Posted by: Leah | July 12, 2007

Roughing it out in the wild

I wrote about silence a few posts ago and I had the opportunity to experience such silence while roughing it out in the wilderness.

The family went on a 4 day , 3 night camping trip at Killbear Conservation Park. Its a 3 hr drive from where we live.

The place is beautiful. So much beautiful nature to take in. I took it though with so much delight and thankfulness.

Ahh, that feeling of peace and calm. Of relaxation and just unwary of the news and TV and Internet. It was a good change. Restful.

First day was spent setting up the camp , then exploring the Park of what it has to offer. Found the beach and felt the coolness of the water on our feet as we walked by the shore. “Tomorrow, we will return.”

Second day was full . We woke up to the sounds of chipmunks talking to each other. Whatever they were conversing about, it was definitely lively. We climbed some rocks, my two sweeties, played and swam by the beach while I lazed on the sand reading a book . Later that afternoon, we spent some time in the nature shop (which by the way, my daughter said she loved the most, she learned quite a few things about, animals and trees there). And further to that we also walked on a trail to the lighthouse. We found a beach close to this lighthouse and so took a bit of a dip and cooled ourselves. I laid again and watched the clouds makes shapes and was awakened shortly after I started to snore. yeah this quiet time of being aware of the surrounding an its vastness somehow lulls me to sleep. That night, we had a campfire and some roasted marshmallows.

The next day was awakened by thunder and torrent rainfall. It lasted for about 4 hrs. Hubby woke up and got out to put on a tarp over our tent (which we should have done when we first set up the tent) to prevent as from getting all soaked. My daughter woke up with an upset stomach. We decided to go to town to have breakfast. Later that morning, she threw up in the car and did not have any more energy to do anything else during the day. We stayed inside the tent playing some cards and fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon.

So the whole family took naps, I guess a much needed rest from the busy day yesterday.

The last day was spent packing and driving home.

Despite the third day being uneventful, it all turned out well. We had our much needed rest and we all had fun. And daughter is now well. She just needed a good rest.

We experienced the wild and we will definitely do it again.

Please visit my other site for some photos



  1. nothing can replace silence…

    what a great way to take a vacation…did you say hi to Alvin, Simon and Theodore? Who else but the chipmunks 🙂

    Hi Junnie,
    Are you enjoying the silence of the night then? Yes, we enjoyed the time off .

  2. I saw the slide show on your other site , couldn’t leave a comment dahil team members lang daw pwede =).

    Nature at it’s best…………….
    I’m glad that your little sweetheart is well now..Seguro nanibago lang ano?

    Hi Gina,
    Not sure why I set it up that way. The site is good for comments now. Thanks for the visit and glad that you enjoyed the photos.

  3. Very beautiful pictures, leah! It’s wonderful to take time off with family, which we did just recently. But i’ve been too busy lately to blog about it. Maybe i will do just that.

    Have a great day.

    Thanks Chateau. Spending time with the family is always a great time. Looking forward to reading about your adventures soon.

  4. ahhh..nothing beats nature. There’s something about trees and anything green that makes everything peaceful and well.

    I’m glad you have a great time with the family Leah.

    Thanks Verns!

    So true, the greenery of nature is soothing.

  5. That is a nice experience Leah. Being with nature and sharing it with family and that. I hope i can jet out to the woods, and fast. I want to rest and do some nature photography too, trying these new Macro and telephoto lenses I acquired.

    Hi Rey,
    It certainly was a great experience. Surely a great way to take some of your great photos.

  6. “was” should be the word. Silly me.

  7. Looks like you had a great time in the wilderness 🙂
    We’d love to go camping, have to wait for a better weather though… it’s a bit horrid at the moment 😦

    Hi Pining,
    hope the weather cooperates with you soon. It was really good fun.

  8. Great pictures Leah!

    I’m glad that you and your family were able to commune with nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 🙂

    Thanks Daphne. Yes, it was a great time to spend with nature and the family at same time. A great respite out of the city.

  9. Hi Leah, Michele sent me 🙂

    Getting out of your everyday routine is always so interesting isn’t it? I got a chance to view your photos and wow – the place is so beautiful!

    Happy Friday!

    Hello Cin. Thanks for the visit. Yes, everyday life is sometimes monotonous and getting out in the wild somehow changes a bit of the routine.

  10. Leah! What a wonderful camping trip. And it’s great to know that wildlife really still thrives there. Dito kasi, you rarely see that anymore. Monkeys perhaps, but never deer.

    Hi Nick,
    I guess this kind of environment , wildlife thrives in here more because there is less poachers/hunter maybe? Monkey , I dont see in the wild here though. In the zoo, yeah. I guess, each country have there own special wildlife.

  11. That’s really a great getaway! I bet you’re recharged! We’ve never gone camping but we’ll sure have to do it someday. And what’s even better than waking up to conversing chipmunks????

    Hi Makis,
    It was a great getaway for sure. I am dreading the time to go back to work – to reality. Time off was good and yes – recharging! Hope you get the chance to go camping one day.

  12. too bad about your daughter’s upset tummy. but at least it’s still bonding time inside the tent, and of course, relaxation. just staying in your tent doing nothing strenous is adventure in itself. just thinking that just outside your tent is the great outdoors is already cool.

    Hi Tani,
    You know what, the downtime certainly was a good time to rest and at the same time simply enjoy some games and giggles. And ofcourse, doze off to the soound of nature.

  13. Nature, lighthouses, beach, chipmunks, family… and away from TV, internet and all the hustle and bustle of life… what a wonderful vacation Leah!

    Oh, and congratulations on your new domain!

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