Posted by: Leah | November 21, 2007

Santa Claus Parade

Last Saturday, we watched the Santa Claus Parade in Oshawa.
A year ago, we were out and about here to watch the Santa Claus Parade too. I did blog about it over here. And yes, it was the same cold and freezing night. By the time the parade was over, my toes were frozen. Although the whole family was ready with our lawn chairs, blankets and all donned in our winter coats; just sitting there and watching tends to freeze you up. Next year, we will wear our thermal socks and thermal shoes.

All in all, it was a fun time. The time was well spent. We had our popcorn and hot-chocolate milk in tow while awaiting the parade to start.

Here are some photos we took. Pardon the darkness. Check out the slide show here

santa parade 2007

‘Tis the season for this event. This year’s Santa Claus Parade in downtown Toronto was last Sunday. My sisters and my cousin went on that one. Maybe Misyel will blog about it. This parade is the one we wanted to go to but it was just too far and too cold. Plus, my little girl is just recovering from a bad cold. Nonetheless, we watched the telecast over at Global TV. Go over to their website and check out if it is now available. They mentioned that the coverage will be available on line until the end of December or was it early January.

Santa has come and is probably over at the malls now handing out candy canes while kids hop on to his lap for a nice cheery Christmas photo.

So are you awaiting Santa’s arrival for Christmas? Stay good then!



  1. Must be really fun. I think I’ll also enjoy the parade eventhough it’s cold especially if there’s hot chocolate. 🙂 Christmas is almost here. The malls’ are decorated with Christmas bling already.

    Hi Tani,
    the parade certainly marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Its all festive in the malls and even the streets. The cold is bearable and with Hot Chocolate in tow, its fun for sure.

  2. i’d love Santa to go to Mississauga too 🙂 we’re always a week late with our Santa Claus Parades…

    Hi Junnie,
    You still get it somehow, the one in Ajax is this weekend.

  3. Wish to have this wonderful parade too in Marseille. I’ve been living here for 6 yrs but haven’t really seen Santa’s Parade….but at least there are Santas in the malls for picture taking 😀 okay na rin. Keep warm.

    Hi Haze,
    Hope you can catch the telecast from my Global TV link . It’s suppose to be shown on different parts of the world that day. But now its also available on-line. Its too bad that you dont have this tradition there. Oh well, sure there is Santa in the mall, just take advantage of that. I get my daughter to line up and tell Santa what she wants for Christmas even though she is not getting a photo taken.

  4. An early Merry Christmas Leah! I’ve been too busy to even watch the Santa parade on T.V. At least I got to see some pics from when he went to Oshawa 😉 Thanks! You know my blog still gets googled for “Santa Clause Parade Oshawa” coz of your comment last year. I left a comment on your post way back along time ago when you tagged me. Sorry I’m late. See you around Leah!

    Hi Angelo,
    Nice to see you back blogging. I also get searches like that on my post. Happy Holidays too!

  5. The photos doesn’t seem to show up on my side. But from what you said I imagine this parade to be grand since you really wanna see it for yourself.

    Hi Ferdz,
    Oh, you can’t view it? I’ll try to use flickr next time. Yes, the parade was nice. Its like a tradition we do around this time of the year. More so fo rmy daughter’s enjoyment too.

  6. I did already ate but since I’m sick that time, It was a nonsense story… I haven’t even seen Santa 😦

    Hi Misyel,

    Ano ba yan, nagpunta kayo at nagpagod para makita si Santa eh di rin namana pala ninyo makikita. Di bale, sa next time.

  7. I didn’t know they have a Santa parade in Oshawa ! I’m in the east, border of Scarborough and Pickering so I guess being closer, I’d better go to the event next year 🙂

    Yes, come next year. It is a good drive and less hassle than going downtown.

  8. Now, the photos won’t appear. Ay naku. Will try if i get better luck in the office. Hindi ba masyado maaga ang santa parade? november pa lang ah.

    Hi Annamanila,
    Yes, we start the Santa Parade even in November..I guess, we try to avoid heavy snow or a very cold weather when it comes. Hope you had the chance to view the photos.

  9. […] 2008 in Toronto Its that time of that year again and Santa is coming to town. Over the last 3 years 3 years, my family and I go to Oshawa to watch the nightime Santa Parade. Oshawa is closer to home, so its […]

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