Posted by: Leah | October 14, 2007

My Gift

Well…2 weeks from now will be my nth birthday and I am celebrating it with a night of serenade with the man I’ve been dying wishing to see for a while now. I’ve spent late nights just to finish all those soap operas he stars on like Walang Kapalit and Sa Piling Mo. So pardon this post of “ala-teenage” crush sorts. After all, I’m entitled to a birthday gift, ain’t I?

Well, I’ve got VIP seats to Piolo Pascual’s concert here in Canada. Its called Piolo Pascual Live in Brampton.
Mister Pinoy heart throb, Piolo Pascual is definitely going to make my day.

So for those who are here in Toronto and wouldn’t mind an hour’s drive to Brampton, more info can be found here.

So this is My Gift to myself.



  1. Susmio! May concert pala ako diyan hindi ko alam! Hahaha! Advance Happy Birthday Ate Leah!! 🙂

    Naks talaga Kiko Matsing..ang lakas ng tama mo ah. Noon si Richard, tapos ngayon si Piolo naman. Ano ba yan.

  2. ei po Leah, di pa ba sold out yung 100? may mga sinabihan akong maka Piolo from Barrie and Toronto mga die hard fan ni fafa P and they are interested to see fafa P live 🙂

    Hi Melai,

    Naku, eh di puwede ka sumabay sa kanila, sama ka at EB tayo. Check out the links in my post and you can get the phone number for the Community Centre there where they are still selling the VIP tickes as well as the $80 ones.

  3. Uyy, si Papa Piolo pala ang type mo. Hope you enjoy your birthday concert and sana ma-meet mo si Papa Piolo. Then you can do your “I love you Piolo!” thing 🙂

    Hi Kongkong,
    Yes, Papa P is my type. Not sure that I’ll be screaming “I love you Piolo”, whisper lang , “bulong sa puso”…he!he!

  4. wow Leah!!!!! COOLNESSSSSS! hehehe I’m so happy for you. Uy masaya yan hehe hiyawan at kiligan hehe you have go with your bestfriend or best girlfriend 🙂

    Advance Happy Birthday ha…I know you’re gonna have a blast 🙂

    Oo nga sana eh….I’m trying to convince my cuz and sis to come para may kasali sa kiligan. For now, I’ll be with my brod and his wife.
    Thanks Verns…I’m pretty sure, it will be a blast.

  5. Young at heart ka pa pala, Leah…
    Advance Happy Birthday 🙂

    Thanks Dodong, young at heart and young in age too! in tagalog “isip-bata” (lol)

  6. Woooowhoooooooooooooo!!!!

    That’s some birthday gift Leah! Enjoy,enjoy,enjoy!

    Be sure to have some pics taken with Papa P ,oke?!

    Have a wonderful one!

    For sure Gina, mag-eenjoy ako. i will post pics if I am able to tale some. Thanks for the well wishes

  7. Advance happy birthday, Leah! Post ka pics with piolo ha. he he

    Thanks Lazarus. I’ll be posting for sure. Hopefully, I get good photos. and more hopefully, I get to pose with him. Hay…sana!

  8. kabayan.. Magandang Araw Sa iyo..

    It would be great if you could join my project here.


    Hi Dexter…goodluck in your project…I dropped by and put my comments in. Thanks for the visit

  9. ako din, crush ko si papa piolo!! natuwa naman ako sayo at VIP seats pa! 🙂 why not nga naman? enjoy the concert! i hope you get to have a picture taken with him. now, that would be one great gift!

    Hi Gracita,
    there were only 2 price range for the tickets and it was not that big a difference, so when more tickets went on sale for the VIP seats (inititally – na sold-out eh) …grab agad ako.

    I hope makapagpa-picture nga ako with him.

  10. Wow, super kiliggggg!!!!!! That is a great birthday gift indeed! 🙂

    Oo nga Gypsy, salamat!

  11. adv. happy b-day leah!
    enjoy the show 🙂

    Thanks Mitsuru

  12. what a treat! Advanced Happy Birthday! 😀

    Hello Jmom, it is a great treat…I will be talking about it for sure. Thanks for the greetings.

  13. happy birthday leah!!!

    kapag nagtanong si piolo who’s celebrating their birthdays, sumigaw ng pagkalakas-lakas: AKO!!! hahaha sigurado, totoong serenade na ang kasunod nyan 🙂

    Thanks Zherwin,
    Itanong kaya nya yun? SANA! I will stand-up and even raise my hands…..and shout Pick me! pick me! Nyehe!he!

  14. advanced happy birthday Leah 🙂
    Enjoy the concert, I’m sure it’ll be fun 🙂

    Thank you Pining. I certainly will.

  15. Wow, your birthday will surely be special then. Super kilig yan!
    Advanced birthday hugs, Leah.

    Btw, ate emms gave birth last week to a baby boy. I think preemie kaya they’re still in the hospital.

    Hi Chats,
    Oo nga, kilig to the bones (naks, natandaan ko pa yan term na yan ha….feeling teenager talaga ako). Thanks for the greetings.

    And do extend my warm wishes to Ems for the baby.

  16. Enjoy the show. ANd happy birthday to you, Leah.

    Btw, I posted a comment on this entry before but it’s not here. Hmm. Maybe, something went wrong or I forgot to press Submit. Anyway, I hope this will show in the comment thread. 😀

    Hi Abaniko,
    Ano kaya nangyari sa comment mo? Well, thanks for coming back and for the well wishes.

