Posted by: Leah | November 19, 2007

Who needs cash? or coffee?


I just mentioned in my previous post that I would love to receive gifts too…Hey even cash would be a treat.
So here’s my post . Help me win $25. All you have to do is click on any of the links below or even HERE

By the way, when you come by and visit again…do come back to this post and click again. THANKS!!!

Or if you want to do it your self, check it out and maybe you can treat yourself at Starbucks

Go over and visit Tina over at



  1. Good luck Leah 🙂 ! You have alot of fans, habol ka!

    About the knights, don’t they look sexy? With matching horse and dirt scent….hmm! hahaha …. I just can’t post it on my blog baka mag-selos si Fafa.

    Hi Tina,
    I hope I have a chance of winning. Its fun.

  2. I don’t like Starbucks., eh

    What do I need to do to help you win?

    Hi TNChick,

    I’ve edited my post to make it clearer. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. good luck from this fan!!

  4. Done =)

  5. Done!!! 😀

  6. Done, too! 🙂

  7. good luck 🙂

  8. i have never taken a cup (nor a sip) of coffee in my whole life, would you believe that? but i go to starbucks for the pastries and cakes. i have clicked and clicked, what to do now?

    and by the way, am visiting to say hi, as i move along my life…:)

  9. great! have a coffee break leah, good luck………. 😉

  10. Daming kape nyang $25..Goodluck!

  11. Hi Leah. I’ve been clicking on KK’s coffee treat too but I’m here to click on your link to help you as well. 🙂

  12. hello leah,
    i need cash hehe!

  13. I need cash too ! Sorry we don’t have starbucks here Leah they’are anti-americans ata LOL !

  14. i clicked on the coffee link. Good luck!

    btw, your piolo pascual video is so clear and sounds great. and i assume they had big speakers, too, at the event. the sound did not overwhelm your camera microphone. what camera do you use? thanks.

  15. Grande Capuccino for me 🙂

    Hope you win…i clicked 3x, but am sure the other 2 wont count…ganyan ka kalakas sa akin

  16. ayan sana manalo ka kasi nag-click ako sa link na ibinigay mo 🙂

  17. ayan I did come clicking na rin hahaha Hope you win it Leah! Goodluck!

  18. congratulations! in advance i hope you will win!

  19. I did and good luck 🙂

  20. Leah,
    You are only 2 clicks behind the leader as of today. 🙂

  21. Hello all,
    thanks for participating. As per Tina’s comment I am almost at the top. Hopefully, all will come back to click everyday. I might repost this before the end run of the contest


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  23. […] Announcement! I won the $25 from Tina’s contest. Thank you all for helping me […]

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