Posted by: Leah | March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Just like google, I am turning off the lights here in my blog.

Are you in? We are!

Turn off your lights
March 29, from 8 to 9 pm , your local time

We are actually going to a Lights Out Party tonight in celebration of the Earth Hour. There will be entertainment, children’s activities and FREE hot chocolate. My daughter can’t wait.

Earth Hour will show the world that by working together, each of us can make a positive impact in the fight against climate change.

Make sure you turn off your lights, unplug any appliance that is using energy. Even your cell phone chargers. And take time off from watching TV. Light a candle and enjoy the quiet of the dark.

Let’s help in saving Earth.



  1. I just want to say that this earth hour stuff is all bull.

    Getting everyone to turn stuff off for one hour isn’t going to help the earth that much, in fact it may even cause MORE DAMAGE !!

    For example: Imagine an average family of 4 and their usual night. Perhaps this family walks to the local convenience store and rents a video to watch together every Sat night. They use a highly efficient microwave to nuke some leftovers and plop down in front of the TV for two hours with no other lights on because you can see the movie better that way.

    This week, this hypothetical family decides to “do the earth hour thing” with a few neighbors. They drive to the grocery store and purchase alot of meat and prepared foods like sweets/deserts, potato salad, and chips. They burn who knows how much propane to cook the factory-farmed meat they eat off paper or even Styrofoam plates. They use candles made from petroleum, or lamps powered by batteries or oil to light the party… And whatever doesn’t get eaten, will wind up in big plastic garbage bags to be taken to the dump.

    All this earth hour stuff is just another way for the average man to feel like he’s doing something good while making a mess.

    Actively choosing to turn down your thermostat a few degrees in the winter and up a few in the summer would save MUCH more energy than turning off all your electrical stuff for an hour each year.

    Actively choosing to REDUCE and REUSE would mean that the little that you do need to RECYCLE can be done in a cost effective manor.

    Actively choosing to compost your food scraps would not only save you money on fertilizer for your lawn each year, but would return the nutrients to the earth where they belong instead of trapping them in plastic bags buried under other garbage in a dump.

    Choose wisely in your day to day actions, and you’ll do so much more for the world than any STUNT like “Earth Hour”.

    Hi Shannon,
    I appreciate your sentiments. This Earth hour is a worldwide event and maybe with this energy consumption, we can contribute a little bit in saving the earth. It is true our own ways of being environmentally conscious and friendly will help out a lot. Hopefully, those who particiapte will think of all the consequences of their actions. So if it will make the average person feel good about participating, let it be, because they are actually helping, even for just an hour. It is nice to feel good.

    My family has been doing all the things you enumerated above. And we continue to do what we can. In fact, we are requested to bring our own mugs for the free Hot chocolate in the Earth Hour celebration.

  2. tsus, this could have been done looong time ago.
    Anyway, this earth hour is good. it serves like a band aid stip to a wound though. The reality that bites still there.

    I thank you leah for this.
    And to think our time in France will be less one hour.
    oo, there’s a one hour adjustment again start sunday.
    If my watch is midnight, its only 11pm.
    MARCH 30 2008 po start sa France…
    I will

    Hi Francesca,
    Naku, late kayo mag spring forward ng time. Dito sa North America nun pang Mar 9 nag-start. Anyway, sana maging fruitful naman ang Earth Hour. Let’s try to do it everyday .

  3. kasale ako dyan….asust…. ^^

    Hi aga,
    that’s good. salamat!

  4. we (hilton abu dhabi) did participate in this earth hour thing. nuff said, just do what we can do to help save the earth.


    Hi banana,

  5. earth hour may be one gimmick to help people focus on the environment but i believe it’s a worthwhile cause and a step towards taking more meaningful and impactful measures.

    it’s just a start because we can do this more than just once a year. we can also take steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. what i’m essentially saying is that rather than say it’s a useless exercise, let’s say we have to start somewhere. much like easing into an exercise program, we can take it one exercise movement at a time rather than say that it’s too hard and not initiate anything at all. all these years of wasteful living practices won’t go away overnight but we can make a change, one step at a time; and we can make a difference, one person/one home at a time.

    Hi Oggie,
    Well said. I agree! Thanks

  6. I wanted to participate in the Earth Hour but unforunately I was with the wifey sampling food from a cookware presentation at a friend’s house. I was more excited to taste the wonderful recipes and turning off the stove wasn’t an option hehe 🙂

    Naku bw,
    did the sales person got to you…bumili ba kayo ni Misis ng set? Mahal yun ah. But I know its all worth it.
    Well, you can do your own earth hour on your own na lang.

  7. The Earth Hour is a worthwhile activity because it just doesn’t end with the one hour. It teaches that ordinary people like you and me don’t need to join an organization or take to the streets to protest. Simply turning off the lights for one hour can help. This is what Earth Hour is all about. To make people realize that even the most simple things can go a long way. And those who are moved and motivated by Earth Hour will say, “that was easy! what more can I do to help our Earth?” That one hour can turn to recycling and other helpful stuff.

    Hi Watson,
    So true. It should all be taken with a positive mind.

  8. It’s not the question of hours/minutes/seconds, it’s all about how can we participate in our own small way. Our simple attention is needed in this kind of program to help save more energy. People will realize that a small geste from each and everyone could turn out to be a BIG contribution. Earth Hour is just another revolutionary idea to save the earth !

    Hi Haze,
    thanks for your comment. It reinforces the importance of helping NOW. One giant leap begins with but a single step, doesnt it?

  9. Awww … honestly, I forgot. An hour would have been a great sacrifice, given the humidity of a march evening here in Pinas. No, I didn’t conveniently forget, just dumbly forgot. 🙂

    Hi annamanila,
    Its hard to think of this earth saving things when all you want is the air conditioning running on a hot summer night. I cant understand. Sa next time na lang.

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