Posted by: Leah | February 18, 2008

Napuyat ako sa LOBO

With another exam coming my way, this is definitely not a good time for distraction. Pero…how can I refuse the charms of my beloved Piolo. Hay…

When Piolo was promoting LOBO, I thought he was some kind of a super hero. Yun pala, Lobo pertains to a werewolf. Akala ko naman, LOBO is a movie. Yun pala, teleserye. Nonetheless, I am so excited to see this. Instead of waiting for this on DVD, I am trying to record it myself. I searched you tube for any videos on his newest teleserye and I am so glad I found it. I searched how to turn You Tube videos into DVD and after a few hours I was able to get it done. There are a lot of downloading and stuff but I managed to get the first DVD done. Now I am getting errors when I tried to do the 2nd DVD. I will have to do this in batches so I dont get distracted as much and I will postpone watching them all at the same time as much as I can.
Here is a trailer of the teleserye.



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  3. love u idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so much i pray na maging #1 ang inyong teleserye…

  4. sana mkita kta sa personal…kasi nang pumunta ka sa iloilo nkita kita pero hindi sa mlpitan…………

  5. You’re so cute Leah! Crush mo talaga si Piolo. 🙂 I do agree that he is quite delicious. 🙂

  6. yes, lobo is the pilipino term for bear. thing is, even here sa ‘pinas, some people think lobo means balloon, hahaha

  7. lagaL(og), ang lobo ay filipino term sa wolf. oso naman ang filipino term sa bear.

  8. Hi Leah. My son is always watching Cartoon Network or Disney Channel so I rarely have time to watch soaps on TV but I heard it’s very interesting.

  9. hahaha, onga pala, thanks kwentongwalangkuwenta

  10. Who sang the song You and I that’s been played in the teleserye LOBO?

  11. ano na ba ratings ng lobo? wala ako balita eh, mas mataas ba sa kalaban niya sa GMA?

  12. Mas mataas pa rin ang GMA in Mega Manila (400 panels yata) pero among the primetime shows of ABS-CBN, una or 2nd ang Lobo. Sa Nutam naman, talo nito ang Kamandag. Who cares about the ratings? Walang kuwenta ‘yan compared sa reviews ng mga viewers about Lobo. Visit forums in tsinoy, PEX, clickthecity, and be amazed at how the viewers are entertained. Even relatives ko sa U.S. hooked na rin sa Lobo and all praises to the writers, cast and crew.

  13. hey, talaga? pwede manood ng lobo sa youtube? hahaha! iniisip ko nga, papakabit na lang ako ng TFC just for this pero wag na lang. hehehe. thanks! mabuhay si fafa piolo! lurv!!!

    Hi Caryn,
    Just search it on You tube under Lobo or LB, then you’ll find some uploaded videos. LEt me know if you cant find it and I’ll send you the links.

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