Posted by: Leah | June 15, 2008

Happy Father’s Day!

And here is the Father’s Day post round-up.

Lazarus’ 1st part of his series on his father’s tales shows how much he has listened to his father. And how he adores his 6th sense? And he has listened well! Follow the links from his post and be transported to the tales of his father. What a great collection to share with his kids as well. Thanks for letting me take a glimpse of your father’s tales Lazarus.

Gina writes fondly about her well groomed Papa and recalls great times with him. Her father is now regaining his strength back after a mild stroke 4 years ago. I am sure he loves seeing and talking to you in the webcam Gina. Thank God for technology huh? And will pray for his continured recovery.

Manilenya recalls the celebration of Father’s Day with her Tatay and how he tried to disclaim the day as simply another day. I myself dont remember celebrating Father’s Day in the Philippines when I was growing up. Come to think of it, even mother’s day. I guess, it wasn’t part of the Pinoy upbringing in my times . It is only now that this western tradition has been to its full bloom in Pinas, right? At any rate, Manilenya treated her Tatay out and I’m sure he had a wonderful day spending time with the family.

from Haze:
She wrote about her father’s “tough daddy” attitude and yet she goes on saying:

I always thought that my father has a big heart! Why, because even he has nothing left he always has a manner of helping even in his own little way be it for family, friends, neighbors or just for a simple stranger.

A daughter’s great tribute to a father on father’s day. Thanks Haze for allowing me to read and share this post.

And then Maldito connects us to his innermost feelings about his last moments with his dad. You have to read it and be touched of how much he has really missed his father. What a tough life you’ve had growing without a father. I’m sure wherever your father is, he is smiling as he reads your Father’s Day tribute to him.

And here’s a delightful post by Sexymom for the father of his children. Very nice indeed!

To all the fathers …HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!!!!!



  1. ang ganda ng father’s day entry ni Maldito 🙂

    I agree Manilenya..very touching talaga.

  2. I think it’s nice that you have these contests every now and then. Great way to interact with your readers.

    Happy father’s day to the special men in your life. 🙂

    Thanks Niceheart! My contest was for Muni-muni’s 2nd year anniversary. This was just a post round-up , sort of like a blog carnival. I am glad there were commenters who volunteered their posts. Thanks to all who participated.

  3. Hi Leah! Sorry I didn’t have time to join your roundup. But the same post on my dad would be coming on my blog when it’s ready 🙂 Thanks!

    Hi Makis! no problem…sa next time. I’ll be sure to come and checkout your post when its ready.

  4. I hope your husband had a lovely father’s day 🙂

    Hi Pining, he did. Thanks

  5. I have read all the stories and it’s very touching. I think that we all are lucky to have fathers like them. Even with their imperfections they will still be the BEST father for us.

    I like your idea of contest Leah, it’s not really about competition but discovering other blogs too :D!

    That’s true..thanks Haze!

  6. Thansk for the link here….and thanks Manilenya for the words….cant say much to say thank you.


    Hi Maldito..tenk yu rin.

  7. This round up … it has nudged me I haven’t really written a tribute to my dad. A multi-faceted man who loved too much. I should do it soon.

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