Posted by: Leah | January 27, 2008


Before 2007 ended we (my husband , daughter and myself) successfully finished a 1000 pc puzzle called the “Christmas Street” – see slideshow below. This was easier to do than the puzzle we made last winter. Plus it seemed we spent more time together in accomplishing this task. It was actually very enjoyable and the finished product is all worth the time.

We requested for more puzzles as our Christmas present and got a whole lot do … so we definitely will do more puzzles this year. Watch out for the results.



  1. That’s great, congrats! 1000 pcs., that’s quite a lot. Doing puzzles with the family is a great bonding activity. Thanks for sharing.

    Yes Rach, one of the reasons we do it. Asidef rom the fun, it’s a good time to be together as a family, to bond.

  2. wow leah, i’m so amazed! 1000pcs?! dame non! i haven’t done this before but it sounds like a fun thing to do, especially if you have kids. you’re teaching her a lot by her cooperation. galing! congrats!! 🙂

    Hi Gracita, it is fun talaga. Try it. And yes, its a learning experience.

  3. Although I love puzzles and teasers, I don’t have any patience for jigsaw puzzles. It’s too detailed. I hate details. But enjoy doing the jigsaw puzzles with your hubby!

    Hi Abaniko, are you sure? Ikaw pa…I’m sure if you put your mind through it , you’ll get challenged soon enough.

  4. I suppose, it’s what makes you happy. enjoy putting the pieces together.

  5. Way to go !

    Ang ganda ng scene…

    It is lovely indeed. Thanks Gina

  6. may talent!!! hehehe

    I believe that this is a good bonding activity 🙂 very nice ang finished product ha…what do you do with it? you frame it?

    Hi Verns,
    We framed the last one we did. This one..still deciding. Maybe we’ll frame it too.

  7. wow! amazing! hirap ata niyan ah.

    Hi Vanidosa,
    Everthing is achievable. Thanks for the compliments

  8. wow! 1000 pieces. We just started on 500 pieces. Haven’t done it for a long long time. Very addictive.

    Great job!

    thanks Tina. Yes, it is addictive. Anything challenging is , I guess.

  9. AMAZING ! I do not know if I have the courage to do that ! I can be patient to some but doing puzzle ??? Someone needs a lot patience. Medyo may katamaran din ako, puede yung mga puzzle na pang bata lol !

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