Posted by: Leah | January 25, 2008



The other day I got this calll from my sister while at work…

Sis: Are you busy?
Me: Yes but not as much, why?
Sis: Nanay (Mom) is not feeling well, she wants to go to the hospital, just leave and go on undertime.
Me: Are you sure, maybe this is just all in her head (psychological tension causes pain you know)
Sis: No , she’s really in pain
Me: OK, I’ll pack my things now.

And so I quickly phoned my manager,logged off and away I went.

My mother recently had some Ultrasound and CT Scan and they found a cyst in her ovary plus a 4mm kidney stone. The cyst has been worrying her a lot and ofcourse, everyone thought the pain had something to do with it. She is going to have specialist see her soon.

Judging from my sister’s tone, it didnt sound like a real rush.
However when I got to their place, they were all dressed and ready.

I dropped them off at emergency and then parked the car in the emergency patient’s parking. It would cost $3/half hour and I am limited to a few hours only to park there.

I joined them and my mom has been registered and asked the initial questions. They took a urine sample and then we waited.

I went back out to park my car in the main visitor’s parking.

When I came back nothing yet. Nanay was still writhing in pain.

1st hour – waiting, Nanay threw up, she got hot, then cold. Still in pain

2nd hour – called in to another waiting room, Doctor’s look at the chart and says, we should wait back in the main waiting room. Nanay called in for blood test.

3rd hour – my Brother in law and another sister comes with some Mcdonalds French Fries and Chicken nuggets to feed the sisters., we go outside to have our food there. When done, I walk with my sister to the drug store to pass the time.

We come back and still nothing. I talk to the nurse. She says, we are waiting for the examination room to be freed up. Sister and brother in law left us.

4th hour – We finally get called in. Mom dresses up in the hospital gown. Then we waited some more. Doctor comes in, presses my mother’s tummy, asks a few questions and then goes out and mumbles about pain reliever.

Another half an hour, a nurse comes in to give her 2 pills to take and then feeds a needle through her for an ivy pain drip.

5th hour – We wait some more, another nurse comes in, a student nurse fumbles through the stethoscope, blood pressure machine (or whatever term they call that) and the thermomether. My sister and I hover over him while he checks Nanay’s vital signs, he fumbles some more. Then he asks her to rate the pain now. She says it was getting better, less pain now. Then we ask questions..he goes to the doctor , doctor comes in, we asks him more questions, he gives Tylenol 3 prescription and says it was the stone that bothered her and if pains comes back to take the pain medication, if it gets worse, to come back to the hospital.

6th hour – We bundle up and go home. I get the car from the parking lot, pay $15 . We drive to the drug store, wait some more for sister to buy the meds and Nanay falls asleep. She is tired.

I take sister home, then I take Nanay home.

7th hour – I go home. It was a late night.

Next day, I went back to work and stayed longer to cover my time.

That’s life – lots of waiting.

And yes, Nanay is better.



  1. Glad to know that your Nanay is better ! i think it’s worth the wait at least you all know she’s better. It’s always good to help out though waiting will affect our everyday life and you can be there right away….in my case I can’t parents are in the other side of the world! I am always upset whenever something goes wrong 😦 !

    Hi Haze,
    I suppose that’s the only benefit, the tests are done and results are available on the same day. If not for the waiting, all is fine. I am glad I am close by to m y parents. It made me realize, they are getting old…just like me.

  2. that’s a long wait for a Dr. huh? good thing ok na Mom mo.

    here ER pts should be seen by a Dr in 29 minutes:)

    btw, tinakot nyo naman by “hovering” yung nurse extern/ intern. lol.

    since most RNs in the US ; probably Canada are holders of the two – year associate degrees in nursing, karamihan sa kanila hilaw na hilaw pa/ hinog sa pilit compared sa pinas na bachelor’s degree ang mga nars and exposed na masyado when they graduate. 🙂

    Hi Mitsuru,
    Buti naman dyan at wala masyado antayan. I wish it was like that here as well.
    Ninerbyos nga yun nurse, wawa naman.

  3. It’s good that your Nanay is okay now. One thing that I really hate is waiting at hospitals,clinics,etc.
    Even if I used to work in a hospital/clinical setting before, I can’t help but feel a bit antsy when I’m in clinics /hospitals , esp. so when I am the patient, or the patient’s accompanying person. The last time I went to a walk-in clinic, we waited 3 hours before I got called in, and when the doctor finally saw me, it was for a mere 2 minutes. That was it.

