Posted by: Leah | October 30, 2007

Thank you!

My birthday was celebrated with a very special concert, and the next day with my family for a small get together. It was enjoyable. I feel great to be 18 …….. (plus 20).

Thanks to all who left a comment in my previous post. I sure had fun going places.

Special thanks to Gina for a special minibear named Neo. I say, this lady is so creative. The bear is exquisite. My photos cannot show how lovely it really is. Check out more of little Neo here.
And better yet..check out Gina’s bear store here

And thanks to Annamanila for her little surprise. I am now sure to beat everyone in scrabble. Wanna match …lol.

And to the greetings, special presents and presence of those I love. Thank you.



  1. Hi Leah. I’m so glad you had a great birthday. I’m always happy when good people have positive experiences. You deserve it!

    (Glad you enjoyed the show, too. Great captures from your camera!)

    Thanks Carmi

  2. OIST LEAH, gising ka na ba? haha.

    Oks na oks yung photo mo sa picasa album about piolo ah, haha.
    Halatang teen hearts throb ka don, haha.

    Anyway, i watch piolos film milan, the rest not yet.
    he is a handsome guy, mama mia.

    LAGlag panty daw, kasabihan sa bading world.

    Hi Francesca,
    Yes, paki-kurot mo nga ako ng magising!
    oo nga laglag panty, laglag bra pa (he!he!)

  3. Oooh wow. Glad you spent your day basking in the love of family and f riends. Awww, you got Neobear! I guess my little surprise should be there any time soon. 🙂

    Thanks Annamanila…looking forward to it.

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