Posted by: Leah | October 30, 2007

My Piolo experience

I tried to squeeze through the narrow seats and head towards the aisle and onto the front stage. I reached as I might my long arms to be able to shake my dearest Piolo’s hands but to no avail, amidst the throng of screaming and estrogen filled , shrieking and fanatical women, I WAS NOT able to. There was just too many Pinay rivals to deal with. And so I just point and shoot my camera and hoped that I would get good videos and great close-up shot of my Piolo!

The concert all together was not as great a I hoped it to be. The venue was not a concert material per se. This was a church , a place they gather to have fellowship. It was located in an industrial area. There was no backstage and the sound system failed in the beginning. The Pastor apologized before the show started for any inconvenience. He said, this concert was unplanned and was only added to the Canadian tour. I can enumerate more disappointments but I would like to concentrate on how wonderful Piolo was. He is a hunk, a heart throb to the very word. They can question his masculinity but I dont believe it. He was oozing with sex appeal and yes, I was mesmerized. He sang a few songs. his voice is cool and crisp. He looked me straight in the eye and sang me songs. He smiled at me and greeted me Happy Birthday!

I bought his newest CD entitled “Timeless” and I was able to get him to autograph it. I’ve been playing it in the car. So he is my companion on my drive to and from work.

Haaaayyyyyyy! I am still swooning.

Here are some photos i took, click the album to see more.

piolo concert

and here is a video:



  1. Belated Happy Birthday Leah!

    Buti pwedeng kumuha ng pics and video jan sa inyo?dito kasi,bawal at iniiwan sa counter.

    i have seen Piolo LIVE here,with Pops Fernandez and SideA Band,that was the time i realized that hes so gorgeous pala,his butt was oohh lala,haha!

    nasa front seat kasi kami,kaya nagawa kong mahawakan at maembrace si Piolo among the crowd 😉 I was lucky!!!

    better luck next time Leah! 🙂

    Hi Ghee,

    Bawal kumuha ng video pero nakapuslit pa rin. Mahina ang security eh. Inggit naman ako sa iyo, nayakap mo si Piolo. Sana nga, may next time pa.

  2. LOL Leah! Naniwala naman akong di ka nakalapit, ayan, kitang-kita ang ebidensiya, may picture kayong dalawa. Iba ang tingin sa iyo ni Piolo, talagang inlab na inlab. O di ba, blush ang byuti mo?
    Obviously, you had a great time. That’s nice.

    Hi Gina,
    oo nga…Piolo really stared at me…blushing talaga….lol…. I had a blast! Thanks again Gina.

  3. So you had lots of competition from the crowd eh ? haha 🙂 I can see that you had a whale of a good time at the concert and thats what counts – good for you 🙂

    Hi bw,
    As per fruityoaty’s message below, yes….lots of competition indeed. I had a terrific time. All worth it!

  4. I wasn’t that impressed with the venue and sound system. A bit… karaoke-ish. But I, my Mom and her friend still had a great time. I was quite amused with the number of grannies swooning over the heartthrobs, LOL.

    I was 5 rows behind the VIP barricade (up to 4th row paid tickets), so my pictures and short video clips taken during the concert were not that great. Plus my digital camera sucks (only 128 MB card) and OMG, my battery died at the worst time ever!

    The “General ticket” line had a bit of drama (funny): people were getting mad at waiting outside for too long in the cold kept chanting “People Power! People Power!” Then some people got into a fight because a group of girls decided to cheat and sneak in the line. Then some crew members were booed at and lectured for the lack of organization… and the funniest thing ever was this guy in the line tried to get people to exercise (line dancing) in the line… to warm up in the cold. Oh, lots of other stuff too numerous to list. LOL.

    The best part of the concert wasn’t the concert… but the lining up for AUTOGRAPHS, meeting Piolo, Sam and Pokwang. My Mom and her friend lined up in the LONG LINEUP and managed to get PIOLO PASCUAL’S AUTOGRAPH (he just scribbled PP because I guess there were too many people and it was shorter to write PP) and… GUESS WHAT… they both KISSED HIM! OMG! But the worst thing ever (and my Mom and her friend were disappointed) was my battered died at that moment… when I turned the camera back on, it didn’t. CRY, CRY, CRY.

    I was at the front of the signing booth, just taking pics (they turned better than the concert pics, although they’re still a bit grainy because the lighting was so poor and again, my camera sucks). I was about 4 feet away from Piolo. A group of us kept shouting stuff in hopes that he would look up at us and we’d see his eyes. I shouted, “Piolo, I love you”. He looked up and yes, he smiled. Wow, those eyes!

    It was so funny, all those crazy women throwing themselves at him. Practically molesting his face, LOL. I’m so jealous of my MOM!

    I’ll be posting my sucky short vids and pics, soon.

    Hi FruityOaty,
    Wow, nandun ka pala. We were seated on the last row of the VIP seats. Buti pa mama mo, naka-kiss. My cousin video taped some of those signing, kasi nandun din sya sa side taking pictures. Maybe, one of those videos is of your mom. Send me her photo and I’ll check if it is.
    I was at the very end of the autograph line and then , “dahil pagod na ata sina Piolo” , the security decided that only those with CDs can have an autograph. So takbo ako sa harap. Ayun, nakasingit, pero very fast, wala man lang chance to shake hands. At least, we were able to see him up close. Ang guwapo nga talaga. Oh well, hopefully there will be a next time.

