Posted by: Leah | September 26, 2007

memes, tags – Christmas list and 8 things

5 Christmas wishes
I was tagged by Kiko . You can read his wishes here.
And since today marks 3 months before Christmas day, I’m happy to oblige and list my 5 wishes for Christmas.
Hint, hint, blink, blink, anywho…? You can reach me at (lol)

1. An ipod
2. A big screen TV
3. A flat screen computer monitor
4. A vacation to somewhere warm this winter
5. My wish for peace and goodwill on earth (wow, ala-miss universe answer?) – but really, who wouldn’t wish for that?
Nevertheless, let me continue to be materialistic and wish for a spa-overnight stay with all the perks (e.g. facial, massage, manicure and pedicure inclusive).

8 random things about me
And now, here’s am overdue answer to one of my fave blogger’s tag – Toe on 8 random facts about myself. You can read a versive post on 8 things about Toe here.
1. I like to play scrabble. I am bit competitive and I am still addicted to it. My handle is “munimuni”. So if you’re ever logged on at ISC , do add me as a buddy and say hi when you see me logged on.
2. Ever since I’ve watched the teleserye , “Sa Piling Mo”, I’ve had this huge crush at Piolo. I constantly listen to his CD and I am now watching his new teleserye “Walang kapalit” .
3. I am a night person, I can stay late and keep on going…I just have to stop myself and say “hey, time to sleep! you have to work tomorrow, you know”
4. I like Japanese food except for raw-fish sushi. I like california rolls and tempura and teriyaki the best.
5. Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, George Clooney, Aga Muhlach, Richard Gomez, Richard Dean Anderson were my crushes from then and still…
6. I wear eyeglasses
7. I like pink
8. I like blogging… still …I just cant keep up with it all. Been busy with work and all. Thank you all for the comments and the visits.

So who am I tagging? Well, If your name starts with M, then you’re “IT”.

Leave me a comment so I can come and check your post.



  1. Scrabulous???? one of these days…i think i need to practice some more before I hop on to fight you. 🙂 I’m selling a slightly used 19-inch Acer Flatscreen for $ 150. Any takers? I’m upgrading to a 24″ 😛

    Hi Junnie, hmnnn…that’s a good deal. Sino kaya magreregalo sa akin? Hopefully we can play scrabble one day. check out ISC.
    Click here to register.

  2. hmmm, reminds of the memes that i still have to do. i think i still have 3 overdue. haha

    anyway, nice to see you’re also back in the blogosphere.

    Hi Mitsuru,
    Hope you get the chance to do your memes soon. Yes, I’m trying to catch up with blogging. Dami ko na namiss. hey, did you ever get the chance to see Michael Buble? He’s having a concert in Toronto in January.

  3. Hi Leah! ayayay have not been visiting you =( this SPs really taking away my bloghopping time. Hmmmm, I can do the christmas wish, i’ve done the 8 things already, pede ako coz my real name starts with M as in Mirriam ^_^

    i love raw fish (sashimis) yummy, favorite ko salmon

    Naks naman Girlie, you gonna get rich with all this SPs. Anyway, goodluck and more power. Sige, answer the meme Miriam.

  4. Hello Leah!Congrats to your new domain 🙂

    i want an ipod,too!!

    howre you btw?im finally back and kind regards!


    Hello Ghee, thanks so much. Glad to see you back

  5. I wish I were Santa so I could give you all that’s in your list! =)
    3 months na lang nga ba? Ayayay, the days just fly by..

    Hi Gina,
    Time flies for sure. Was summer ever here? It seems like it was just yesterday. And yup, 3 months to go, so start shopping now!

  6. Wow Christmas na dito : ) ! A big TV screen is great :). I love playing scrabbles too. Have a nice weekend Leah and happy autumn na rin . Keep warm.

    Hi Haze ! Christmas lists certainly feels like Christmas…lol:o) Hope we can play scrabble one time.

  7. Sorry can’t play Santa for you … with that upscale wish list. I-pod? Bean pod pwede? Hehehe

    But maybe I can do something about your craving for Piolo. 🙂

    Thanks annamanila,
    as you’ve read. my Piolo craving will be satisfied soon (naku, that doesn’t sound good , does it?)
    Bean pod? No thanks. lol.

  8. Ok sa lista ah? wala na idag dag? lol
    isip pa, malay, miracles happens, sabi nga, mag request ka na rin lang, aba eh, damihan mo na, malay, ibigay lahat, lol

    musta? And I need your help in my blog.
    Banking business in your area.
    Tag sana kita, if got time.
    Punta ka, lufet ng banks sa France, lol

    Hi Francesca,
    Pasensya na i wasnt able to list answer your tag on banking. I did comment on your post though, I hope you are doing fine.

  9. Oh, thanks for doing this Leah. I also watched Walang Kapalit and I wear glasses, though I wear contact lenses now. 🙂

    Hi Toe,
    I wear contact on special occasions (like my wedding) and other special birthdays. I find it dries my eyes so I didn’t continue .
    Thanks for tagging me. I like to make lists anyways.

