Posted by: Leah | January 13, 2008


I am sharing some photos taken on New Year’s day. A snow storm hit us that day and brought joy to my little one as she enjoyed tobogganing down the hill. I did try once and it was exhilarating and fun. The snow has since disappeared. We had a week of mild weather and it melted everything down. not to worry..there’s a lot more of snow in store by mother nature that will surely bring a smirk to the driving population but lots of smiles, laughter and shrieks from kids who want to have fun with it.

The backyard

Backyard Plants

Antoher Tree


up the hill

Pull Me up

I cant upload the video here so I posted it over here. check it out.



  1. I haven’t experienced tobogganing yet, minsan sama ako ha?! cool pix, nilamig ako bigla! 😀

  2. Hi,
    I am Trisna.
    Your photos are interesting. It is very different with me, that I live in tropical country.

    Best Regards

  3. This looks fun! I swear I’d do this with my son one day… soon. 🙂

  4. looks fun. i’ll try it myself someday. ha ha.

  5. I bet your daughter had fun tobogganing in the snow 🙂 My wife bought my daughter one before Xmas too.

  6. winter wonderland, eh! really cool pics.

  7. wheeeeeeeeeeeee… Looks like fun talaga. Since I freeze out in the snow so easily, and since I’m prone to motion sickness, I don’t think I’m tobogganing any day soon.

  8. it hadn’t snow in dijon this year yet.. so louna has not do toboganning yet.. im sure it will be a lot of fun for her too.. she didn’t appreciate it last year hehe..

  9. After seeing and experiencing it for the first time a week ago, I’ve decided I am in love with snow!! Had another snowy experience last weekend but we didnt have any sleds so we used trays..hehe…

  10. Everything looks so fluffy!!! I only see this in movies. It looks so beautiful and calming!

  11. i like the third picture, parang straight from a movie ang effect.

  12. Strikes me as a bit desolate. But these are great pictures., almost like artwork!

  13. I’ve been dreaming that since I arrived in Marseille ! It snowed but not as like this…very rare in our place ! After half a minute snow disappeared…sarap kayang mag ledge 😀 ! I’ can imagine how young and old enjoyed that priceless toboganning journey !!!

  14. Snow really looks lovely, isn’t it?
    unfortunately, it’s never ending rain here , but on the plus side it’s not bitterly cold for this time of the year
    I haven’t experience sledding, surely looks like lots of fun 🙂

  15. hi leah its been a while since ive been back to blogging.

    para na rin kaming naka experience ng winter thru ur post 🙂 ganda ng pics

  16. great pics! 🙂

  17. it only looks lovely in pictures, 😛

    to the one shoveling snow off from the garage – hindi.

  18. is that your little girl on the 5th pic Leah? so cute hehe

  19. Thanks Leah for sharing these pictures of a winter wonderland for us stuck here in tropical climate 🙂

  20. Look like alot of fun Leah. Beautiful snow photos 🙂 !

  21. Looks like a lot of fun…i bet nag enjoy ka din kahit isang try lang. Hope you’re doing good leah.

  22. hi there..i luv the snow! i’ll (dream) to be there soon! more of these!!!!!

  23. konting adjust siguro sa colors, I think these pictures will be perfect, ang gaganda ng composition e.

    napagusapan lang namin kahapon ng isang puti, medyo kakaiba ang weather ngayon sa Canada.

    about tobaggoning mukhang fun nga yan, gusto kong itry di ko pa na eenjoy masyado ang winter e.

  24. napagod nga ako sa kakashovel kagabi eh! my daughter loves snow too..Hindi ko pa sya naintroduce sa tobogganing. Sana lang hindi malamig…

  25. buti pa kau maya snow…d2 sa middle east…last 2 weeks…nag-storm din ng cold winter wind…below 0…pero wlang snow…puro lamig lng…nakaka-asar ang cold weather…wla kc ne2 sa pinas…. 😀

  26. Wow, winter wonderland! That is what my childhood dreams are made of. 🙂

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