Posted by: Leah | June 18, 2007


It is a bright and sunny day. The rays of the sun peeking through the window catches my eye and wakes me up from a dream. I lay on my bed and ponder on what this day has in store for me. I listen to the sound of the birds chirping, the revving of the car as it drives by the road beside my drive way, the bells chiming as the wind blows on the hanging chime by my window, the humming of the lawn mower as the neighbor cuts his grass and the sound of music as it blares out of the radio downstairs. I stretch out my arms up to the ceiling and wake myself to face the day.

I read this book called “Humming in My Universe“, written by Jim Paredes. It speaks of how we should listen to silence…..

How can I do that? For me silence is deafening. I always feel lonely when I dont hear a voice to let me know I am not alone. I relish on the fact that I have someone to talk to, someone to hold and someone to love. So how can I listen to silence?

You have to look inside yourself and rely on that instinct that there is peace when you allow yourself to dwell on what silence can bring to the soul.

It has definitely helped me in the trials in my life. With silence, I can think or simply not think at all. I can understand or simply let go of what reality is. It is a peaceful state.

So be silent and listen.


  1. This is my favorite way to meditate. Just to sit and listen. It is very relaxing and calming. Sometimes I even do this when I’m angry and have a lot of turmoil inside me. Before you know it, my mind and heart are quiet again.

    Hi JMom, I’m a long way in doing meditation. It sure is great to do. I just have to make time for it.

  2. silent when jumbled spells listen

    hey Junnie,
    that’s good to know.

  3. Silence……………..sometimes it’s bliss.

    Hi Gina,
    it sure is

  4. I’m thankful for occasional silence. It gives me time to reflect and be grateful for my blessings.

    Hi Rach,
    Although its occasional. It is something to be grateful indeed.

  5. Living in Manila has made me appreciate silence all the more. At night, when my neighborhood is still, I usually pause and just listen to the stillness–this keeps me sane..

    Hi Gypsy,
    We all have are own silent times. Glad you found yours…even in the busy sounds of Manila

  6. When I listen to silence, I fall asleep. hehehe

    Naalala ko tuloy one time when we were in this self-improvement workshop. We were told to close our eyes and meditate. Na-break ang silence kasi biglang may humilik. Bwahahaha! Tawanan syempre.

    For me, the best silence is one without urban noise pollution. Kapag nasa bundok kami, we hear crickets, the gurgling of the water… yun ang wonderful silence sa akin.

    Hi Watson,
    Patawa ka naman. Buti ikaw, you always get the chance to listen to the beautiful sounds of the provincial life.

  7. Silence connotes peace and quiet which can be a great therapy for the soul 🙂 A quiet time for ourselves, away from the maddening crowd for a few minutes everyday doing nothing is a great way to recharge our energy !

    If we can only do that everyday BW. Wouldnt we be energized all the time? Sana nga.

  8. hello leah,
    finally na link na rin kita.sorry its been awhile i was planning to but always forget it 😦

    nice blog you got here!kind regards!

    Thanks Eden

  9. I think I just learned to truly appreciate silence when I came to France & had to spend the day alone before. But I don’t think there’s really a total silence because when in silence, we hear our soul 🙂

    Hi Makis,
    How deep. So funny where we find our silent places many miles away from our home birth.

  10. Hey I’m back! Talking is great if we have something to share, it is essential to communicate! But sometimes we need to be silent… to let our spirit grow ! Listening is a form of reflection!

    Hi Haze,
    that’s a good way to put… Reflection time… I need that.

  11. A great reminder to all of us. Thank you, Leah. Silence is a luxury for me, living in a high-density area and surrounded by five dogs 😉

    Hi Corsarius,
    5 dogs….now that definitely gives you luxury to have silence. good luck.

  12. I would love a bit of silence too 🙂

    Hi Pining, Hopefully you get some soon

  13. Sabi nga daming sounds of silence.

    I understand why silence can be so uncomfortable to you. We often need words to know we’re recognized, needed and loved. But we learn to listen to what is not being said. Ay … tigil na ako … basta you know what i mean.

    Pero it is often very good to have quiet inside di ba? That is why naging popular ang meditation techniques.

    Miss you na in scrabble.

    Hi Annamanila,
    I still have to learn about meditating.
    And to listen to what is not said …I have to learn that (a lot)

  14. there are times that I appreciate peace and quiet, i can think better that way.

