Posted by: Leah | January 6, 2008

And so the year begins….

Last night, I gazed into the pretty lights of the Christmas tree that brightens the living room thinking that this will be the last night I see their beauty. The last melodies of Christmas songs played this morning as we were undressing the Christmas tree. The daughter helped really well this time in taking down the decors and now they are all neatly packed in a box down in the basement and the tree discarded in our compost pile in the backyard. I guess this is a way of finally saying goodbye to the cheers of the holiday season.

The champagne was toasted and the warm embraces felt as we all counted down the last 10 seconds of year 2007.

And so another year begins…a little bit late on this blog but yet still a good welcome to cheer on a new year of blogging and more links and blog friends to discover and those old ones to keep and visit maybe not as often but I do lurk around too , you might not have noticed.

See you all around.



  1. So you did finally put down the tree and the decorations. We did ours this Wed which was a bit early and life is back to normal once again. I kinda miss the Xmas songs but I know it’s gonna come back 11 months from now 🙂

  2. Happy new year, happy new place .. and new hopes and adventures and challenges., my precious friend Leah.

    Miss you at isc. when do we play again.

  3. Happy New Year Leah! It’s been a week since New Year I know but it’s only now that I’m getting over the hang-over of the Holidays. Not that I drank excessively but it’s the mode of thinking.

  4. Happy New Year Leah! Wishing you all the best this 2008.

  5. hi leah. yeah, it’s bittersweet to let go of such a happy season. but then again, it’s what makes Christmas special. anyway, have a blessed new year ahead!

  6. Hi Leah! Dis Imelda Santiago ur Batchm8 @DonbosCo Hi… I kinda surf our batch coz i really miss those Hi-skul daysand Walllah! I found U! yes my name was there but I’m not sure if u Still knew me… and2 lang aq baguio ala progresso He He…D gaya nyo mga kbatch q asensado… Well cant stay too long.. Happy new Yr 2 U & ur Family!!!

  7. I had that same feeling when I had to put down my tree. Now my house is empty of Xmas decors that really brightened up the house. It’s time to put the figurines and stuff back to where they once were. Happy New Year.

  8. Happy New Year to you!! I guess taking down Christmas decors is in itself a traditional exercise to mean closure of another chapter–I did take down all the Christmas cards I put up just yesterday–with mixed feelings. Oh well, here’s to another adventure-filled year! Cheers!

  9. Happy New Year !

  10. it is never late to say Happy New Year! May your new year be filled with love, hope and lots of blessings!

  11. happy new year, Leah! why does it feel exciting to do the Christmas tree than to undo it, no?

    wish you the best this year.

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