Posted by: Leah | May 31, 2008

Happy 2nd year munimuni

Time flies…its been another year of blogging. Meaning, Mga Muni-muni is now 2 years old. I wish I have something to brag about except that this is such a great place to write and just write of anything I wish to.

In honor of another year, I am holding a contest. Please leave me a comment on which post you liked best and why. Based on a certain criteria (of my choosing of course) …a winner will be chosen to receive a wonderful gift from me. Gift to be announced on a later date.

P.S. Why Piolo’s photo? Wala lang..type ko eh! he!he!

Update, only those who comment with their selection of my post they like best will be included in the draw. Contest ends June 15. Thanks to all who came and those who will still come to comment.



  1. Hep,hep, Hurray! Happy Second to your Mga Muni-muni!

    Awwws, was Piolo winking at you? =P

    Here’s to many more years of blogging fun!

    Thanks Gina!

  2. Congrats on 2 years! I guess a lot of us starting blogging around the same time. I liked the post where you talked about writing a love letter to someone, but they never responded. I like it b/c I can relate. hehe. I even included a link to it on one of my posts. 😀

    thanks Wil . Yes, I remember that post. I don’t remember that post of yours. I’ll go and search.

  3. Happy 2nd blogging anniversary, Leah! I hope your dear Piolo will personally visit you and give you a tight hug and a smooch. Hehe.

    This is my favorite among your posts: Tooth Fairy. I like it because you made an innocent girl happy in her little make-believe world. You went out of your way to ask around and research about tooth fairies and even write a letter for your daughter. I know it’s not the money—what’s $5?—but the joy that a small kid feels when she’s given attention. It shows your love for your daughter because you put yourself in her shoes and spent time for this occasion when other mothers could just easily brush off this “silly fantasy.” You’re a wonderful mom and I like the way you’re bonded with your daughter. Keep the love flowing and keep blogging…

    thanks so much Abaniko! Sana nga, Papa P can come and visit (thanks for the wishes!) And my tooth fairy post still gets a lot of visits, I guess from parents like me. Fantasies for little kids are a good thing. Thanks for your kind words.

  4. I just landed here today…I’ve only read a few post, so I can’t really say which one I like best…I seem to like them all. I have to get it more thought. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and the well wishes Shoshana, come back anytime.

  5. Hi leah, happy 2nd blogsarry. Cute ni papa P noh.

    kaya nga yung fave kong post mo eh ito… Na feel ko ang love mo para sa kanya…kakaaliw 🙂

    Cheers yo you and your blog sis…muahhh

    Ako rin feel na feel basta si papa P. Thanks for the greetings Jeanny!

  6. hahaha! i thought 2yrs na kayo ni papa piolo. Happy Blogsarry!

    Hi Roselle,
    hindi pa kami two years ni papa P, 1 year pa lang..he!he!
    Salamat sa pagbati.

  7. Congrats po! 🙂

    Happy Blogsary! 😀

    Thanks aling Baby

  8. Hi Leah…

    I tagged you here pala

    Happy 2nd year ulit 🙂

    Thanks Jeanny for the tag. I posted over at Cool and Composed.

  9. nyek? ^_^

    Bakit naman foobarph? Kaagaw ba kita ke papa P?

  10. First of all, happy 2nd blogging anniversary!

    I will go for Earth Hour because it is a good cause for everyone to remember to save The Earth and The World.

    The nature disaster like earthquate in china, and cyclone in Nyammar recently killed so many thousand of people. Pollution and climate change make the envoirment horrible. People are difficult to live in peace now.

    As a blogger you let someone to comment on the pro and con about The Earth Hour and nice footage too.

    Thanks so much visuallens! That post created a bit of a buzz but it is certainly a good way to go Green.

  11. Yan pala ang the famous Piolo Pascual. He’s cute and it looks like his winking at me. 🙂

    Happy 2nd anniversary to Mga Muni-Muni!

    Thanks niceheart! Ngayon mo lang nakita si Piolo? Sige, share ko wink nya ! he!he!

  12. Happy 2nd Anniversary to your Muni-muni Leah ! Honestly every post is important and well written. But of course I still have my preference, the b-day letter you made for your Nanay 😀 ! It was touching 😉 ! Blog On !

    Thanks Haze! My post for Nanay was a very memorable one indeed.

  13. Happy 2nd blog anniversary Leah 🙂
    I was gonna say, I like that one about your Nanay too… Haze beat me into it 🙂

    Thank you Pining! That post for Nanay surely is one of my fave as well. Salamat!

