon stint (I doubt she’d give that away). So maybe, one of her most expensive diamond necklace will do.

Who would not be proud of Lea. Being a namesake simply is a plus. I remember when I would either introduce myself or be intorduced to someone else, the one I would meet would say, Oh, Lea – Lea Salonga.

5. If you have to design or write a catchy slogan (or jingle) to sell your votive candle, what will it be?

Aha, my candle business. I am not as active as I was before but I am still available for any shows or for any orders. If the current slogan is not catchy enough “Decorate your home, celebrate your life, Illuminate your spirit, PartyLite”, then here’s my take.
“Light up your home, light up your life, use candle light by PartyLite”

And from Jo of “My Precious Thoughts”
1. Name one blogger that inspire you to blog.

Jim Paredes – it’s his blog that inspired me to take on the plunge and start blogging. I was amazed of how much information I got from reading his archives. And I simply love the way he writes. It reflects his spirit.

2 Name one blog [other than your own] that you never fail to visit.

Junnie. Although I have been a slacker in my blog hopping duties. I always visit his Memento and go back to the ones I miss. I love his questions. Junnie posts interesting facts and tidbits. And most of all, he takes great photos. And it is a wonderful thing that I finally met him.

3. Name one blogger’s entry that touches you the most. Why? [please share the link]

Who would not be touched by this. I can not relate personally but the pain seemed to have touched me so much, I simply had to help. Its amazing what blogging can do. At least one of his wishes came true before he became an angel.

4. Name one blogger that you would like to meet in person. Why did you choose this particular blogger?

Annamanila. – I am a big fan of her words. She writes eloquently. I simply want to see her and talk to her in person.

5. Name one blogger that you would consider to be a “real friend” even though you haven’t met in person.

Annamanila -somehow, she comes out as someone so easy to talk to. We play scrabble online and we chat there too. She is a great listener and full of wisdom. And for that, I consider her a friend.

Interview rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.



  1. I also visit Junnie’s blog everyday even if he doesn’t have any new entry, I just love to read his comment box and what his readers have to share. Though I may be biased, he is the one who show me the world of blogging.

    I think Jim’s blog is full of wisdom too.

    Thanks for sharing and taking time to answer my questions.

    Hi Jo,
    and thanks to Junnie, I got to meet you too . Even thorugh blogging only. Thanks for the Qs.

  2. I remember from your answer to No. 1 a conversation between a Pinay wife and an American husband.

    Hubby: No, honey, we can’t take a vacation to the Philippines this year.
    Wifey: Why not … we went to your mom’s last year.
    Hubby: But you see blah blah
    Wifey: Oh but blah blah
    Hubby: You don’t understand blah blah
    Wifey: Ay, I DON’T KNOW TO YOU! (Ewan ko sa iyo)
    Both: bwahahahahahaa (and they hug)

    I just don’t know whether they went to Pinas that year.

    Hey hey hey … great answers to great (?) questions. haha

    I can’t tell you how tickled I am that you WISH to meet me and consider me your friend. Let me just say all that you say of me I bounce back to you tenfold. 🙂 🙂

    Hi Annamanila,
    what can I say. thanks and many thanks.

  3. naku Leah and Jo, am so blessed to have friends online and offline like you two!
    Thanks Leah for the daily visits…i now realize after 6 years of blogging that even if the number of visitors dwindle down to a few, it is best to keep those few close to you than a thousand readers that you don’t even know. ika nga, quality over quantity. again, thank you.

    and to all the judges of this award giving body, thank you. (para kasing ispeetch sa entablado eh) 🙂

    Ok Junnie..You deserve it. Loyalty is good.

  4. This is interesting! aba eh, pwede sali? Interview me also! tiyak comedy na naman dating ng post haha!

    siya, back home na kami, feel welcome to visit my bahay.

    Hi Francesca..
    I will mail you the questions. Thanks fro visiting and welcome back


  5. Galing ng mga sagot mo. I am also a fan of Lea. She really makes Pinoys proud.

    Thank you Abaniko.
    Di ka ba magpapa-interview sa akin?

  6. Hi Leah 🙂
    Like your advise on the first interview question… spot on!
    I find Annamanila inspirational too

    Hi Pining,
    Thanks. I’m sure you can relate.

  7. great answers to wonderfully made questions. 2 in particular caught my attention–i saw jim paredes in the UP church yesterday at noon, at mass, and Annamanila–have met with her, is now a good friend in person, and yes, she is one of the fine people who writes well.

    Thanks SexyMom, So we have a common friend pala in annamanila. Its good that you’ve met each other already.

