Posted by: Leah | December 15, 2007

Don Bosco High School 1986: Baguio City, Philippines

I am a graduate of Don Bosco High School located in Baguio City, Philippines. I have a great bunch of batch mates whom I want to get reacquainted with. Hopefully they Google their name over to this page. If that is the case, send me a comment so we can reminisce the past.

So here we all are:
4- Alpha under Miss Pacita Rimando –> She sent me a Christmas card Dec 2008, I have her address, send me an email if you want it.
Ana Valentina Balila
Annalyn Parrocha
Arlene Laoyan –> found , US
Catherine Reforba –> found , Baguio City , Philippines
Christine Bayao –> found , now in Texas, USA
Corazon Pae
Dyna Cabang
Elizabeth Celso –> found , Baguio City , Philippines
Erlinda Cuyan –> found, USA
Evangeline Calibuso
Evelyn Bacani
Fainalita Abaya —> aka Jumpy, found, in USA
Glenda Mendoza
Glenda Sarlipan
Grace Galpo –> somewhere in heaven watching upon us all
Imelda Santiago –>found , Baguio City , Philippines
Irish Dagdagan –> her sister emailed me but I havent heard back from her yet
Jamie Heo –> found, Ontario, Canada
Janet Tumalip
Jocelyn Bacquian
Joy Suanding
Juli Dominguez
Leah Velasco <—— that’s me!!!! I’m in Ontario, Canada
Leilani Nazarro –> found but have lost contact, she is somewhere in Baguio?
Lorelie Kenniker –> found, Philippines?
Lou Jean Lagmay –> found, even met up with her in California, USA
Maggie Colcol
Mardy Chumawin –> found, in friendster, where are you again?
Marilou Jardinez –> found, still in Japan?
Marites Wanas
Mary Cecile Isip –> found, USA
Maryjane Velasco –> found, saw here photos in one of the reunions, what’s her email address? , Baguio City, Philippines
Melanie Rojo –> found, but have lost contact, somewhere in the USA
Mercy Kristine Abonalla
Mylene Paysan –> found, California, USA
Nancy Badongen
Naneth Rieza
Nenita Chantioco
Nenita Guyo
Raquel Ramos
Richelda Florendo –> found, in friendster, Philippines?
Roberta Calsi –> I thought I saw her photo in one of the reuinons as well, where are you?
Romelyn Afidchao
Rosanna Martinez –> found, Philippines, is it Pampanga or Tarlac?
Rowena Labrador
Rowena Salcedo –> found, Ontario, Canada
Ruscilla Gumnad –> found but have lost contact
Sheila Laud
Thelma Jatulan –> found, California, USA

4- Bravo under Miss Angela Tejano

Alfredo Bumogas
Alger Zulueta –> found, Philippines?
Bayani Begnaden
Bernard Espina –> found, Montreal, Quebec? really?
Christopher Bugasto
Constancio Mangalan
Dante Galiste
Edward Marzan
Eric Saldana
Erwin dela Cruz
Exaltacion Uson
Ferdinand Flora
Fernando Kispay
Francis Chopchopen
Genaro dela Cruz
Gerardo Sunga
Isagani Guinto Jr. –> found, Philippines
James Doligas
Jarin Demot
Jason Ambucay
Johnny Martinez
Jose Mari Dar –> found, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Joseph Sarmiento
Kenneth Gongon –> found, USA?
Laureto Barron Jr.
Liberato Ramos Jr. –> found, Philippines?
Michael Ferrer
Miguelito Alinea –> found, ?
Moises Manglan –> found, Philippines?
Neilson Safangan
Nelson Beltran
Pablito Roque Jr.
Peter Busaing
Reynaldo Abuan
Reynaldo Mendez
Ricardo Bernabe
Roderick de Vera
Roel Rivera
Rommel Monsalud –> found, Philippines?
Ronaldo Bullago
Ronaldo Lumague
Samuel Aquillo
Sandioro Dacaimat
Telesforo Agsaoay Jr.
Tony Camacho –> found, Philippines
Valiant Wong
Wilfred Francisco


  1. […] graduating class of DBHS 1986 singing their Graduation Song “Be not […]

  2. Wow Leah….good job…parang kailan lang…watching this brings back old memories…good old memories from high school….

  3. Hi Thelma,
    thanks for your comments. I see a lot of visits to this page who googled their name or Don Bosco. Hopefully, they leave a comment as well. Would love to exchange emails.