    Hi Gina,
    I felt really bad waiting so long and looking at all the other people waiting. I felt bad for them. I’m not sure when this waiting will be ever change in our health care system.
    re: walk in clinic, I think you’re better off waiting for a doctor’s appt the next day. I guess, you only have few walk-in clinics there. Over here, Wait is between 45min to an hour, sometimes even less. And I agree, there is no connection between doctor and patient, 2 minute check-up/assessment is disappointing esp after a 3 hr wait.

  4. Sobrang tagal talaga ng service ng mga hospital dito sa atin… I hope tuloy-tuloy na yung paggaling ni aunty, I’m praying for her.

    Oo nga Misyel, uber tagal. Kailangan maging patient and patients….he!he!
    Thanks for the prayers

  5. ang hirap ng ganyan ano? ang hirap maghintay hindi dahil sa wala kang pasensyang maghintay..ang mahirap e yung kung ano-ano ang naiisip mo dahil health ng mahal mo sa buhay ang nakasalalay. I am praying for your mom’s health ms Leah!

    Hi Manilenya,
    oo nga, mahirap talaga. Nakakaawa tingnan ang mga taong nag-aantay sa sakit. Lalo na ang minamahal mo. Kung pwede nga lang kunin ang sakit nila at i-share eh para gumaan ang pakiramdam sana.

    Salamat sa prayers.

  6. Hope all will be well, Leah. Finger crossed.

    Thanks Rey

  7. buti naman ok na mom mo.

    but that’s too much waiting. pag dito yan, they would complain already, saying they’re paying and don’t deserve such lousy service etc etc…

    I know Analyse, although we dont pay up front for health care, vverything is deducted from the taxes from workers like me and from all the taxes we pay everyday. I’m sure we all complain pero kulang ng doctors and nurses dito.

  8. At some point they may have to remove the stones as it is aggravating the kidneys. But no worries – the doctors know what they are doing. Nothing beats CT scan when it comes to diagnosis – it’s very accurate.

    Hope your mom feels better and completely recovers from this.

    She’s had them removed 3 or 4 years ago through laser but I guess, some small shattered piece grew and now giving her pain. Either she gets another laser treatment or a surgery at best.

    I certainly hope she gets better. Thanks BW

  9. hope everything will be fine, leah. my prayers.

    thanks Bingskee, prayers always help

  10. Good thing is ok na mom mo. Kaya lang hanggat andyan pa yung kidney stone nya baka from time to time eh sasakit tyan nya. Dito naman so far mabilis naman pag emergency lalo pag pinoy ang mga nurses di ka nga lang sure sa prescriptions ng mismong doktor…hehehe.

  11. Thank God your mother is ok now.

    You’re right, life is filled with ‘waiting’ moments. More so for some than others. 😉

    Hi Daphne,
    Nanay’s pain comes and goes. She is awaiting doctor’s schedule for full instructions. In the meantime, Tylenol 3 works.
    Joyful waiting is much more better, although stressful at any rate.

  12. I’m sorry that your mom experienced a lot of pain that day but I’m glad that she’s better now.

    Thank you Rachel, yes, she is felling better now.

  13. i’m glad that she’s better now… tell her to take it easy.

    I do tell her. Thanks Jo.

  14. good to know she’s better now. i know how your nanay felt because i also happen to have some gallstones, the pain to me maybe be more but they’re both really uncomfortable, you wouldn’t be able to sleep or eat or walk without cringing, kahit nakahiga ka magpapaikot-ikot ka pa rin. i am yet to have them surgically removed but i am thankful di na sya umaatake, the last time was in 2005. ngayon, ingat na lang sa pagkain ng matataba. 🙂

    Hi Zherwin
    That’s exactly how she felt. It is best to have the thing removed I guess.

  15. Hi Leah, I’m glad it wasn’t anything more serious. Waiting sucks, especially the wait-times we have to endure in this health care system.

    Hi Angelo,
    Thank God it wasnt. We need more doctors. So study faster…lol

  16. It’s good that you and your family had the patience, strength, and character through all the waiting. I’m glad that Nanay is feeling better.

  17. i’m glad your mom is doing fine now. parang ang tagal ng waiting time dyan ah

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