Posted by: Leah | December 1, 2007

Pride and Prejudice

I started reading Pride and Prejudice last Summer and managed to reach 10 chapters before it was unconsciously abandoned by the bedside table. Somehow, I managed to read other books along the way but never finished this one. A few weeks ago, me and my hubby ventured into the library while waiting for my daughter who attended a birthday party in a nearby bowling alley. Lo and behold, this set of audio books of Pride and Prejudice alighted my sight and thought to myself, hmm..I should finish this story. This book had 11 CDs – a total of 13 hours of listening time.

Since my drive to and from work make up approximately 2 hours of my day, I decided that this will be a good idea to listen to instead of my usual music CDs or the radio.

I actually looked forward to my drive to work and my drive home and I got excited and anxious to finish the story. All in all I was very much amused and my countenance each day was quite good because of this.

Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen‘s most popular novel, originally published in 1813, some 17 years after it was first written. It presents the Bennet family of Longbourn. Against the background of gossipy Mrs Bennet and the detached Mr Bennet, the quest is on for husbands for the five daughters. The spotlights falls on Elizabeth, second eldest, who is courted by Darcy though initially she is more concerned with the fate of her other sisters.

This marvelous account of family life in Regency England is read with vigor and style by Emilia Fox. Emilia Fox trained at the Central School of speech and Drama. Her film appearances include The Pianist, Blink and My Name is Sabina Speilrein, She has had a lot of TV credits and has been heard in several BBS Radio productions.

Elizabeth is the heroine in this story – she is such a delightful creature. She is beautiful, witty and very outspoken. The many thoughts and feelings she goes through make it her more interesting in each chapter. I admire her honesty with herself for her early attitude to Darcy and gradually overcomes her prejudice to develop warmer feelings toward him.

I have reserved the DVD movie and that will be the next item I will borrow from the library.

Must I say, I would love to listen to another audio book of Jane Austen, probably Sense and Sensibility?



  1. Audiobooks are great alternatives when bound paper and pulp takes too much of our time…but the latter is still preferred

  2. i love audio books esp if it’s a classic. got loads of them but except for a few, di ko pa napakinggan. 🙂

    try shakespeare next time. for me it’s better heard than read:)

  3. ang sipag mo mag-read, yan ang gusto ko sanag ideve,op na hobby sa akin pero talagang di ko matagalan, butui nalang may mga recorded voice at movie para sa mga book, pero siyempre iba pa rin yung binabasa diba?

  4. I have 4 Jane Austen’s books and unfortunately the first book I read was a complete bore. Surely it’s me..not the book hehehe

  5. naku magkakasundo kayo ng aking kapatid. dami nyang ganyang klaseng books… uhm, yung pride and prejudice first two chapters lang nabasa ko (-_-)

  6. I still prefer the printed word. Ewan ko ba.

    But books in CDs was what I was looking for when my father, who was a voracious reader, became almost blind. I began reading to him but it didnt work out. 🙂

    Jane Austen is my daughter’s favorite and I also begun to like her though the language is too archaic for my taste.

  7. Bilib ako sa ‘yo ‘te hilig mo talaga magbasa ng books kahit na makakapal pa. Meron din kayang Pugad Baboy audio book? Yun lang kasi binabasa ko eh!! Tinamad pa at naghahanap ng audio book! Haha! 🙂

  8. Hi Leah. I read excerpts of Pride and Prejudice in high school but never finished the whole book. I haven’t tried audio books before but they seem interesting and worth a try. A few weeks ago, I watched the DVD entitled Becoming Jane, life story of Jane Austen. I admire her strong will but felt sad that she didn’t marry the love of her life.

  9. Now that’s really great to have audio CD’s of a favorite book ! Playing it in the car daily reduces your boredom and tension while driving. Nice idea – I ought to try it myself 🙂

  10. Oooh, Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books of all time. I’ve read it several times. I think that Jane Austen is the original chick lit author… at a time when women had a lower place in society pa. I should try listening to the audio book too.

    Sense and Sensibility… try the movie with Kate Winslet yata… grabe, ang ganda! 🙂

    Hi Toe,
    I just finished watching the movie Pride and Prejudice as well. I will look for Sense and Sensibility next. Thanks for the recommendation.

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