  4. Hallo sister. Nice to have the class picture over the net. I lost my copy already. This is great.

  5. Hi Libby,
    good that you found this. And nice to have found you too.

    all the best.


  7. A pleasant day to you Tina,

    About your plan to enroll your son at Don Bosco High School? Yes, the school has grade school.

  8. You can inquire at the registrar office of DBHS for futher information about the grade school.

  9. Hello Leah,
    Musta na ang lahat? I missed you all guys, Naaalala ko tuloy high school life natin and yun ang pinakamemorable sa akin…. Keep in touch ok?
    Merry Christmas to All of you and to your families.

    Hi Chris,
    Ok naman ako? I agree, masaya at memorable talaga ang high school life.

    Send me your email address so I can respond to you and invite you to the friendster group as well as the yahoo groups. You can check out the sidebar for that.

    Merry Christmas to you too and your family. thanks


  10. To whom it may concern,

    Hello, you don’t know me but we have something in common, Don Bosco High School in Baguio City.

    Upon checking the Yahoogroups lists I’ve noticed numerous Don Bosco related groups belonging to different class of graduates and batches, not to mention other Don Bosco groups from other places and countries other than Baguio City. I too have our own small group dedicated to our Alumni class of 1985.

    I’ve checked most groups belonging to our school and I’ve noticed we haven’t got a dedicated online group catering for all, regardless of class, batch or alumni.

    If someone wanted to search for a former classmate, a friend or spread some school or parish related news to as many members as possible, that person would have to join each group and send the same information a number of times. This is obviously going to be a time consuming exercise and would likely generate redundant information in time.

    Hence I’ve created a special group exclusively for this purpose. Its called the “”. Sorry for the long name, unfortunately all the shorter versions have been taken.

    Group home page:
    Group email address:

    I’m sure you too can come up with some useful purpose for this special grouping.

    A classic example would be to publish a school or alumni announcement of an upcoming Reunion, a Parish event, a school function, a special award or acknowledgement to a former classmate or staff. Any relevant news that may be useful or informative to an individual or to the group is worthwhile.

    Of course the next best thing is a school website (I’m looking into that), however this is dependent on the members checking the website regularly to catch up on the latest information. And of course someone needs to maintain and update the site constantly.

    But for now this will have to do, so if you think its worthwhile then join up and pass the information to your respective groups and classmates. Its free to join and all are welcome, including former teachers and administrative staff.

    If you have any questions or suggestions please send me an email or join “DonBoscoSchoolBaguio” and email your comments (or input) to the group.

    Thank you and I look forward to your membership and input.

    Guy Leung
    Alumni Class of 1985

  11. just want you to know i saw my sisters name Irish Dagdagan…..shes doing good, i will try to mention this to her when i talk to her.

  12. Hi there!
    wow look at those people who graduated at 1985!
    And some with Ms.Tejano(or Mrs. whatever ^^)
    She’s such a Great teacher!!(Not to mention being SOOOO STRICT in CLass especially when she was the principal during my brother’s days from 1996-2001 i think)
    But she’s good especially her last year of teaching…even though I just knew her for like 2 years and one half LOL..

  13. miz u all guyz.parang bumalik ang nakaraan.wala ba tayong reunion?plz guyz reunion naman dyan at sana completo you all and miz you

    • Hi lorelie sweetie miss ya! i hope you still remember me its been a decade. just found this site thanks to leah your the best! its romelyn @ usa.

      • Hi Romelyn, if you read this , let me know where you are and leave a contact email address


  14. hello. i’m also an alumni of don bosco high school baguio class 1989 and so are my older cousins who belong to graduating class of 1979, 1981 and 1985.
    fyi. we’re going to celebrate our 20th year this coming april 18 at the prince plaza. we also organized a medical mission in the morning.
    not so good news about ms. tejano. we heard she’s not doing very well. she’s diabetic, almost blind and all alone. please extend help to her whatever means you can. we’ll try to visit her one of these days. i’m on my way to baguio tonight.
    have a meaningful holy week to all!

