Posted by: Leah | March 7, 2008

Snow Bride

We’ve had over a hundred centimeters of snow dumped on us this winter…. And yes, there’s more to come. What can we do but accept this kind of weather in where we live.

And so to make the most out of it, lots of fun and exciting things can be done. From tobogganing, to skating, to sledding, to snow shoeing, to making snow angels, even igloos and ofcourse a snow man. In this case, my hubby and daughter decided to make a snow woman and a bride at that. With matching bouquet and designs on the gown.

Here is the sculptured art work. The Snow to see more photos…

snow bride1, originally uploaded by leahdaleah.



  1. wee… pers mag comment!! hehehe… mag susummer na ah.. san ka ba nakatira at mat snow pa rin sa inyo,

    Hi kingdaddyrich,
    Nandito ako sa north america, kaya may snow pa. Malapigt na ang spring pero may snow storm pa rin. This winter beats all the winters of other years when it comes to snow. Buti pa jan, summer na. Kakainggit.

  2. cool!!!

    we didn’t have that much snow this year… so my kids didn’t get the chance to make snowman – yet.

    Hi Jo,
    its surprising that we got more snow than you did. Maybe next year?

  3. It’s amazing how you still have snow in your neck of the woods! Spring is also starting here–so no more hope for more snow…good thing I was able to enjoy it even for a short time (as in one day!) in Ireland in early January…

    Hi Gypsy,

    Good for you to have spring around the corner. Ours seem to be aloof. Its scheduled on the 20th in the calendar as official start of spring. Hopefully, it will be more obvious by then.

    At least you had the chance to enjoy snow. Next time, come to Canada so you can have your treat of more snow.

  4. I love snow! Experienced it once but my friend told me that it’s only because I’m staying there for a week hehe onga naman…kung months na, naku perwisyo na rin siguro.

    You’re right…make the most out of it na lang. Looks like you guys are enjoying naman =)

    Hi Verns, i love looking at snow and stepping on a fresh fallen pile with my winter boots on. It is fun. The only thing I hate is driving on it and shoveling the snow on the driveway and cleaning up the snow on my car. But other than that… I’m sure you’ll continue to like it too except ofcourse if you live here and have to deal with it. lol:o)

  5. Hehe… that’s a cute snow bride there. 🙂 Good that you guys are making the most of the snow. You must be used to that freezing cold. 🙂

    Hi Toe,

    I wish I was on the beach today instead….:o(

  6. Heh you forgot to add something blue to your snow bride 😀

    Hi Daphne!,
    The eyes were blue berries, only it looked black instead of blue, he!he!

  7. wow..very creative. 🙂

    thanks for the visit and Im adding you up in my bloglist. thanks again 🙂

    thanks Jeannie,
    I’ve added you to my cool and composed blogroll, will add you to this one too.

  8. enjoy nyo ang snow storm ha 🙂

    Hi Manilenya,
    This snow bride was from 2 or 3 weeks ago. I’m sure, we’ll build another one from the recent snow storm. It’ll take a few more weeks or maybe a month before everything melts. Ikaw, enjoy ba?

  9. leah, kelangan na lang nito, snowman para may groom, hahaha.

    amazing how you still have snow at this time of the year.

    Hi Oggie!
    I’ve seen more snow this winter compared to the last 13 yrs I’ve been here. It is a record snow fall winter.

  10. the Runaway Bride!!! Where’s the groom???? maybe here in Mississauga, but I havent done him yet. We still have 2 feet of a snow bank despite the good weather yesterday!

    Hi Junnie
    Maybe the groom got burried under the piles and piles of snow?

  11. nope hehehe nasa loob lang ako ng bahay e, pero nung paglabas ko ng grocery ang lakas ng snow grabehh gusto kong maglaro 🙂 kaya lang hindi ako fully clothed for heavy snow e 🙂

  12. o nga bride na bride ang dating.

    parang ang sarap tumulong gumawa, entourage naman at siempre ang groom

  13. Enjoy the snow!

  14. we’re on the same boat. ontario & michigan ang lapit lang. record winter and snow fall here. ang lamig pa.

    but i got lots of beautiful pics when i ventured out in the park during a lull in the snow storm. 🙂

  15. Hi Leah, i’m back ! My kids will surely love this snowman kasi they’re always asking me to make one! I tried but I am not an artist 😦 kaya parang kinalabasan eh bolang pinagpatong LOL ! Thanks for sharing this is just cute ! Have a nice weekend.

  16. lovely sculpture ! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the snow hehe 🙂

  17. nice one he he 🙂
    over a 1oo cms of snow…wow
    how long did it last?

  18. The bride had to get married? haha

    Anyway, I can imagine the fun that went into the sculpture!

    Hi annamanila,
    yes it was fun. The bride is all melted now, maybe it met its groom that’s why…lol

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