Posted by: Leah | March 4, 2008

Road Rage, Rant, Nagalit si Leah

Anak ng…

Ganito kasi iyon….

Traffic light turned yellow, I was going to make a right turn, and so of course I stopped since there were cars making a left turn and also some possible pedestrians I thought were going to cross the street. Then I hear several honks. Hmnn. possibly form the car behind me. And so I made my right turn on to this one lane street. It was a busy street, right in front of a school, we were barely inching forward. And then a car from a driveway decided to inch its nose onto the road to make his turn. What am I to do? I gave way. Commom courtesy I guess. Then this car behind me, honks his horn again several times. This is now starting to irk me, A LOT. And yeah, another car decides to butt in front of me to make a left turn onto the school’s driveway. Well, I just had to stop ofcourse and I took my time some more and pressed on my brakes several times. This guy driving behind me starts making faces and gestures with his hands. I can see from my rear view mirror. What did I do? I gave him the finger. I guess, this provoked him more, he opens up his window, sticks his head out and starts shouting, whatever it is I didn’t care and didnt hear. I raised my arms and copied him. I was starting to get scared he might bump my car or rear end me. My heart is pounding now. I kept on driving, and he made a turn to go to his destination, his window was still open and he was still shouting, I opened my window too and shouted at the top of my lungs, I cursed. Naku, first time ako sumigaw ng “F@#k You” at the top of my lungs. Sa isang stranger pa. I was mad. I heard him laughing.

This guy was obviously in a hurry or maybe that’s just the way he is but man, he cant do that, its not proper. I seldom honk my horns and only when I know that the other driver deserves it. Even in this case I did not even honk my horns. Nakakainis talaga. Hmmp!!!



  1. naku po, that is a normal occurence here. kaka-green palang, honk na kagad. masyadong impatient mga tao.

    but don’t let it affect you, kaka-sira ng araw!

    Hi chichung,
    Oo nga, sinira nya ang umpisa ng araw ko, pero I vented it out to my co-workers too and they were laughing and cant believe I really swore. So the day went fine.

  2. Haha! I would have loved to watch you doing the finger and cursing Leah! That’s really one for the books. 🙂

    Here in Cambodia, no one follows traffic rules… funny thing is… everyone is so cool about it… mas nakaka-init ng ulo tuloy kc hindi umiinit ulo nila… parang dedma lang sila. 🙂

    Hi Toe,
    Buti nga hindi ako lumabas at nag-iinarte sa daan eh. Kaya? Parang magagawa ko yun ha? Buti pa riyan, cool ang mga tao. To eah his own ba?

  3. Perfectly understandable – there are a lot of impatient jerks out there, no matter how disciplined people think the country is.

    Here’s what I think would get these jerks scared shit – when all of a sudden, you open your window and put that portable round thing ( with a magnet on the base I suppose) with a blinking red light, on top of your car 🙂 But you have to make sure you put the blinking light after their shouting and middle finger antics. Then get a glimpse of their faces at the rear view mirror hehe 🙂 Just make sure there aren’t any police prowlers in the vicinity hahaha 🙂

    Hi bw,
    that’s an idea, where do I get those? You know, I had this notion of turning my hazards on just to piss him more.

  4. Di ba pinoy yun? Hahaha 🙂

    I can understand where you’re coming from. Buti nga ganun lang yung sinabi mo. Better still, next time it happens, murahin mo ng tagalog. I’m sure it will relieve your road rage must faster..hehehe 🙂

    Hi kongkong,
    Puti ata yun – I had that after thought of cursing in Tagalog. Maybe next time.

  5. Kakatuwa ka naman – you gave him the finger. Parang di ikaw yan ah. Hehe.

    But honking is one of my traffic pet peeves. I hate taxi drivers behind me in a traffic stop who honk as soon as the traffic light turns green. What I do is I tease them by driving very, very slowly. But then again sometimes I’d like to understand them. Time is of the essence to these guys. They need to earn enough to pay for their “boundaries”.

    Hi abaniko
    Oh yeah, this is so “un-me”.

