Posted by: Leah | June 25, 2008

Macro shots

I have a new 10 Meg Fuji digital camera and I tried taking some macro shots and they look really nice. Here are some photos of the blooms in our garden.



  1. i like to last picture best!

  2. And I like the first picture the BESTEST 😉

    Thank you for the very funny animated card and the virtual flowers!

    Take care!

  3. Nice clear pics ! BTW, I have a Fuji too – a pocket and zoom camera . They’re great cameras 🙂

  4. hi leah, you’ve got a lovely blooms in your garden :)…I love the sunflower shot, buhay na buhay

  5. naks! ang gaganda pala ng mga bulaklak mo e 🙂

  6. AHH, the beauty of nature. The best talaga ang spring/summer, kaganda ng mga paligid, in diff colors and shapes ng leave s and flowers.
    Even my cats attacked my flower pots in the terrace

  7. Ang ganda siguro ng garden mo. Gusto ko rin yung last picture.

  8. lovely photos. Congratulation on the new cam. 🙂

    Btw, I tagged u again sis. Hope you can do this. here is the link

    Thanks sis 🙂

  9. Congratulations on the new toy 🙂 ! Beautiful flowers 🙂 . Your rose bush look so healthy! Keep shooting.

    Have a great weekend Leah!

  10. good shots Leah, I particularly like the rose, and the clematis, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with your new camera 🙂

  11. i’m into macro photography too.. well, nag aaral pa lang hehe.. but i love this type of pix.. the last one is my fave.

  12. i like taking pictures too and I just love all of your blooms. gandang-ganda ako sa kuha mo:)

  13. My goodness! You have roses, sunflowers, and gumamelas in your garden? That is absolutely lovely Leah!

  14. This only means you have a green thumb ! Flowers are just fabulous. Great capture Leah, hope to buy a new digicam sana ok pa sa budget ours is broken 😦 !

  15. what a beautiful garden it must be!
    i want to see everything a-bloom!

  16. Hi Leah. Those are beautiful. I could imagine how colorful your garden is.

    If you have time, I tagged you here.

  17. Good to have some pictures in your blog. I like flowers. I posted some pictures on orchid and hibiscus flower.

  18. you must have a very colorful garden, nakaka-high ang photography no? galing!

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