Posted by: Leah | November 22, 2007

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

A child wonder!

I was going through my blog rounds and found this video clip over at Brown Pinay.

Brought tears to my eyes, see for yourself.

This girl has already recorded her 1st CD. WOW!
You can see more of Connie Talbot over at



  1. I remember seeing this before and I was awed by the girl’s beautiful voice. I’m happy to know that she has already recorder her first CD. Remarkable!

    Hi Rachel,
    She is certainly very good. I’m glad I chanced upon this video.

  2. The audio in my home pc is bad but not so bad that I didn’t catch a whiff at the wondrous voice. The charm of the girl is intact enough on my screen, though. She’ll be a phenomeno, ano. Will listen to this again in the office where my speakers are better . Thanks Leah for sharing this. Is this an audition for American Idol or another show?

    Hi annamanila,
    This was “Britain’s You’ve Got Talent” search…I’m sure Pining would know.
    Pray tell, did you see the video clip? what do you think?

  3. wow! i am speechless. thanks for sharing this…

    I hope once she become a star she will not be like Britney Spears.

    Hi Jo,
    Hopefully she doesn’t. I’m glad you liked the clip.

  4. Superb voice! I also cried, galing!

    Hi Misyel,
    panoorin mo pa, baka maiyak ka uli.

  5. she’s good but not brilliant. 🙂

    there are a lot of pinoy kids around who can sing better and are more talented, if you ask me. of course, that’s just my humble opinion. 🙂

    Hello Mitsuru,
    Oh, I’m sure there are more little Pinoys and Pinays with a better singing voice. I guess, its the captivity she creates in the audience that is remarkable. But I bet she’ll improve more in time. I would love to see a video clip of a Pinoy protege. I wonder if there is one…maybe ala “Banig?”

  6. I also saw this before but even for the nth time, this little girl’s voice never fails to give me goosebumps.

    Hi Zherwin,
    Same here. I cant believe how I can cry each time.

  7. Samantha is better….:P but yes, she blew me away…i had to watch all 4 videos to believe it.

    Hi Junnie,
    yes I had my daughter watch this video and she was enthralled… She says she needs a talent and I say she is perfectly talented. But yes, this other girl will be great.

  8. What a talented girl!
    She reminded me of a little Lea Salonga.

    She will surely go places, with her talent and charm.

    Hi Gina,
    I can assume she will go places like Lea too.

  9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is Simon Cowell’s song. She had Idol 2nd placer Catherine McPhee sing and record it. I really thought this little girl sang it better than McPhee ! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    Is that right BW? I didnt know that. I’m sure that this girl has definitely softened his heart, Simon was quite impressed.

  10. did she win? I guess i better check the link!

    She did not, they picked a guy. I guess the guy has less time in his life than this girl who has all the time to succeed.

  11. she sings well, and OMG i cried too

    Hi Girlie,
    Everytime I watch it, I get senti as well.

  12. W-O-W! naiyak din ako 😛

    I agree with BW… I think that’s the song that makes Catharine McPhee stays on the show co’z Simon likes it 😉

  13. she has the voice of an angel. *sigh*

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