Posted by: Leah | July 7, 2007

An encounter with the wild

Was in a camping trip with the family for a few days.

We were hoping to catch glimpses of wild life during our camping and true enough they came and I had the camera ready.

As we drove by the road, we chanced upon this beautiful creature and then I said loudly “deer”. My hubby slowly reversed the car and the deer was oblivious of our presence. It continued on with what its doing, feeding on the yummy grass I guess. And so I was able to take some good photos.

On our way out of the camp, I said ” Maybe, we’ll see a bear today before we leave”. And much to our delight, we sighted a black bear close to the garbage area. We were actually there to throw our garbage. The bear saw us so it ran up the hill. We U-turned and parked the car hoping to see it again. And yes it was still there, I guess it was hoping it will get lucky with the garbage. I was only able to take a few shots. He or she was hiding by the trees, You can see something black by the bushes though.

It was nice. Now we can say we have seen a bear.

Seeing them in the wild is so much different as seeing them in a zoo.

To see more of the photos I took of these animals click here or on the photos above.



  1. Aren’t garbage dumps supposedly off-limits to bears? It’s one of the reasons why wild N. American black bears have been coming in close contact with humans. Free food kasi…

    Anyways, buti pa kayo nakaka pag camping. Here, the good places to camp are mostly overrun by either the NPAs or by the Abu Sayyaf, hehehe. 😀

    Hi snglguy,
    Yes, all the garbage bins are bear proof. Meaning , their paws wont be able to open it. I guess, the smell of it brings them close and tries to open it. Its a good thing i guess we did not get a visit from them in our campsite. We made sure that food is away from their reach. We had to bear-proof our campsite as well.

    Dito sa Canada, there are plenty of conservation areas very good for camping. we’d like to go again actually.

  2. Good for you – you had a fun few days camping then! Every now then we see a deer when we go to our favorite trail and it’s funny to see them debating whether to run or stand still when they see people. No bear sightings here although I would be kind of scared to be near one even if I were inside the car =P

    Hi Gina,
    Wow a joy to see those deers. Good that you chance upon them in your walks. The warden from the park, shooed the bear away later. They dont want it close to humans.

  3. I’m glad you had fun camping. Must be exciting to see a wild bear up close. Were you a little scared?

    Hi Rach,
    A little bit scared, yes. I would not get out of the car for sure. It was exciting to see it.

  4. A bear!? Di ba nakakatakot yun? That’s really nice! Camping with your family. Teaches your children to be close and caring to nature. And Wild life as well!

    Hi Ferdz,
    It is ofcourse scary, but they are not really interested in people, just food. Camping was an enjoyable family outing, a lot to learn for sure.

  5. Sooo cool! I’ve always felt chosen when I see animals in the wild although that bear could be scary 🙂

    Hi Makis,
    It is a great feeling indeed. It is so peaceful to witness it.

  6. I’ve seen many deers out here in California, but can’t say that I’ve ever seen a bear out in the wild. In case the bear goes after you, my understanding is that you’re not supposed to try to outrun them, but just lie flat on your front and cover your neck with your hands. Since I haven’t seen a bear yet, I haven’t tested whether that works. 😀

    Hi Wil,
    I guess, this is true for grizzly bears, but for black bears you have stand tall,even wave your hand to show you are bigger. For more info..check this site

  7. Nice!!

    Thanks Paul

  8. ba, pareho tau ng post topic, about nature.

    Sali na ba tau sa save the earth ni Al gore? lol

    Basta, okey yang nature camping and trip, mas feel ang earth as alive!

    Oi, sa blog ko, may bunos photo, topless nude.

    Wholesome pa naman blog ko haha!punta ka. PROUDLY PRESENTed !

    Hi Francesca,
    Nature is there for use to enjoy, so nurturing it is a must. I went to your blog and enjoyed your photos immensely including the bonus one. lol

  9. cool! The last time I joined a camping trip was more than 10 years ago…girl scout days. Of course we didn’t see bears or deers…just a bunch of earthworms entering our tents…gross! Anyway I do miss it. Living inside the tent surrounded with trees.

    Hi Verns,
    I remember the girl scout days. Nag-camping din ako nun. Sa Camp Johnhay pa. Remember “Kumbaya?” and othe camp fire songs?

