Posted by: Leah | August 5, 2007

Art Attack II

I am so excited to be part of the very first month of the Fam Pics of the Pinoy Mom’s Network’s photo hunt. This month’s theme is GLOSSY.

Below are photos of my daughter’s artwork brought home from school.. They look glossy since they are laminated.

to see large view, click on photo.

And here is one she made at home. The paint of red and gold made it really looked glossy!

Where’s Art Attack I?
I have posted some of daughter’s art work here.

Here are how other PMN members interpret “glossy.”

1. Glossy Writing Table by Noemi
2. Glossy Appeal by Rachel
3. Glossy by raqgold
4. PMN Fam Pics Series 1 : GLOSSY by Cookie de Guzman-Lugue (Kongkong622)
5. GlossyMonday–My World Turning Upside Down by Sexy Mom
6. Glossy by Mitch
7. Glossy by Chats (iMom)
8.Glossy Apple Cheeks by Analyse
9. PMN Fam Pics, 1st edition: A very glossy story by Connie
10. Mommy’s girl by Lady Cess
11. GLOSSY Topped Cupcakes by Dexie the FeistyMomma
12. Glossy from the garden by KK
13. Glossy Plastic Covers by Feng



  1. They’re beautiful Leah 🙂

  2. She is indeed a young aspiring artist Leah ! Keep it up !

  3. […] Attack II by Leah […]

  4. naks, she’s very artistic.

  5. Very glossy and pretty works of art.

  6. […] Attack II by Leah […]

  7. You have a creative daughter. Cute ng snowman!

  8. […] Attack II by Leah […]

  9. ang galing! beautiful! the kind that should be featured on kiddie art shows.

  10. […] Attack II by Leah […]

  11. kids’s artworks are just the best. lamination definitely saves them better for the future. maybe even show their future kids someday 🙂

  12. hi there Leah. 🙂 what a better way to preserve our kids’ little pieces of artwork than have it in glossy laminations. galing ng baby mo Leah. you must be proud of her!

  13. […] Attack II by Leah […]

  14. How old is your daughter? She seems really artistic. Nice one!

  15. Really nice arts. Your daughter is very talented!

  16. Hi Leah. Those are very lovely artworks. I’m sure you treasure each one.

    Thanks for visiting my Fam Pic.

  17. Laminates will surely make them last. I still keep all the art work of my kids. They are in a special box.

  18. she’s a budding artist 🙂
    the lamination is a very good idea, might try it with my little one’s…

  19. I love the title. More so the art pieces. How nice to be attacked by such as these.

  20. Your daughter has an eye for color Leah. I develop pa ang talent niya and she will be a fine artist for sure.

    Been away and catching up on my friends’ blogs.

  21. very nice artwork by your daughter 🙂 You may just have a potential artist in the household !

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  25. […] Attack II by Leah […]

  26. […] Attack II by Leah […]

  27. […] Attack II by Leah […]

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