    Hi Girlie,
    so do I

  15. hi leah, that’s a very good post. when i was younger, i had this horror vaccui thing with silence. maybe i wisened up as i got older as i learned to appreciate silence. too often, we fill up the quietness with noise, perhaps to quell the inner voice, maybe afraid of what that voice will tell us. the constant flow of thoughts, worries, emotions make meditation a test of will and patience.

    Hi oggie,
    well put..and i assume you’ve learnt to get into the flow and shun the tests.

  16. Hey Leah, thanks for visiting my site. I do appreciate your comments. I will link you up too.

    It’s my first time here, though I saw your name at the comment section of the many blogs I visited. Again, thanks.

    I’ll be back to read more.

    Hi Lazarus,
    Welcome to my blog, nice to see you here.

  17. As much as I’d like listening to the noises my kids make, (yes, even their bickerings and quarrelings :), I always look forward to the silence in the house once they are all tucked in bed. That’s when I can concentrate on my blogging, or reading, or just watching my favourite shows which I have taped. 🙂

    Hi niceheart,
    Ah, the sound of silence indeed and a commencement of your “me time”

  18. sometimes I feel like I’m deaf when I don’t hear anything like music or talk…those are the times I don’t like the silence.

    But of course there are moments where I badly need peace. I hate to analyze some things so when I want to experience silence, I don’t think. I simply clear my head.

    Hi Verns,
    Ganyan din ako , I like to hear something or someone. But for sure, silence is golden. Kaya mahirap hanapan minsan.

  19. In eerie silence, i’d rather sleep than listen.

    At daylight, i like to hear the whistling breeze, the playful waves, and the chirping birds. But even in a noisy crowd, we can still find the inner silence.

    Hi Lazarus,
    wow, you can hear the waves ? Must be a great serene place to live at. And good to find the silence and peace in it.

  20. Silence is a precious commodity in my full-house, hehe. That’s why I appreciate the times when I am driving alone to the kids’ school or somewhere else. I’ve gotten so used to the traffic (or sometimes the traffic is not really that bad), and I actually appreciate my alone-time driving.

    Hi imom,
    Oh yeah, those precious times you can get for yourself when the wittle ones always need attention is definitely a great alone-time.

  21. Silence? Ever since I moved in to this dump that I call home, I’ve totally forgot what silence is… I don’t even know how it sounds like these days.

    Hi snglguy,
    Its really hard to concentrate in the life we lead these days


  22. there really is a time that we all need to be alone, and have our own quiet moment. in this silence, we can listen intently to the desires of our heart.

    I agree totally Cielo

  23. a great way to meditate and unwind.. it’s kind of a luxury to me now..

    Hi Analyse,
    Yes, silence is meditation. Good luck in getting this little luxury. hope you find the time.

  24. one say the best when says nothing at all!

    yan ang silence. Michelisms, lalo na if nag dadada ako, haha!

    good point eto leah. Theres a time to everything, silence or a bit of noise, what ever, lol

    Hi Francesca,
    Great Michelisms. You got a good guy Ate Amy.

  25. i like it best in the early morning, when all are asleep at home. i am able to pause a while, engage in good thoughts, and plan for the next day. oh yes, silence is rejuvenating, silence is also an opportunity to communicate with HIM, and listen.

    hi sexymom,
    ahh. the stillness of the morning. Good that you take solace in such moments. I shall try this instead of rushing out the door for the day’s work.

  26. There are lots of sounds around us and we only hear a part of it. I guess there is really no silence… only sounds unheard.

    Hi Ferdz,
    I agree..very well put.

  27. Silence is bliss. The good kind of silence, that is. The silence that is filled with nature’s voice, the silence that envelopes you like a blanket, the silence that cradles you.

    Hi Toni,
    I was just out with nature for a couple of days and definitely, the silence that enveloped me was a cradling comfort.

  28. […] it out in the wild I wrote about silence a few posts ago and I had the opportunity to experience such silence while roughing it out in the […]

  29. I too find silence deafening, but at times, silence can be comforting.

    Hello Tani,
    Silence is comforting , too much silence though can sometimes make you go bananas. Ig uess that’s why we have TV and radio to fill it in. Its hard, but lets welcome silence whenever it may come.

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