Posted by: Leah | July 20, 2007

A mom gets sentimental….

From bryzzia's art…

I have asked a dear friend if I can post here some of her entries in her blog at Multiply. She is my best friend’s sister and is like a sister to me as well. She lives in Baguio City and loves to write about her children and the rest of her family.
Please welcome Ate Joy.

Bryzzia Joy
by Guest writer Joy Diaz

A mom gets sentimental as she sees her kids growing up so quickly. Bryzzia, the very first baby God so graciously blessed me with will be a lady in a few years time.

Of my three kids, I had the most difficulty giving birth to her. I was sick (highly toxic with over supply of iodine) while pregnant, extremely thin. I was in dry labor for two days. We had to stay in the hospital for ten (10) long, agonizing days because she had sepsis. As a frail pre-schooler, I would bring her to my office where she would sit and draw and try to read. She just kept on drawing, from the time she learned to hold a pencil up to now. Her first drawings were of Jack and Jill (copying from the box of pretzels!). As a pre-schooler, she was smart and brilliant but had to go through a lot. She was traumatized in Kinder (not at Northridge Academy) by an inhumane teacher who taped her mouth because she was talkative. When I think of it now, as my daughter was recovering from her trauma, i was struggling with her at the same time.

But truly, God is good. He will lead you through it, it may take a long time but He shows the way. All we need to do is to trust.

Looking at Bryzzia now, I am pleased with what I see. She is tall and is still growing (really fast!), she prefers having long hair now. She draws, writes short stories, keeps her own diary, sings. Still sensitive, she listens and analyzes. I can explain things to her like the need to change and why there is a need to do this. She responds, sometimes with fear in her heart, but she tries her best to understand. I can talk to her like a friend, an adult, a buddy. There are times when she losses her cool– when she is like this she is just like me. She snaps, shouts, yells in an instant but calms down, thinks and resents what she just did. She cries easily (again like me). Many times there is a need for her own private space. The artist in her dictates this as well as her sensitivity. She loves her siblings and manifests this love by being jealous when she sees Jobo being happy with other playmates or Pia being happy doing something else. Her concern for family amazes me. In her young mind, she is sensitive to changes in the family, when problems arise she is the first who gets affected.

Oh she is a certified bookworm. There is not a single day that she does not read a book. She must have read more books than I have ever read in my lifetime. Her joys are simple. Her Christmas wishlist was a list of book titles as well as authors.

Of the many, many events in her young life that we went through together, this is the first and foremost — it was because of her that we were led to a new school – Christian Legacy Academy – which is now working wonders on her and her siblings. It was through her prodding that we started attending Sunday bible studies and worship services.

My Bryzzia is turning eleven soon. And truly, I praise and thank God for entrusting



  1. Most mom have the same sentiment upon realizing that their kids is growing up fast. Oh how time really flies!
    I feel sorry for Bryzzia on her traumatic experience with a cruel teacher. Smart children like Bryzzia don’t deserve to be treated like that. Did the school acted fairly on the incident? I hope so.

  2. the highs and lows of motherhood!
    I’m sure you can’t imagine life without them…

  3. Hi ate Joy! 😀
    Bryzzia’s art is really something! I see real talent. My soon-10 y/o daughter is also an artist at heart. As I read, I see how so similar our two girls are. How time has flown so quickly no? Magdadalaga na ang little girls natin, hay.

  4. I’m not a mother yet, but lately, I’m definitely hearing my biological clock ticking. I love kids. Truly, God’s gift.

  5. I’m experiencing that at the moment, my 14 yr. old queenie is just about too busy entertaining boy friends, kakainis, hard to handle na.

  6. Hi Malaya. Thanks for the comment. No, school did not do anything about our complaint after we confronted the principal and the teacher about it. It’s because the teacher involved is the bestfriend of the school administrator!!!! The teacher is no longer teaching, she was given a non-teaching assignment. Bryzzia became a shy introvert after this, with no self-confidence, always afraid to talk in front of other people. We have transferred her to other schools (2). And, wow, we found the perfect place (ACE curriculum). She is doing well, is happy she is able to use her talents to the fullest. She is doing well (Thank God), draws, sings, writes stories, makes her own journals….

  7. Hi Pining… you bet, life without the kids was empty, a never-ending-lonely cycle of merely existing without meaning, without purpose… thanks for the comment! God Bless

  8. hi chateau…we have somethng in common. having an artist in the family is not easy (do you agree?). I always run out of paper, crayons, pencils, paint, colored paper etcetera, etcetera. not to mention the MOOD SWINGS of this budding artist…. i’m sure your artist also loves to read, and to “muni-muni”. minsan mahirap abutin, arukin, di ko ma-gets ang gusto (hehehe). and, her siblings are turning out to be artists as well, so that means i need times three of the supply of art materials, x 3 ang mood swings hehehehe. am i lucky or what????

  9. fruityoaty better listen to your biological clock… being a mom is not easy but it is really a blessing….

