Posted by: Leah | May 24, 2008

Random stuff

I’ve been amiss with anything worth your while to read but nonetheless, I will try some things I’ve noticed in the last few days, weeks, even months. Just observations I’ve had in my head and have thought to write about. Well, they’re still somewhere in my wee little brain , so let me put it in writing.

I – Animals gone wild
–> First it was cows out in the highway. Oh my, how could that happen? A truckload of cows on their way to the slaughter house got into a mishap and rolled over which let loose some cows onto the highway and into the city. One of the cows had to be shot.

–> And then a few weeks later, “A tractor-trailer travelling eastbound, hauling livestock, for some reason failed to slow down and slammed into slower traffic, virtually crushing a full-sized pickup and ramming a car and a large van.” And as a result, pigs came flying all over.

–> And what about this? “A lion on the loose? Since when did lion’s become pets? Apparently, this lion was domesticated but somehow managed to escape from his owner. Luckily, the lion was found a few days later and will now be placed in the zoo. Whew! I’d be scared to if I was in that neighbourhood.

New update
—> And just in the news : A black bear wanders around a nearby neighbourhood. Whew! Must be looking for food. Its been spotted since Monday. Luckily it is now in captivity and will be put back into the wild. Here’s a clip of the news you can read and watch.

II – Oops , wrong way
–> BW, mentioned that he once went to a women’s washroom and did not notice till after the fact when he saw a woman in there. Ha!ha! That happened to me too. Went inside the men’s washroom and thought to myself, hmmn, this looks different?!!! Oh , urinals! And then I scampered out. Good thing, no one saw me.

–> I have been going on a course which has finally ended. I only need to take the exams and pass them all. I’ve passed 2 so far out of the 5 I need to take. Anyway, the thing I want to relate to this is my instructor. He came in one day and I noticed that his shirt didnt look right to me. So the more I look at it, I realized that he did not button it right such that the first hole at top had the second button in it. Anyway, I did not have the heart to say anything. I wondered if my classmates noticed it. But I looked at it through the whole session. The next day, thank goodness, he was wearing a sweater instead.



  1. One time, a woman entered a men’s restroom intentionally. She said that there’s a long queue at the adjacent ladies’ restroom and that she couldn’t hold it any longer. She needed to poop. 🙂

  2. Saw the road mishaps with the pigs and the cows on the news.. I feel so bad for the cow that was shot down.

    LOL, I also mistakenly went in a men’s restroom one time. There was this one older guy, and both of us were unsure if it was the ladies’ or the guys’ room— I told him –oh, the men’s room is on the other side, and he told me, umm, I guess, this is the men’s room. So dali-dali akong lumabas, and true enough, hindi pala naka ‘saya’ ang sign sa pintuan…anubayan???!!! =))

  3. I’ve seen a documentary film about the rampant killing of seal in the east of Canada (2003-2004). The seal hunt had controversial upshot across Canada and drew negative remarks from abroad. How is it now there Leah ?

    In France, we are banned because of “foie gras”. Prince Charles ordered chefs months ago not to buy or serve the pâté, which is produced by force-feeding birds. France is the largest producer and consumer of foie gras but bans started in Germany, Israel, Norway and Poland.

    Your experience was funny Leah, buti na lang walang nakakita talaga! If that happens you can tell them that you are looking for your husband 😀 , para lusot 😉 !

    Goodluck to all your exams !

  4. LOL on the pigs flying over the place hehe 🙂

    The instructor was lucky it wasn’t his fly that was wrongly buttoned !

  5. Cows in the highway happen din pala in Canada. 🙂

    Here in Cambodia, the image for men and women look the same… pareho silang mahabang buhok na naka-tube and I always get confused.

  6. So, did you learn anything that day? or you got mesmerized by the button?

    Thanks for sharing the mishmash of intriguing events in your part of the world and the update on your training.

    By the way, I saw Lobo for the first time last night. My son and daughter in law love that series too.

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