  15. to anyone who knows mam tejano.. paki-read naman po ito from DB H.S. group announcement sa friendster..

    From: a♫♥aβi♥♫aﱢ™ﱢ
    Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008
    Message: mam Tejano… nanay natin sa don bosco
    high school is sick… hindi man lang
    siya inaalagaan ng family niya… nakita
    na lang siya ng mom ko sa bahay niya na
    nakakaawa ang ichura… nung first daw
    ayaw niyang magpa dalaw sa bahay nila
    lalo na pag dati niyang mga estudyante
    ang dadalaw dahil daw ayaw niyang makita
    siya na ganon ang kalagayan niya…
    hindi na natiis ng mom ko kaya
    pinuntahan niya na dun sa bahay nila at
    pinunta siya sa ospital kasi naging
    estudyante rin siya ni mam TJ… nasa
    ang BABA NG BLOOD SUGAR niya… at
    marami nang SUGAT SA PAA niya… she is
    DIABETIC na naging result ng pagka BULAG
    niya… ngayon… ang hinihiling ko lang
    NIYO NAMAN SIYA…. ibalik naman natin
    sa kanya ang pagmamahal, support at
    concern na pinakita niya sa atin
    noon…. please… talagang kailangan
    niya tayo

    the link can be found here:

  16. Miss Highschool life!

  17. […] Don Bosco High School 1986: Baguio City, Philippines December 200716 comments 4 […]

  18. hi sa lahat ng makakabasa ng comment ko I am now in Quezon city kumusta na kayong lahat na miss ko lahat ng school re- union kasi madalas ako na wala sa pinas , sa barko ang work ko hope to hear from some body from our batch God Bless

  19. Hi Roderick, good to hear from you.
    I hope all is well

    si Leah Velasco ito
    we also have a facebook page.

    Try to check it out and join us. Keep in touch.

    • hi guys… in manila so happy to see our names here >>>>>>i hope to hear some news from roberta calsi hopefully.. GOD BLESS TO ALL !!!!!!

    • Hi leah good to hear from you through this site. just got here, huh! im glad you have this, you did a great job. im real happy to hear from others. its romelyn here in u.s. God Bless to everyone ….

  20. hi lea, im Evangeline Calibuso, musta? masaya ako at na search ko ang name u, mis ko nga ang high school life ntin masaya, sana mg kita kita taung lahat ng batch. dito ako hongkong, ingat godbless….

    • hi Evangeline. Hope you are well.
      Did you join us in FB yet?

  21. im happy to sEe you all wearing our Badge to show ur support & will be publish international’Site of

    • thanks Nancy. did you change your name officially to Caloy?


  23. Hello leah,
    Musta mga tsokenes mga ka batcmit everybody i mess u and guys matatanda na tayo.. Na magkitakits tayo sa pilipinas successfull na ako dumami na tinda ko sampaguita sa cathedral magkaka franchise na ko…. Contak my phone okey …luv u all ..leah one the intelligence of the skul i knoe and also me im not but im well known d ba leah……even im not intelligence….i hope will look each other leah i miss all the moment that is unforgetable thats what we are….. Galing ko magenglish im proud to be a bosconian… Hooooray

  24. I forget to place my name i am elizabeth celso and now tarrayo

  25. Fully sympathize with the writer of this website. Very good content. I subscribe. To continue, has totally loved the blog.

  26. Hello fellow Bosconians,
    I am from a younger batch (’97), but I came across this post and wanted to let you all know that our beloved Ma’am Tejano (my advisor from 4-a) passed away today (7/22/15 in the Philippines) in Tabuk, Philippines. I know she had suffered a stroke some years ago which is why she was put in Tabuk from Baguio.
    Let us all remember this great teacher, strict, yes, but she had a passion for teaching and always had her student’s best interests in mind. Thank you Ma’am!

  27. Hello, Thanks for your comment . We all pray for the beloved teachers we had Miss Tejano, Miss Rimando and even our parish priest. Fr, Tchang
    May their soul rest in peace.

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