Posted by: Leah | August 20, 2007

In bloom

Summer is almost over, at least i”ve got photos to remember it by.

update: These photos were taken in a row of flowers from a public garden. See last photo.

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Posted by Picasa


  1. you were really till it bloomed, nurtured with tender loving care 🙂

  2. Nice series of pictures. Nice that you capture it from a bud to until it bloomed.

    It’s also starting to get chilly here in Winnipeg. The inevitable but dreaded cold is coming. 😦

  3. Nice photos here. Summer has long been over here in Manila. In fact, we’re into flash floods and torrential rains lately. Unfortunately, one of the typhoon that passed here by was my namesake, “bagyong dodong.” Hahaha…

  4. Oh wow! Those photos took patience. It’s worth the wait huh? Lovely flower photos.

  5. yay!

    Summer is ending na in Toronto? not yet….am coming home to experience it…

  6. summer is almost over here as well 😦
    lovely photos (it’s worth the wait)!

  7. The wonder and beauty of nature talaga!

    I love the vibrant colors of spring and summer. The colors of fall are beautiful din. But what comes next, I don’t truly care for.

  8. Did you take these shots at every stage ? That’s cool and you do have patience. 🙂 Hey, summer is still here hehe. I’m depressed to think that it’s going away soon 😦

  9. Summer is almost over? How fast! Those are amazing shots Leah!

  10. amazing shots, leah! How did you do it? I mean, did you really wait for it to bloom?

  11. great pictures! is it the same flower? hmmm… i bet, iba iba 🙂 but does it matter? basta nice shots! 🙂

  12. Hello all! Pls see my update. These flowers are not from my garden but rather frm a public garden. When I saw the flowers in different stages of bloom in just one garden, I simply had to take snaps. And yes, Gracita, these are all different flowers not just one.

  13. Very nice… It looked like you’ve taken pictures of the same flower at different times while it’s blooming!

  14. Very beautiful pictures! 🙂 Did you took the picture every time it changes? or its different flower? It’s still very nice. 🙂

  15. It makes me sad that summer is leaving us! Anyway, other seasons are also beautiful right ! Love the photos and the transition 😉 ! Happy weekend Leah !

  16. I thought you came back every other day to this garden just to shoot a single flower in its different stages of bloom. Hehe. Nice series.

  17. ah, the beauty of nature on spring and summer time.
    Soon balik na naman mga snow!!!

    sabi nga, take advantage of the sun and flowers while we can!
    post more photos, pls

  18. ahhh parang kelan lang bloggers from abroad were posting about winter and now winter is coming na naman…

    those are beautiful Leah…capturing the sunflower was cool =)

  19. Is it the same flower, Leah And you monitored its opening up by stages? Day by day? Awww, photography with TLC!!

  20. Beautiful beautiful pictures. 🙂

    Here, summer’s long been officially over. It’s supposed to be rainy season already but, my goodness, the heat is horrible!

  21. Hello Leah! How are you doing? Long time no see. Those a beautiful shots to remember the summer by. Is summer over already? I remember as a kid how much I dreaded the coming of the this long weekend. Well, I hope you enjoy it, is your daughter excited to go back to school? Take care Leah!

  22. beautiful pictures. I can almost smell them. 🙂

  23. blog hopin’…nice blog u have. TC and visit me if u have time

  24. as sure as summer is gone (or almost gone), it will be back. this is life’s routine. thanks for sharing the photo.

  25. Hi Leah, very nice pics. Hay kakainggit. I love flowers too.

  26. Hi Leah! Those are marvelous photos.

    Summer has long been gone here. BER months have begun and I could feel the slight chill in the air during the evening.

  27. awesome flowers beautify the garden!

  28. Nice flowers Leah. I’m looking to the shades of Autumn..hehe

  29. I mean looking forward.

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