Posted by: Leah | December 10, 2007

Christmas giveaway

Announcement! I won the $25 from Tina’s contest. Thank you all for helping me out.

Now I would like to run my own contest. I am ecstatic to say that my other blog, “Cool and Composed” has finally been approved for Pay Per Post and I would like to drive traffic to this site. Please create a post in your blog with a link to and invite your readers to visit this blog. I will use google analytics to see who brings the most referrers to my site. Just like Tina did.
I will post this same entry there to help your readers understand the contest just in case they wish to join too.

What’s the prize? Let’s say I now have $25 to give away too. And yes, it’ll be in US currency. Right now, the US dollar is higher than the Canadian dollar. So we can arrange for me to send you the money via paypal. And if you dont have a paypal account, we can arrange something else.


1. Open to all bloggers in the blogging space.

2. Tell your friends that you are joining a contest for $25 at my blog. The only measurable way I can determine the winner is through Google Analytics. The most number of visits wins! Please declare your intention to join this contest by making a short post on your blog or traffic from referral link will be counted as “spectator only” . Please leave a message here or in my other blog to say that you are joining this contest.

3. Maybe if you visit me everyday through your link it will make you the winner. That trick helped me. lol :o)

4. Contest starts today Dec 10 and ends on Dec 23, 2007 midnight Eastern time. Just in time for a nice Christmas present.

5. Winner will receive U$25 cash and will be sent via Paypal or any other way there is.

Thank you so much



  1. Aha! I will join too 🙂

    Thanks Tina, Good luck!

  2. hey good luck to this… 🙂

    Thanks Rey! hopefully it works well.

  3. Congratulations Leah!

    Are you having your fill of Starbucks coffee? 🙂

    I will help drive traffic to your blog and hopefully in the process win something in return hehe

    Btw I hope you have better luck with PPP than I do, it seems I don’t get many opportunites thrown my way.

    Thanks Daphne,
    I opted for the cash award so now I can share it with my readers too. Hopefully my PP venture will sky rocket !!! OK, goodluck, I’m looking forward to your referrals.

  4. Congratulations Leah, I can see more moolah coming your way. I wish I can hold the same contest, pero I was suspended by PPP so less moolah coming my way, lol. But I will be back with a vengeance, harhar. I’ve included your other blog in my blogroll already. Hope this contest will bring more traffic to your blog. Sige join ako baka sakali manalo. Multiple clicks in a day, pede ba yun? lol

    Oh my what happened Girlie? Hopefully, its something that can be fixed in titme.
    Goodluck, sige post ka na!

  5. Sumali na rin ako ‘te! 🙂

    Ok Kiko, thanks..Goodluck!

  6. Hi Leah! I read about the contest on your other blog. Congratulations again.

    I’d love to join. I just posted my entry about your contest:

    Hi Rach,
    yes , I read your comments there too. Thanks for participating. Good luck!

  7. Hi Leah,its been a while,musta na?

    congrats sa prize mo,of all the memes,this one is cool kasi dollars ang kapalit ano?haha!
    im confused at first why KK should join Tina`s contest,haha!

    have a great day!!

    Hi Ghee,
    oo nga, long time na ano? Yes, its a good contest. Sasali ka rin ba?

  8. Hi again,Leah!are you using akismet,too?

    my first comment went to your spam bin I guess,pls de spam it later na lang… 😦


    Hi Ghee,
    Yes, I have akismet. I’ve de-spammed the comment.

  9. hello leah,
    hmmmm ok yung pa contesr ha pero im sure talo na ako nyan kasi bzbzbz ako ngayon and dont have much time :0(

    GOOD LUCK SA MANANALO !kind regards to you as well 🙂

    Hi Eden,
    thanks for dropping in. Wishing you all the best for the holidays. Take time to enjoy .

  10. TEka, makasali nga =P

    Ok Gina, Thanks for joining. Goodluck

  11. Cool strategy, huh? Good luck!

    Hi Abaniko. I hope it works. Thanks

  12. interesting contest.. kaya lang ang hirap kong manalo sa ganito! i dont have plenty of time. 😦

    Hi Bingskee , Next time maybe?

  13. That’s a great traffic/monetization strategy. 🙂 Good luck with that! I would’ve joined, but I’m 7 days late… and probably wouldn’t win anyway.

    I will, however, plug your new blog URL sometime soon in an upcoming entry… as soon as I can get my head out of work. (I only started Christmas shopping a few days ago, yikes.)

    I just blogged my first PPP post (I’ll only being doing 1 to 2 maximum per month) on my personal blog. I just need a few bucks for domain renewal, web hosting and Internet connection. I have very modest goals. Not many people like to click on Google Adsense on my site… so I figured PPP route was the best way to make a few bucks.

    It’s a good idea to have a separate PPP blog, like you… but I don’t have the time to maintain a separate blog. I can barely find the time/passion to update my personal blog.

    Hi fruityoaty,
    Looking forward to whatever it is you going to post. Goodluck in your PPP venture. You will probably get a lot of good ops. And maybe you’d end up wanting to earn more than a few bucks.

  14. Good luck Tita Leah and wow, you have offered quite a generous prize 🙂 Best of luck to the winner !

    Thanks BW.

  15. I tagged you Leah.

    I will post soon Tina. Thanks for the tag.

  16. that must be an interesting contest, and $25 could buy some goodies.

    anyway, just dropping by to say


    Thanks Dine! Merry Christmas to you too.

  17. Thank you so much to all who has joined the contest and to those who supported the participants. I will be announcing the winner on Dec 24th.

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