  5. nabasa ko sa blog ni sweet na hindi nga daw bading si Piolo kaya wag ka mag-alala lol!
    maniniwala na ko kasi kapwa bading ang makakaalam kung bading nga ang isang bading 🙂

    di bale siguro next time na mapanood mo si fafa P maayos na maayos na at wish ko na makalapit ka na as in malapit na malapit lol! gandang pabday sayo nyan ha 🙂

    thanks melai. sana nga sa susunod eh sa front seat na ako.

  6. Hi Leah! Glad you enjoyed the concert even though you weren’t able to come close to Piolo. Thanks for sharing those photos and the video. Piolo sings very well and combined with his looks, one can’t help but feel mesmerized.

    Thank you Leah for supporting me at KK’s domain contest.

    Thanks Rachel!

  7. i think they didn’t realize that Piolo can fill up a big place and tried to get a church hall instead…with his crowd-drawing power, i could have invested getting him in Living Arts…di ba?

    ang ganda ng video mo, plus the audio with all the shrieking was oh so audible…i’ll email you soon on other things!

    what a great birthday you had!

    Hi Junnie,
    kaya nga eh…oh well..hopefully next time would be a bigger venue. Yeah, I liked the result of the video.
    Feel na feel hanggang ngayon.

  8. Leah! Halos magkasunod lang pala birthday natin! Touched naman ako at naalala mo birthday ko. Belated happy birthday rin sa yo with Papa Piolo! hehe

    Nasa internet cafe ako dito sa Baguio. Baka matagal ulit bako ako maka-internet ulit. Sinusulit ang bakasyon! 🙂

    Hi Watson,
    di ba tayo magkabirthday? Kaya nga naalala ko eh.
    Hope you had fun on your birthday and during your longer stay in Baguio.

  9. HaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAYYYYyyyyyyYYY!!! Ingit ako, super, as in. Belated Happy Birthday, Leah–may you have more Piolo encounters to come. 😉

    Thanks Gypsy,

    Yes..i hope…more Piolo encounters (miski panaginip sa panaginip lang)

  10. LOL!buti at nakapuslit ka 🙂

    oo,as in yung kaibigan ko na katabi ko ay di nakayakap,haha!
    sayang,di pa ako blogger nun at wala talagang souvenir na pics 🙂

    Hi Ghee…sayang, walang picture, pero di bale your memories it remains, di ba?

  11. I’m sure it’s a great feeling to see your fave perform, I can attest to that…you must still be in cloud 9 🙂

    Hi Pining,
    Oh yes, still in cloud 9 and its been almost a week already.

  12. Thanks for a sharing a piece of Piolo. I think I heard you shriek and shout “Piolo!!” I also have liked Piolo ever since I saw him in Dekada as the son of Vilma. Did you see it … ay baka hindi mo kaya dahil he played a tortureD activist in this film .. your heart will surely break, no matter that it’s just a movie.

    With our idols, we just believe what they are in deep in our hearts. We shrug off the nasty rumors. But for me, SO WHAT??!!

    Hi Annamanila,
    Was it that loud (lol). Havent seen that movie yet but planning to watch and re-watch his old films even the ones I’ve already seen before. FANATIC na ba?

  13. Hi, just drop by to share my new bloggy

    Thanks ate!

    Hi Misyel,
    sige add kita sa links ko.

  14. You’re so cute Leah! Para kang teen-ager. 🙂 That was a fantastic birthday treat. Belated Happy Birthday to you!

    I’m totally kinikilig in Piolo and Juday’s movie… “Till There Was You.” 🙂

    hi Toe,
    I love that movie too. Mapanood nga uli. thanks for the greetings.

  15. We all get star struck sometimes. hehehe.

    hi Rey,
    yes, I am definitely star struck..till when? I dont know!

  16. haaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! parang ngayon lang ako kinilig ulit! ha.ha.ha. 😀 inggit naman ako…buti pa kayo dyan, merong concert lagi.. kami dito, WALA! 😦

    nway, belated happy birthday…. malapit na rin bertdey ko, ano kaya ireregalo ko sa kay self? hmmmm…

    Hi Dangkin….
    advance Happy Birthday! i’m sure you’ll think of something good to treat yourself to.

  17. Wow kainggit. He signed your CDs! Walang kiss? wahihihihi… 😉

    Hi Tani
    yup, a got a hurried autograph…at least nakalapit. Sayang nga eh, walang kiss.

  18. Thanks Leah for congratulating me. I have something for you on my blog but I’m still composing it. I’ll post it later tonight. Take care.

    Hi Rach…sige, I’ll drop by.

  19. Ako nga gusto kong sumulat sa “wish ko lang” para makasama ni MIL si Piolo kahit sandali lang, problema lang nasa kabilang station si piolo. Die hard fan kasi si MIL ni piolo eh.

    Hi Ann,
    One day, she will have a chance to watch him. Isama mo sa ASAP pag balik nyo sa Phil

  20. Nice birthday gift and celebration Leah ! I wish Filipino artist will have their concerts too here in France so I could get to see them 😉 ! I didn’t know Piolo could sing !

  21. oooppps, belated happy birthday! what a birthday treat with Piolo, ang gwapo, kakilig to the max 🙂

  22. It’s good and you have a blast with Piolo 🙂
    Belated happy birthday din pala…

  23. Wow, what a birthday treat! Shucks, ako din matutunaw kapag tinitigan at inawitan at binati ng happy birthday ni papa piolo!

  24. […] cant believe it’s been a year! Whoa, it seemed like it was only yesterday my sweet Piolo was performing on stage for my birthday. Time flies […]

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