  17. He’s also my PapaPi! Enjoy his concert. 😉

    Naku, andami palang may Fafa na kay Piolo. Excited na ako sa concert. I’m sure I’ll have fun, thanks.

  18. Advance happy birthday, Leah!

    Thanks Tani!

  19. Wow! lucky you! Advance Happy Birthday!

    Thanks so much Agring.

  20. ok sige pag uwi ko tawagan ko 🙂

    Hi Melai,
    ano, matutuloy ba sila? Sama ka?! Sige na.

  21. advance Happy Bday,Leah and welcome back pala 🙂

    Ive seen Piolo in one of his concerts here together with Pops fernandez,and what was the name of the band??hmmm..

    well,he s cool and sexy in person!

    Hi Ghee,
    Napanood mo na rin pala si Piolo. I’m looking forward to seeing it all…his talent and good looks.

  22. Happy Birthday!

    Flatmate namin nagtour last year sa Italy, halos himatayin daw sya noong makasabay nya sa train si Piolo , kahit medyo nahihiya ay lumapit daw sila at nagpapicture, super gwapo raw talaga in person.

    Hi Ann,
    wow, what a story, ako rin siguro, i’d be all excited and pakapalan na lang ng mukha, i’d even get an authograph. Hay!!

  23. W00000t! Happy Birthday! Piolo is hot hot hot! Masarap siya panoorin. 😀

    I am so excited too Toni. I cant wait.

  24. Advance Happy birthday Leah !! Wow, Piolo I am so jealous ! I am wishing you more blessing to come (life, career etc) and especially good health to keep on blogging 🙂 ! Take care and have fun on your special day !

    Thanks Haze for the well wishes

  25. Oh it was me Leah, I logged on from my wordpress ! It was too late when I saw it!

    Thanks Haze. I’d know its you anyway , I’ve visited your WP blog before.

  26. Whoah! Ang gandang birthday gift nyan ate, Piolo Pascual! hehe… Sama ako huh? Kuhanan ko kayo piktyur. 😀

    Hi Misyel,
    Sige…ikaw photographer ha? Enjoy tayo for sure…kilig ka na ba?

  27. bloghopping. am a big piolo fan and inggit ako. share the pics here later.

    Hi Ewok,
    Thanks for dropping by. I’ll try to post some pics if I get good ones.

  28. I guess you will drive farther then Brampton to watch him hahaha.. 🙂 hope you have lots of fun and will have a chance to chat with him.. don’t forget to show us some pics 🙂

    Hello BW…oo nga…i’d drive farther whatever is necessary. I will have lots of fun for sure but a chat? Sana!

  29. Advance Happy Birthday!

    naku pogi talaga yang si Piolo, I already saw him in person, na starstruck din ako ^_^

    Thanks Girlie. i believe you…na pogi nga si Piolo. I’m so excited!

  30. Hi Leah. I want to wish you an advance Happy Birthday. Hope you’ll enjoy your gift and have a wonderful evening of fun, music and lots of kilig moments. 🙂

    Thanks Rach. I’d be sure to have those kilig moments.

  31. hey, leah! belated! fan ka pala ni piolo. gandang mata kasi, e!

    Thanks Bingskee…sa next Saturday pa ang birthday ko. but thanks for the greetings.

  32. OMG! OMG! I’m so glad I read this post… I LOVE Piolo! AAAAAAAAAH. 🙂

    I’m going to check my schedule and see if I can go. It looks like there’s tickets left (7 VIP and 50 General).

  33. Hey… I checked that site… It doesn’t say where in Brampton. Where? The biggest theatre (and newest) here in Brampton is called the Rose Theatre. Is it over there?

    I might not be able to go, but I’m thinking of buying a ticket for my Mom, but I’d like to know where in Brampton, first.


    Hi fruityoaty

    Do call the number on the link so you can get more info. Sayang, you cant make it. Do try, maybe we can meet?

  35. Hei, happy birthday din po! (belated na ba?)hehe..thanks for dropping by my site. Buti ka pa nakita (or makikita ) you na in person si Piolo Pascual. I also have a big crush on him. haaay..hehe


    Hi Jhie,
    sa Sabado pa ang bday ko pero salamat sa pagbati.

  36. Magka-birth month pala tayo! Happy Birthday! Mahilig ka talaga sa showbiz 😉 .
    Ikaw lang yata ang taga-Baguio na alam kong mahilig ah!

    Hi KK,
    I try to catch up on Pinoy showbiz whenever I can. although I tend to concentrate on artists that I really like a lot.

  37. I thought I posted one here too. Anyway, enjoy your birthday and enjoy piolo. I know you will try mightifly for a piolo-leah picture to share with us all.

    May all your fondest wishes come true on the 27th, and not just the piolo hankerings. hahaha.

    Thanks my dear annamanila..I wish..i wish…

  38. hope you enjoyed the concert. i was there too and had so much fun. fortunately invited to the private dinner party afterwards with sam, piolo and pokwang. they were so nice and friendly.

    Hi sumtymeboy,
    How did you get the pleasure of getting into this dinner party? Ayy…dapat I knew you before then para nakasabit. Next time ha?

  39. Hello there…well juz jumbed in tah say hi to u oh and i really appreaciate those movies of yours. you keep up the gud work and God blez

    this is from the Beautiful country of Samoa

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