    Honking should be reserved for joyful occasions, like your fave team winning hockey or basketball. Or when the driver cuts you off or something like that. Inis. Taxi drivers must have their palms positioned on the honkler instead of the steering wheel ?

  6. I guess he got what he deserved… Hehehe 🙂

    Hi Linnor,
    Oo nga, he probably thought he got the better of me. I wonder how he went about his day after?

  7. What can I say…. but %%*&%%^^(&)^%$#@!%r^^%*&%()_**__ .. NAKAKABWISIT talaga ang mga ganyan.
    Btw, drive safe if you must go out today. The roads are really dangerous today,ano?

    Hi Gina,
    it was really tricky today, I hate driving in the snow.

  8. hay naku leah, we share the road with the impatients, the jerks, the incorrigibles, the what-have-you’s. nakakainis pero it’s a sad fact of life. funny because i was reading the article on driving stress sa reader’s digest just last night. talagang minsan,we have to do everything to keep our cool kasi some people can really push our hot buttons. o, ingat sa pagmamaneho ha?! and say a prayer for those, pardon the word, barumbados 🙂

    Hi Oggie.
    Oo nga, pasensyahan na lang. Ewan kung bakit uminit ulo ko talaga. I usualy swear under my breath ony pero this time, napuno na.

  9. Hahaha! Si Ate Leah ba talaga yan? Hahaha! Natawa talaga ako, sana kasama mo ako nung mga time na yun para may katulong kang sumigaw sa mamang yun hahaha!

    Hi Misyel,
    oo ..ako nga yan. Totoo, magiging kasama ka sa sigawan? Baka naman mauna ka pa magtago sa kahihiyan?

  10. thats a bad day for u latest post regarding road/driving woes and troubles, too..

    regards and dont u wori lei’ araw din ang mga road hooligans 🙂 take care lagi..

    Hi AJ,
    talaga? road rage din….sige I’ll come and visit over.

  11. Hi Leah. Sorry to hear about your bad encounter with that impatient and terribly rude person.

    Thanks Rach. I was sorry too..after the fact.

  12. Ow! baka lasing yun? but that guy is really insane.

  13. ha-ha. i can relate to you since i’ve encountered a lot of a**holes on the road. sometimes pag nakita ka pa nilang di ka puti, talagang gagawin nila ang mga ganyan.

    one time, somebody did the same thing to me and i saw him making faces in the rearview mirror, what i did is i accelerated a bit and then i stopped suddenly and nakita ko how frantic he was na umiwas para di ako mabangga. then when he passed me by, i gave him the finger but di na gumanti natakot siguro since mas g*go ako sa kanya. sometimes, i do crazy things at the spur of the moment. he-he.

    isn’t it funny that only after the incident naalala natin na dapat gumanti rin tayo ng busina? 🙂 but still, mas ok pa rin dito kesa sa pinas. ha-ha.

  14. Hi, Leah. That’s a frequent occurence for me here in Manila as I drive daily. Everytime may nangyari sa aking ganyan, I just ignore them. I didn’t want to waste my time and energy for such maniacal attitude. Ako naman, if I’m behind a slow-moving car, I tried to overtake na lang. Of course, I get upset sometimes but I’m trying to keep my cool. I also consider those cars moving ahead of me na na-trap din sa slow-moving traffic (just like your case). Pero kahit mabagal din talaga ang car sa unahan kahit hindi naman mabagal ang flow ng traffic. Nag-oovertake na lang ako. Hay naku, it’s hard to maintain patience while on the road, and I can’t blame you for acting such

  15. Hi, sorry to crash here ha, naapektohan lang talaga ako sa entry mo kasi galit din ako sa mga ganyan. 🙂

    Hello mangjose,
    salamat po sa simpatiya. Pls visit anytime.

  16. Drivers here are crazy. You can cry your heart out but if you do dirty finger, you will end up in the Police Station…

    Hi Nina,

    Talaga, that’s really strict. Sige, just curse na lang. Basta walang makakarinig, baka mapulisya ka rin for that.

  17. Awww. Masama palang magalit si Leah. Ganun yata talaga. When a sleeping volcano is awakened, watch out. Grabe mag-erupt. 🙂

    Hi annamanila,
    you got that right alright.

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