  10. Oh wow. Thats really nice–iba din yong nakita mo sila sa natural habitat rather than zoo! I used to enjoy the elephants on the side of the road in Thailand..very interesting and better than behind bars! 🙂

    Hi Gypsy,
    It is certainly more exciting to see them wild life in the wild rather than in captivity. I can just imagine seeing the elephants in their grandeur on the side streets. Is it a common thing in Thailand?

  11. Once we spotted a deer too,in the woods where we are … aren’t they graceful and plain elegant? that’s my impression of them 🙂
    Bears! I’m not sure…. maybe I’ll run if I see one!

    Hi Pining,
    Yes, deers are indeed elegant.
    Think twice before running when you see a bear.

  12. could still remember the signs at the trail somewhere in the yosemite area, we have to pretend we’re big daw so the bears would not attack us.. and i was praying i wont bump into one, itong liit kong to hehehe..

    Hi analyse,
    Its true. You have to stand your ground with the black bears. Hopefully, you’ll never get attacked. The chances are slim anyways.

  13. That is so cool! We have deer around here too, but I’m always too slow with the camera. I don’t think that I would have made a u-turn for the bear though 🙂 I’ll be going in the opposite direction!

    Hi JMom,
    True as always, the camera is never handy when we need it. Its just great to see the deer, picture or no picture. As for the bear, yeah we were brave.

  14. I’ve also only seen deer and bears at the zoo. 🙂

    We haven’t experienced camping yet. must try that !

    Hi Niceheart,
    Definitely a must for a Canadian to go camping and enjoy the summer days. Its cheap and friendly. Hope you get the chance to do that.

  15. once i visited a friend in one of the suburbs in chicago, i saw about half a dozen deers in their backyard. he told me, “ayaw ngang maniwala ng mga kaibigan ko sa pilipinas na may mga usang dumadalaw sa akin.” lol

  16. i learned how to be independent because of camping, primarily during my boy scout days. my interest in trekking/mountain climbing made me comeback to sleeping in tents and being one with nature again. it was fun, specially if with people you are close to. 🙂

    Hi Zherwin,
    Oh, those ole scotuing days. Motto: “Always Ready”. And I learnt a lot from it too. Labs ko talaga ang outdoors although , my hubby is more of the leader in this things. If I’m alone, not sure if I can handle it. Best to spend with family for sure.

  17. what a lucky day…the animals that you loved to see all popped out…click away ^_^

    Yup Girlie, I consider it luck too. It definitely made our day.

  18. naku scary naman, baka manghabol.

    Hi Marie,
    Not so scary naman. As long as you dont panic and know what to do. As a rule of thmb…stay away.

  19. good for you and your family to romp in the wild. it’s a nice experience worth sharing. a word of caution lang about leaving garbage for the bear as it associates humans with food. keep safe, and get wild!

    Hi Oggie. Oo naman, we made sure our camp site was bear proof and garbage was thrown in the proper place which incidentally where we saw the bear. It probably smelled the garbage but it wont be able to get into it since it is bear-proofed. The warden shooed it eventually.

  20. Sounds like alot of fun Leah! Bear sighting, wow!
    I like being in the wilderness ala Survivor Man or Man vs Wild.

    hi KK, Yes it was fun. The wild is a great place to be as long as you know how to deal with it and be resourceful.

  21. going in the wild is not my thing. takot ako sa kahit na anong animal, lalo na kung bear! we once went to this night safari in singapore and oh my, muntik na akong magka heart attack! open pala yun pati yung tram open din, takot na takot ako. but anyway, it was an encounter i wouldn’t forget.

    Hay naku Gracita, i can just imagine how scared you were. I would be too siguro in that case.

  22. I like nature… but not that up close and personal, hehe. Well, I’m respectful of any creature powerful enough to maul and chomp my head off.

    Cool though.

    Thanks for the visit Fruityoaty. These creatures are a joy to see. Just take caution for sure.

  23. Lucky Leah and family, it’s always nice to see savage animals roaming around in the wild forest without them knowing that they are adored ! Weren’t you afraid guys co’z bear could be agressive sometimes di ba ?

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