Posted by: Leah | November 30, 2007

Sketch something…be artistic!

I saw this sketchcast in one of my blog rounds and I bookmarked the page since I know this will be an interesting entry. I wanted to be more creative but after a busy day at work and then at home – 4 hours of non-stop computer work ; i.e blogging, scrabble, gmail, yahoo and surfing…this is all I can do. Try it out and send me let me know your channel so I can view too what you’ve done.

It took me 5 seconds before I finally realized that its recording.
Somehow I could not embed it here. So just check it over here or over at my old blog site



  1. He,he… that is funny. Maybe you should try it out in the morning… after a strong coffee… ! 😉

    Hi Sidney, glad you were entertained. yes, I will try it again …lol

  2. parang mahirap maging artistic dito. 🙂 pero oks lang kasi stick figures are my forte. hehehe…

    Hi Tani,
    oo nga, it looks hard. Pero kung talagang artisitc ka, you’ll be able to create a nice piece. Pero nakakaaliw kasi eh.

  3. Looks like fun. Masubukan nga. alam mo naman ako,gaya-gaya puto maya…

    Hi Gina, pareho tayo, basta fun, try di ba? Oh, I want to see. post your link here ok?

  4. Great way to express yourself . When I do this I’ll make sure I am not angry baka ano pa ang masulat ko hehe 🙂 Nice for you to share this .

    Ha!ha! bw

    Oo nga, careful what you sketch!


    Love your work Gina. I’m impressed.

    Readers, go and check Gina’s work.

  6. Cool.

    I actually sketch & paint on a regular basis… almost daily, actually. (I have an artistic side in me, as I formally studied architecture in Canada for 2 years until I decided to drop out when my Dad got sick… Never went back… Life changed, priorities shifted, sigh.)

  7. Never sketched except when playing pictionary. hahaha can’t even draw a straight line. Hopeless me. But let me try this some time. 🙂

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