  10. marie… 14 years old? so i have about three more years before bryzzia starts entertaining boy friends… ikukulong ko muna siya until she’s 18 hahahahaha

  11. Good story, God has really work is wonder around you and your family, hope that the blessing will never stop pouring in your family, seeing a happy family is always a very good sight to see…

  12. mga supermom, sakit sa ulo ang anak if di tayo sinusnod.
    Pero ako, i say no, its no and say yes if it is yes.
    Pero, the good fruit came from good tree daw?
    Kaya siguro, blessing nga na kids are behaving, respecting their parents.

    Ba ang suwail na anak ay “hindi wise”.

  13. Thank you Davao Outsource! No family is perfect, we have our own problems too. But we try our best to make each day a happy one. God really worked wonders on us. Especially when we started going to bible classes together and attending church together as a family. Likewise, i pray that God pours His blessings on you…

  14. I agree Francesca. pag suwail ang anak sakit sa ulo. i think it’s a matter of being consistent with the form of disciplining that we impose, like in your case pag no, no pag yes, yes. Kami naman, pag pinapagalitan ang kids i do it inside the bedroom na walang “audience” yung bata lang na involved. ine-explain ko din bakit mali ang ginawa, bakit ako galit, bakit may disciplinary action. so far, it is working well.

  15. touching piece.

    though not every mom has this sentiment seeing her children grow, i think most moms do have this aching feeling. we are afraid for them, we are hurt for them, we are angry for them, as they grow.

    your daughter is blessed to have a mom like you. not every daughter experiences such love. i should know. 🙂

  16. hi joy, this is a great article! Your daughter reminds me so much of my first born. They have so many parallels 🙂 My eldest is an artist too, with bad temper, with traumatic experiences at school. At the same time, she is the sweetest, most tender hearted person I know. So, yeah, I can totally relate to what you’re talking about. I’ve written a couple of articles about her in Pinoy Moms Network. Please come and join us over there, if Leah hasn’t invited you already.

    btw, my husband has a theory that the bad temper is a first born trait. my daugher and I, both first borns, have it too! lol!

  17. hi bhingskee. thanks a lot! my own mom was not so “hands on” leaving us to the household help because she was working. so i promised myself that if i would have kids of my own i would be more “involved”. so i am trying my gest to do just that…. i did check on your blogs, i just love how you express yourself… God bless.

  18. Hi JMom thanks. oh yes, so like my bryzzia. when we are together she would say iloveyoumom every 10 minutes, or she would hug, kiss, smile… she writes me notes, leave messages. as to the bad temper, i think your husband is correct. i am a first born too, and i do have a bad temper that i try so hard to control! especially when i’m with my kids. Thanks for inviting me to Pinoy Moms Network. Leah did invite me. I’ll try it out but many times i wish i could be as “prolific” a blogger as she is. (“,)

  19. Another heartwarming story about mom and children.

    Tell your friend to join PMN? 🙂

  20. i suddenly miss my mom. she has always been my bestfriend. because we are so alike in so many ways, we had our share of fights too. but whatever i am today, is 90% because of her.

    thanks for sharing this.

  21. awwww so sweet 🙂 Bryzzia’s artwork is really nice…very talented 🙂

  22. hi! thanks verns and Gracita. Oh yes, i would like to join PMN i am still trying to figure out how. heheheheeee. Have a great day!

  23. Encouraging story for everyone ! It made realized more that I am very lucky to have my 2 beautiful children beside me & see their development everyday ! From the day they were born, on their first smile, their first step, their first word and everything that concerns them! No regret of being a SAHM for 5 consecutive years, it’s worth staying at home 🙂 ! Thanks for sharing this wonderful and encouraging story ! BTW, her drawing is just exceptional !!!

  24. When God moves, he always exceeds your expectations. ^_^

  25. hi Haze! oh yes, you should be happy and proud that you are able to be a stay home mom. The loving touch and encouragement of a mother is incomparable. No pictures, video footages, cellphone pictures can replace the memories of actually seeing your kids take their first step, say their first word…. If i had a choice i would be a stay-home-mom too. So i am trying to make whatever time i have with my kids worthwhile. I schedule “individual bonding times” with them so i can talk with each one of them without the other interrupting. Of course, we also have our all together times.

  26. Amen to that Paul. God has wonderfully turned around everything. He did not stop at our finding the perfect school for Bryzzia and her siblings, He also used so many messangers to get His messages and miracles through. His leading was and continues to be so tremendous and so definite and clear.

  27. I am so encouraged by all your comments i decided to have my own blog spot. I will hopefully find time to keep it updated. please check it out

    Thanks Leah for the encouragement and thank you all for the kind words. God bless…

  28. Great post! My mom is typically Chinese and doesnt say much, so it is always good to read how things are viewed from a mom’s perspective. 🙂

  29. hi gypsy. thanks! sad, no, how moms can say so little at times when we would want them to say something and say so much at times when all we want is for them to listen to what we are saying…
    there was a time in my life when i vowed, when i become a mom i will never nag, never yell, never screan at my kids…. well, now there are times i forget that vow that i made but i try my best to always remember…
    i went over your blogs… i love how you put your feelings across… have a great day…

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