Posted by: Leah | November 4, 2007

Josh Groban

I just got Josh Groban’s new Christmas album entitled “Noel”.
Played it this morning and I am certainly feeling that Christmas is just around the corner.

The cold autumn air has finally come and it seems just right to start playing Christmas songs. I never get tired of them. And different artist’s rendition of same songs make it more enjoyable.

Is it me or is it Josh Groban’s singing but somehow tears started to trickle down my face as I listened to his songs. And if that was not enough, I put in his other CD and my heart ached some more. He sings this Italian or is it Spanish? songs though I dont understand, I feel the pain. It is just so touching.

Here is a video clip I found in you Tube of his famous song “You Raise Me Up”. He was a guest at Ellen



  1. This is my favourite song of his. When my middle son had his Confirmation last year, the Confirmands sang this song at their retreat.

    I also get the same reaction when I hear him sing. Feel na feel mo and I’d have goosebumps.

  2. When I was still nursing a broken heart, I always listened to Josh Groban. Though some of his songs sounds melancholic, it somehow “healed” me.

    Too bad his concert tickets are soo expensive. We weren’t able to watch but someday….someday 🙂

  3. Josh Groban is an awesome singer and his songs are therapy for the soul. You Raise Me Up is one inspirational song that can be sung inside the church anytime.

    Now I have to check that Xmas CD of his 🙂

  4. I like Josh Groban too 🙂
    he’s a great singer, his voice is out of this world!

  5. Super emote talaga ha? I still have to hear his new songs, maybe they’ll have the same effect on me. Mapakinggan nga…

  6. I have his CD with the song “You Raise Me Up” and I’ve listened to it a gazillion times. Ennobling!

  7. Uyy Josh Groban, good singer! Barrow naman ng CD mo ate 🙂

  8. I mean borrow po, hehe..

  9. hi leah, my mom loves Josh Groban that all his CDs are in her collection. including one from Hallmark that has all his hits for $ 5 if you buy 3 greeting cards..:) and i just sent a balikbayan box with Josh’s Noel album…not after I copied it for my collection too:)

    its the CD playing as i type this. pasko na! uuwi ba kayo?

  10. Grobanite ka rin pala. 🙂

    I got to watch his concert here last Feb and I took videos too. haha.

    here’s the link to that videos in my music blogs, almost an hour of non- stop beautiful music:)

  11. hello leah,
    naku idol ko rin yan 🙂

  12. Leah:
    Josh Groban sings Italian, which are mostly classics from old tenors. I like his voice too. Jean calls it “delicious pain”.

  13. I love Josh Groban and would have cued up for his concert in Manila recently if I had the moolah. Christmas songs by Josh may also put me on an early Christmas mode.

    Pero kay Diana Krall pa din ako. 🙂 … given the choice.

  14. Thoughts of Christmas also make me want to cry. But not sadly. You know what I mean.

  15. I was just listening to Josh Groban the whole afternoon while studying! I agree with you, he does have a magnificent voice but more than that he can really put so much “heart” in his singing.. no wonder he moves us when he sings.

  16. maligayang pasko leah! thanks for dropping a note. i’m back with a vengeance 🙂

    btw, josh will always be a favorite. i listen to his first album in the car as i drive every sunday. listening to “you’re still you” always remind me of guiseppi tornatore’s classic film “malena” while i think his version of “the prayer” with charlotte church tops that of celine dion and the late pavarotti 🙂

  17. A lot of people went ga-ga when Josh Groban was here in Manila. I’m actually looking for a new Christmas CD. Maybe I’ll get Josh Groban’s. 🙂

  18. Hi Leah,

    I also have Josh Groban’s CD now. I placed it in my wish list in Amazon, posted it on my blog and next thing you know… mr. post man brought it to our doorstep!

    My husband bought it for me 🙂

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