Posted by: Leah | April 26, 2008

Cherry Blossoms – High Park, Toronto

What a lovely spring day, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. We’ve been to High Park several times before, mostly in the summer time but I’ve never seen it in spring with the splendor and beauty of the cherry blossoms. Apparently, these trees were given as a gift to Toronto from Japan ages ago. Thanks to them for these beautiful gift. The sight is just amazing. I am glad we ventured our way there today despite the thunder and shower warnings. It did not rain. Well, maybe a bit of a drizzle but it was a beautiful day. We saw two brides having their picture taken. What a perfect day to get married. And the background is simply splendid. And there was even a small zoo, we saw this spectacular show-off peacock and it was gorgeous.

This might be the last weekend it will be in bloom. So for those living nearby, take advantage.

Here are some photos we took. Enjoy.

cherry blossoms 032

cherry blossoms 026

cherry blossoms 051

cherry blossoms 068



  1. The park looks alive with the cherry blossoms. Wonder how long the blossom lasts.

  2. it’s beautiful!!! alam mo bang gusto kong pumunta ng japan just to see these trees? meron din pala sa canada! 🙂

  3. Wow this park reminds me of the park borely here in Marseille where we used to stroll but it’s getting crowded during summer because it’s near the beach. We have the peacocks, ducks and chicken too 😀 ! I hope to visit Canada someday ! Enjoy the sun and happy spring Leah 😉 !

  4. Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit down on a bench underneath these blossoming trees and just keep still? Such a peaceful setting.

  5. Lovely pics Leah. That peacock spread is so spectacular that I wish I had one myself ! 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos Leah! It’s great to see that you are in full bloom there too.
    I was going to post some blossom photos too but my computer is not cooperating.

  7. beautiful and lovely sakura pics!

    hopefully, i plan to go to washington d.c. next spring to watch the national cherry blossoms festival (sakura matsuri). 🙂

  8. Simply beautiful! It looks so romantic to be surrounded by all those lovely blooms.

    The peacock is lovely.

  9. Love the peacock photo! So vivid and crisp.

  10. great you were able to capture it! we were there too last Saturday after a day in downtown – trying to stalk and see if the cherry blossoms have bloomed…medyo di pa ata…so i was hoping to drop by again today…kaso it rained the past 2 days, so I guess we might have missed its glorious look…but it doesnt hurt to try…

  11. (Sigh) Kailan kaya ako makakita ng cherry blossoms in bloom? I missed it by a few weeks when I went to Japan eons ago. Anyway, these pictures are next best thing to actually seeing them, i suppose. Thanks, Leah.

  12. […] seen it in spring with the splendor and beauty of the cherry blossoms. Apparently, these trees we Hotel project in downtown Greenville is off possibly until next year The Greenville […]

  13. Wow, I didn’t know there are cherry blossoms in Canada. Those are great gifts from Japan. They look just great in the park.

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