  8. hi ate lea.. 🙂

    wow, thanks po sa #1 tip.. 🙂 pero kung ako po, pinoy pa rin siguro ang gugustuhin kong maging asawa.. 🙂 pero malay din natin, magbago un.. ^_^


    Hi Karmi, Sana ay lumigaya ka sa isang Pinoy na iibig sa iyo at iibigin mo rin.

  9. Interesting to Interview Meme. I’ve read quite a lot lately and ang gami kong natutunan sa inyong bloggers.

    Hi Ferdz,
    I’m happy to oblige and glad to know you learned more about me.

  10. This is a nice Q&A set. AnnaManila is really famous for online Scrabble, huh? Kagagaling ko lang kay Abaniko and he also talks fondly about her.

    Hi Watson,
    oo nga, she intoduced me to ISC as well. Ikaw, do you have a handle, do you play there too.
    Have you participated in the Q&A thing going around yet? It’ll be fun to read your answers. Want me to send you Qs?

  11. Aha! Ngayon alam ko na , si Annamanila pala ang pinakapaborito mo- akala ko pa naman- ako! :))
    It’s kind of fun getting interviewed ano? Ako ,’feeling celebrity’ nga dahil I also was interviewed by the much admired Ms. Annamanila.

    Parang gusto ko na rin tuloy mag-collect ng elephant figurines. Ang cute naman talaga.

    Hi Gina,
    Suffice to say, i had you in my list. hopefully , we’ll meet one day. Feeling celeb din ako eh.

  12. Hi Leah. I’ve not been doing a lot of bloghopping lately too. There’s been so much to do. But I’m glad I caught this “interview” post of yours. “Be yourself” and “Brace yourself” are pretty good pieces of advice, ha ha ha!

    I also discovered a blog that I have to try visiting (Junnie’s) aside from Annamanila which I also like.

    And lastly, I was sad to find out that the little angel, Pyro, has passed away.

    As you can see, I had a mix of emotions reading your interviews. 🙂

    Hi bugsybee,
    thanks for visitng the links i provided. So many bloggers out there worth reading and knowing for sure. And the story surely touches any ones heart. It did mine as yours.

  13. I’ll keep in mind your answer to #1 in case I’ll end up with a caucasian 🙂

    Hi Verns,
    Good, may reserba kang ideas for the future. Who knows, your future might be in a foreign land.

  14. simbang gabi… now that’s something I haven’t done in years, even before I stayed in the UK. Is it only 9 days? Feeling ko mas mahaba pa dyan hehe

    Hi Auee,
    Yup, just 9-days. I guess, Christmas celbration feels longer in the Philippines kasi there’s al lot of festivities and traditions.
    And it extends upto New Year pa. But the novena/simbang gabi is just 9 days.

  15. Like Junnie, parang gusto ko ding mag-speech ah. 🙂 Eh … hwag na lang. Basta sarap ng feeling pag special mention si ako.

    TY ty … hope i don’t disappoint you when you meet me in four dimensions (Sana may magtanong kung ano yung fourth dimension .. haha).

    Hi Annamanila,

    4th dimension? Now that’s intriguing!

  16. Leah,
    I tagged you. Re: meaning of your child’s name.

    Hi KK, thanks for the tag. I’ll pass on this one. Will do your next one though.

  17. I really love this interview meme. You get to know so much more about the person. Especially when the interviewers do their homework 😉 I’m almost afraid to interview someone else now. lol!

    I loved reading a little bit more about you.

    Thanks JMom,
    this is one meme I’ve been enjoying as well, whether by reading other blogger’s answers, or giving my own interview questions and the interview itself.
    Do you have one up yet?

  18. Thanks for sharing both interesting interviews. I got curious about Junnie’s blog after your favorable remarks and thought of giving him a visit. He has a very interesting blog and I’d love to come back for more. I also like reading Annamanila’s blog. I admire her flawless writing.

    Hi Rach,
    Thanks for clicking the links. Always good to discover new blogs.

  19. Hi Leah. You moved na pala. I’m sorry haven’t been visiting as often lately. Dami ko na namiss. Here I am reading a lot of your posts particularly your answers to memes.

    Hi Tani,
    that’s fine. We all live a busy life. Welcome to my new home.

  20. At last, someone has asked about the fourth dimension.

    Hindi ba yumg usual dimensions are height, breadth (width), and depth.

    The fourth dimension, I’d speculate, is the aura … the astral emanation that is invisible to most, but can be seen as pale color by psychic observers. kuno kuno

  21. Hey Annamanila,
    You can attest to my psychic powers (he!he!) so I might be able to look into that 4th dimension indeed.

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