Posted by: Leah | October 23, 2007

More Pumpkins

Had a trip to the pumpkin farm a couple of weeks ago and my daughter enjoyed the trip immensely. There were hay mazes, wagon rides, cannon-pumpkin show and many more.
Check out my album to view some of the things we saw.



  1. halloween pumpkins!!! I love to smash those… And of course carve of some. hehe.

    Hi Rey,
    I imagine you’d carve something really artisitc out of it. It would be nice to see your creation. Although , the smashing sounds like real fun too

  2. i went to the farm the other day too– apple picking, pumpkins, alpacas, etc. etc.

    Hi Mitsuru,
    its fun ano? Farm grown vegetables and fruits are really delicious kas very fresh.

  3. Sounds like fun. I wish we had something like that here. Those look like huge pumpkins. Do you carve Jack o’ Lanterns for Halloween?

    Hi Rach,
    I guess wala nga nito sa Pinas. Yes, we carved the pumpkin we bought already. I’d post a picture soon before halloween


  4. that’s a lot of pumpkins 🙂

    And isnt it lovely Pining?

  5. colorful! that is what i love about pumpkins. 🙂

    Hi Bingskee,
    Me too.

  6. gusto ko yung pagka yellow nya, pwede bang pang pinakbet yan?

    Ganda ano Iskoo. Ewan lang kung masarap to sa pinakbet, di kasi ako naglultuo masaydo ng Pinoy foods eh. Tanong ko nga si Nanay kung pwede.

  7. tamang tama ang pumpkin post mo malapit na holloween…speaking of pumpkins…love them on my plate…yummmy

    Hi Hilda,
    I guess I should vivist your blog for some recipes. Pumpkin pies are yummt for sure


  8. HI Leah!Happy Halloween! Those are big pumpkins!! 🙂

    Thanks Ghee…yeah, really nice ano?

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier Leah. I really enjoy looking at pumpkins! It’s a good thing I’m not ‘naglilihi’ at baka magmukhang kalabasa ang baby! hehehe

    lol KK…oo nga, buti naman di ka naglilihi. sigurado ka?

  10. Dami ko ring pix sa supermarket na different kinds of halloween pumpkins. Nakakatuwang tingnan.

    Hi Ann,
    its really enjoyable to take photos lalo pa at we have digital cams.

  11. I’m sure you had lots of pumpkin pies last Thanksgiving 🙂

    Hi BW,

    yup, I had a slice of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving but not one I made. I dont know how to make one (yet). We did save the seeds and roasted them. Pumpkins seeds are yummy too and healthy.

  12. NIce pics! Good to know you had loads of fun!

    thanks Gina

  13. I was about to say it looks like a corn farm. Then I saw one head of corn. 🙂

    Pumpkins — they grow like calabasa di ba? On the ground, crawling Dapat i don’t know how vines could hold them if they hang.

    You know what I saw pumpkins in the supermarket last week. P1,000 plus for the bigger ones, 600 for the smaller. We must be into making jack’o’lanterns now. Terrible ang westernization natin ha. And our kids go trick and treating na. 🙂

    Hi annamanila….yeah, the pumpkins grow sa ground.
    Wow! talaga meron na rin dyan pumpkins? Ang mahal din ano? dito yun malaki eh 3 for $20 ata sa farm. So may trick or treating na rin dyan? Be ready with your candies to hand out then.

  14. That was not posted by anonymous. Waaah. Whahappened?

  15. Leah. Quick give me your full mailing address. I tried texting to Mitch but she doesn’t answer.

  16. I want to go there!!!!!! 😀

    Hi Toni, yes do come and visit!

  17. waaaaaaaa! I’ve never seen so many pumpkins in my life!

    pretty sight Leah….orange!

    Ganda ano Verns?

  18. Are they giant pumpkins? Parang papaya. 🙂

    Hi Abaniko….looks like giant papaya maybe? We grow pumpkins really big here.

  19. So whatever do they do with all those pumpkins? I mean, after carving them out for halloween and all. 🙂

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