  10. hello Leah!have a great week ahead!

    Thanks Ghee

  11. Hey, iPods are getting cheaper these days. I bought my 80GB for P21,000 last December. Now with the new model, it’s down to P14,000. What a big slash in price. I wish you’d get all your wishes this Christmas. 🙂

    Sana nga Abaniko…sana

  12. I love Scrabble!!! I play Scrabulous too but only on Facebook. Nice to know there’s another Scrabble addict in this world! 😀

    Hi Toni, there’s Scrabulous at Facebook? I’m at Facebook as well. I’ll try to find you and add you as friend.

  13. Hey, who wouldn’t want a big screen TV hehe 🙂

    3 and 4 – I’m like that too. I stay late at night ( sometimes not knowing when to start heading for the pillows) and love sushi a lot 🙂

    Hi BW,

    I bet you have a big screen TV by now. Its much better to watch all those movies di ba? And stay up all night.

  14. Hi Leah!
    I hope somebody picks up on your hint-hints, blink-blinks haha. (nagbabasa ba si husb mo dito? )
    I’m a night person too. Don’t we often (but not anymore lately) see each other on ISC during the wee hours (RP time)? Of course, we share the same love for scrabble.
    I love Jap food, yes, i can eat baskets of tempura. I love them sushi basta super fresh.

    have a great week ahead 🙂

    Hi Chats,
    Miss you na rin at ISC. di na tayo nagkikita dun ah? Sige Jap food tayo when I come and visit you ha?

  15. ang gandang site…i can relate well..sana i can b in the roll..txs. i jst add u up mam. god bless.

    Thanks Josh, Glad you found my site. I’ve added you to my links as well.

  16. buti na lang at hindi Merns pangalan ko hehehe

    hayyy Christmas is fast approaching…I only wish for one thing…and that is to have a happy Christmas 🙂

    Naku Merns..este Verns, how are you? Yes, Christmas will be happy. We can make it that way.

  17. All those 5 things… I want them, too, especially No. 5. Actually, I already have No. 1 (an iPod), it’s just that I want a new one… the iPod Touch. Oh, OK… world peace is more than me having No. 1 or 5.

    Hi fruityoaty,
    World peace is so wonderful. Its much better to having an ipod in a peaceful world di ba?

  18. Is your hubby not reading your blog? Para may idea sya sa mga x’mas wish mo..hehehe.

    My MIL is also a Piolo fanatic, kahit gaano pa yun kabusy pag nasa tv si Piolo stop muna lahat.

    Hi Ann,
    Yes, my hubs read my blog once in a while so hopefully he reads what I want and buy me one of them for Christmas and my birthday na rin.
    Naku, magkakasundo pala kami ng MIL mo.

  19. Passing by to say hello! And that you reminded how close christmas is! Hope all is well on your side!

    Hi Makis,
    thanks for dropping by. Yes, the air is getting cold. Christmas will be here sooner than we think.

  20. Mas mura na ang flat screen monitors Ate Leah. Anong size ba ang hina-hanap mo? I’m using a 17inch and it looks big already. Flat screen TV, hmmm it’s cheaper but if you are after Pioneer with the tiny mirrors by Texas Instruments, it’s still expensive for me.

    How can you eat Sushi and not the raw fish? I love sashimi. 🙂 Just go to the Japanese restaurants that are highly graded and you’ll be fine with the raw fish 😉 .

    Hi KK,
    I dont know, but raw fish just doesn’t agree with me. Rolls and teriyaki and tempura are still Japanese naman di ba?
    As for the TV and monitor, di naman ako mapili sa brands, kulang lang talaga sa budget.

  21. Hi, Leah. I didn’t realize Christmas is already so soon until I read this post. I symphatize for your Wish #5 🙂

    May tag din pala ako sa’yo. If you havent’ done it yet, you may see it here.
    Thanx 🙂

    Hi Dodong,
    hay, napaka-boring ng desktop ko. I’ll try to piffy it up and then i’ll join answer your tag. Daya no?

  22. Leah,ikaw nman ang hiatus? 🙂
    enjoy your days anyway…

    Hi Ghee,
    Oo nga, naghiatus din. Sana medyo regular na ang update ko. Thanks for visiting.

  23. Leah, anobayan? Tagged ako dito kasi I am Maria Gina eh! =))
    Hope Santa reads your Christmas list.]
    Natawa naman ako doon sa comment ni Anna. Ako rin- kaya ko lang beanpod,hahaha.

    Hi Maria Gina,
    Naku, be nice too so Santa will be nice to you. Answer the tag ha?

  24. Where are you?

    And does my name begin wih an M? Hindi yata. 🙂

    Hi miss M,
    so are you answering my tag?

  25. Are you on a blog holiday too?

    Hi Annamanila,
    thanks for the visit…eto..babalik na …sana mor frequent …hopefully.

  26. […] am copying his title… Although I did answer other meme’s on 8 things about me or 5 things you might not want to know about me , I can certainly lists some more. So here goes 7 […]

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