Posted by: Leah | March 31, 2008

na-miss ko!

My sweetheart Piolo had a concert here in Toronto and hu!hu!hu!, I missed it. Sayang. Thanks to chinachix and I was able to see photos and read the exciting details

Di bale , I get daily doses of him naman from Lobo. I watch it via You Tube. And a treat once in a while on TV when I visit my mom since she has TFC.

Till next itme, I’m sure we’ll meet again.



  1. sayang nd emo cya na meet in person 🙂 buti na lang me youtube 🙂

    have a great day leah

    Thanks Jeanny!

  2. uy baka mag selos sayo si sam milby! LOL btw, have you seen his video na….? 🙂

    Hi Mitsuru,
    Ha!ha! I was looking for this video but did not find it, I believe it was not real. Just someone else.

  3. Why can he visit France ? Ano bang problema ni Piolo ? I am sure dami nya ring fans dito 😀 !!! BTW, I love your new template Leah 😉 !

    Hi Haze,
    Ewan kung bakit. Siguro may European tour sila in the future. Abangan mo na lang.
    re:template: Thanks Haze…just experimenting around..glad you noticed.

  4. I’m sure he’ll be back there soon Leah. 🙂

    @Haze, I think he has been to Paris already… I saw a picture of my friend with him. 🙂

    Sana nga Toe.

  5. Hi Leah. Crush mo pala si Piolo? Sige na. Tahimik na lang ako. Hehe.

    Ikaw ha Abaniko, whatever..i dont believe it.

  6. Weee love mo rin si papa p! ako rin eh! galing nya sa lobo noh! bili ako ng dvds nun after that show hehehe 🙂

    hi dyanie
    Pahiram na lang ng DVDs later…he!he!

  7. This post reminds me of my utang to you … piolo movies di ba. Don’t worry … i might soon be able to settle these … maybe next month … maybe a bit later. Just remember hope springs eternal. 🙂 How you?

  8. Alala ko a few years ago. Mega antay ko na mag concert si Enrique Iglesias sa Manila. Nung dumating na, wala naman ako pambili ng ticket kaya ayun nag kasya na lang ako sa mga video clips na pinalabas sa news. Haaaysh!

    Hi bebenibadoodles,
    Aww! ang tyaga naman pero walang nilaga…he!he! Thanks to You tube huh?

  9. dami me crush kay piolo, a. gwapo naman sabagay. 🙂

    Hi bingskee,
    yes, I am just one of the many thousands. And It doesnt matter what this bad publicity about him are. I still like him.

  10. I wish I were at the States.

    Hi Jester,
    Be careful what you wish for…

  11. eto yung link ng video ni sam milby sa youtube fr his former “friends.” taken b4 he hit big in showbiz. galing ng arte. he-he. judge for yourself na lang. 🙂

    Hi mitsuru,
    thanks for the link.

  12. Hmm…what’s Lobo? I am so out of touch na! Will check this out in Youtube..anything connected with Piolo is worth the time and effort..hehe.

    Hi Gypsy,
    oo nga, you are so out of touch na. I watch Lobo everyday. makes my day! I hope you found it on You tube. whatcha think?

  13. no worries because I’m sure he will come back for another concert 🙂 Now he has to come back every year kasi marami syang fans here hehe 🙂

    Thanks BW,
    I hope they bring in new material next time. For sure, I’ll watch it then.

  14. Don’t worry I will yet get that Piolo book for you. Promise. EVen if I have to send it by mail. I actually browsed it at amazon .. all they have are the piolo music cds. 😦

    hanks annamanila,
    I will try to email you my sil’s contact number, they are coming back here soon.
    Naku, naningil talaga ha?

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