Posted by: Leah | April 6, 2008

Google search

Do you want to personalize your google home page?
Google your own way. Check out what I did !

Just something fun to do. So search away. What to search? Search how many results you get by typing your name , maybe even your blog name.

I had 21300 results just by typing mga muni-muni. Not all related to this blog but anyhow, just wanted to see.



  1. Oh yes, that is fun Leah! I love googling my name and my blog name. I always get surprised by the results. 🙂

  2. i was curious before that’s why i googled my name, and surprise, surprise, wala pala akong kawala, everything that had my name on was there, it was fun to do and also a bit scary hehehe.

  3. Technologies are just amazing! Cute naman, will try it too !

  4. I’ve found several friends from googling their names and vice versa. It can be very addicting 🙂

    Just dropped by to say hello, it’s been a while.

  5. hi leah, tried this and got a kick out of it 😀 tfs!

  6. nice…only now, I have to change the letters every now and then just like Google when it is a special occasion…thanks for the link, that was fun!

  7. that’s neat, shall try it!
    thanks for the heads up, Leah 🙂

  8. That looks like fun!! 🙂 Nice discovery there.

  9. […] to Leah for this fun […]

  10. oh yes, sometimes i just find myself googling. google search Sexy Mom, and i see my blog in #1 (LOL), and i google search my friends, or whatever. it’s simply amazing–such is the power of the world wide web.will try the others that you suggested.

    jus dropping by to say hello. i have been our of circulation for a while, as i have been very busy.

  11. Aaah. That is one of my fave pasttimes — googling myself in all my various appelations. I guess we bloggers are luminous online. hahaha

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