  14. happy anniv to your blog! sus… napangiti naman ako sa kindat ni piolo…

    Thanks Iska! Anyone gets a kick out of that wink and smile. Especially us girls (insert giggle here!)

  15. Congrats on your 2nd year ! Naks, talagang fan ka ni Piolo ano? hahaha 🙂

    Hi bw, obvious na masyado ano? Thanks for the greetings.

  16. hehe … was thinking bakit nga ba si Piolo … 😀
    congratulations! 🙂

    Thanks Maiylah

  17. it’s my 1st time to be here.. in your blog.. Happy 2nd anniv.. :p marami pang inuman yan!!! painom ka naman…

    Thanks for the visit and the greetings walongbote .

  18. Wow, 2 years…

    I check your Earth Hour post and like you, i also joined thousand of locals and expats here in Dubai.

    I joined them not just for fad or fashion but because for environmental cause. I’m an advocate of that group.

    Anyway congratulation on your 2nd year blogsarry.

    Thanks mmy-lei! Good to know that there are people like you out there going green to keep this earth going..

  19. napadpad lang po dito…. kala ko kayo ni Piolo ang nag-anniv eh 😀 pero happy anniv na din po sa inyo 🙂 naway lalong mamayagpag ang blog life nyo 🙂

    Salamat delish

  20. ajejeh, cute naman talaga ni piolo.. happy anniv po 😉

    Thanks analyse

  21. hahaha! love the piolo pic! he is soooo … sigh. hahaha!

    Hi Caryn! I so agree…sigh…thanks

  22. Hello! Happy 2nd anniversary sa blog mo! Hinahanap ko rin connection ni Piolo sa post mo…hehehe.

    Thank you Ann

  23. I have something glittery for you in my blog…come and get it!

    Got it Gina! thanks

  24. leah, sorry sa late visits, nakupo, alam mo na… ang Lola, very sikat ?at busy.

    Basta, im here, when time permits. Ang guapo nga bagong bf natin ngayun ah. Wala na ba kayo ni Pareng Brad Pitt? Hihihi

    Hi Francesca,
    thanks for dropping by despite your busy sked…oo nga super sikat ka na kasi …lol

  25. Happy 2nd Anniversary to your blog Leah.

    My favorite post that I’ve read is:

    It’s a very heartwarming post about your Tatay. It’s very evident that you love and respect your Tatay very much.

    Thanks Tina.
    that post really made me think how much my Tatay meant to me. Very apt for father’s day coming up too.

  26. Hahaha! as in kinindatan ka ni fafa P dahil 2nd year anniv mo na? lol! gwapo talaga oo..

    Maligayang dalawang taon ng muni-muni! Congrats at good luck sa darating pang mga taon 🙂

    Thanks Manilenya

  27. Ay, bakit ako kinikindatan ni Papa Piolo? hehe

    Belated happy anniversary to your blog, Leah! Many more blogging years. 🙂

    Thanks so much Chats

  28. […] the way, my contest is still open and i will announce winner on Father’s Day. Hope you can participate. […]

  29. congratulations on your blog’s 2nd birthday!

    i just got here on your site, and my favorite would be on your post with the cherry blossoms! i heart cherry blossoms because i heard so much of it and i’ve never seen one for real + the sweet bit of history trivia! the peacock in his full regal pose reminds me of the last week my husband and i were together before he left, because there were free roaming peacocks in that mountain resort we stayed in.

    beautiful pictures!

    Thank you Ms. Firefly! My cherry blossom post is one of my top 3 posts viewed ever. I loved it too. That’s why i have the cherry blossoms as my header still. Thanks for browsing my blog.

  30. My No. 1 favorite among the Muni-muni posts that I’ve read is Maple Syrup Festival.

    It was an instructive post about a foodstuff I really love (on my pancakes) and have long been intrigued with. You complemented the story with beautiful illustrations. And somehow, I feel it is the post that led to our friendship, which culminated in my getting a bottle of the exquisite syrup (among other exciting stuff).

    I also love the tribute to Tatay … where mutual love and admiration between daughter and dad are almost palpable.

    Congrats on your second anniversary. Here’s to the next two years more of blogging!

    Thanks Annamanila,
    Oh yes, I infer. The maple syrup story made me try this syrup with so much more gusto as compared to the past. And i am glad we connected.

  31. Hi Leah. I’m sorry I missed this one. I want to wish you a belated blogversary. Two years is a great blogging milestone. Wishing you many more quality blogging years ahead. May you always find new inspiration.

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