Posted by: Leah | June 30, 2007

The Big Apple

No this is not a post about New York but rather this big roadside attraction.
A few weekends ago , we had a little road trip to Kingston, Ontario. We were attending a birthday party. Its about 2 hours drive and so the company of my sister and cousin plus my daughter and niece were good for me. A side road attraction came to view, which was about an hour from where we got off. This is called the “Big Apple”. It was fun. We got to look inside and went inside the shop as well to buy some apple pies. and also browsed their
displayed framed photos of other big fruits. I was fascinated and so I googled them . Check it out.

I found out that there is a Big Pineapple, Big Banana, Big Mandarin,Big Cherries and many more. Heck, you can definitely make a fruit salad out of that. Check out this Big Fruit Bowl.

big fruit bowl

Originally uploaded by muni-muni



  1. I have seen this picture before. Didn’t u blog about Big Apple about a month back? Wonder why you are blogging about it again. 🙂

    So you went inside? Did you see its core? 🙂 I can’t see imagine where the doors/entrances could be. It looks solid from where I sit. Do you enter it from the top?

    Hi Annamanila,
    Yup, I’ve been trying to post this about 3 weeks ago but I have been having problems with the photo loading in WP and my preview does not work so I end up publishing and putting it in draft. You must have caught me doing that.

    The entrance to the inside of the apple is on the side. See where there’s a “bubong” on the left side or sort of an awning that leads to a doorway? That’s the entrance, and there are stairs to climb around going up to the top, there are some exhibits and photos and info about apples posted on the walls, when you reach the top ,you can view the outside from there. If you click on the photo, you can view the biggest size of the photo and see that the top has mesh around it so its safe to go outside. There is actually a metal stem on the very top. Pretty neat huh?

  2. maybe it’s the land of the giants (??) 🙂

    Hi Pining,
    It probably is :o) All those giant fruits need to be devoured.

  3. Haha! Very nice, I think I also saw this in BW’s blog. Where they sell different apple goodies and all.

    Yes Ferdz, really eye catching so its a must see when travelling. Its a good break for the legs. I checked out BW’s post and he has more photos in his post. I did miss that one…thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Hi Leah!its been a while 🙂

    wow!The big apple is a shop?very interesting.yummy yummy huh?
    i want to go to big banana 🙂

    Hi Ghee,
    No, there is a restaurant and bake shop in a separate building. The Big apple is just an attraction and you can go inside to climb to the top.
    Check out BW’s photos here for more details.

  5. Would love to have my picture taken beside that Big Apple.

    Hi Tani,
    it sure awas fun taking photos and posing in front of this huge fruit. I’m sure you’ll love it.

  6. you know, we always pass through this big apple on our road trips, but have never stopped to look around… we keep on postponing it, until now, we may never get the chance anymore…. sayang…

    Hi Jo,
    Never say never. Who knows you’ll get a chance to do long driving and might pass this way.

  7. This is interesting… We have to check it out if we are ever in the area.
    Happy Canada Day Leah!

    Hi Gina, yes..when yoou are going East (Say to Kingston, Ottawa or Montreal). You should take a peek for sure.
    Happy Canada Day din.

  8. I wonder how big it is inside 🙂 This is only for the Canada Day?

    Hi Verns, This big apple is a roadside attraction which is frequently visited. It is always there.
    Fact is it can hold 653,800 real apples. That’s how big it is.

  9. Was there a giant worm inside too? Hehehe.

    What a fun attraction!!!

    Hi Toni, It was fun. the bulate wasn’t on our way naman. lol

  10. If they do everything proportionally, I wonder how big a Big Papaya will be. 🙂

    I wonder nga Abaniko.

  11. that’s a very nice attraction…kung ako napadaan dyan, bababa din ako =) masarap ba apple pie nila? is there an apple plantation or something near it? sorry tamad na ako mag google ^_^

    Hi Girlie,
    Apples are widely grown across this region around towns including Adolphustown, Picton and various other small villages along the road. Read more here. Yes, the apple pies are yummy.

  12. whoa, that’s a big apple to bite:)

    makes you wonder if kung ang epol na yana ang nasa paraiso with eva & adan:) he- he.

    now, i’ll try to look for a “big babe” err lechon for that.

    korni ko talaga. lol.

    nice post.

    Hi Mitsuru,
    ha!ha! yes, a big lechon would be suffice for a big city party maybe?

  13. AY, ganun, shop ang loob non?
    Kala ko display lang sa road, thats all!

    iniimagine ko na gaano kadami ang ma fruit salad natin if ganyan kalaki ang bawat apples, lol

    masarap ba apple pie nila?
    Dito sa france its called Tarte tatin (tar-ta ting)

    Hi Francesca,
    No, there is a restaurant and bake shop in a separate building. The Big apple is just an attraction and you can go inside to climb to the top. Check out my other comments above for more info.

    yup, masarap ang Tarte Tatin nila.

  14. sarap ng real Apple pies, and not the ones made of sayote from McDonald’s back in the Philippines. 🙂 Road trip! Sarap!

    Hi Junnie,
    Talaga, apple pie made of sayote? nothing beats a real apple pie.

  15. hey mae apple is masarap

  16. hey mae
    apple masarap

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