Posted by: Leah | July 16, 2008

Note cards

Here are the note cards I ordered from Miss Firefly. What a delight to have them.

Check out the prize I gave to Pining for my 2nd yr anniversary contest.

Do you like what you see? contact Miss Firefly.






  1. hi leah! i’m glad you have your notecards now. thank you very much for the feature!
    i am still adjusting to my new home, will be back blogging very soon!
    have a great day!

  2. when will you lil girls stop trading stationeries? heheh

    why do you think this beautiful past time has gone down the digital drain, sayang noh?

  3. I like, love what I see.

    I didnt join your contest? Have I greeted your blog happy birthday? If I haven’t heres to more of your blogs … they make the blogsphere so much more pleasant.

  4. ms. firefly is really good no? i got some cards from her too. i almost don’t want to send them out. hahahah!

  5. Those are lovely indeed. I’ve seen many of Ms Firelfly’s work at her site and I admire her creativity.

  6. Hey Leah these cards look familiar…. thanks again, that was very thoughtful of you 🙂 Sorry, I’m not thoughtful enough 😀

  7. those are lovely, i like collecting stationeries too 🙂 have fun with them 🙂 oh and just was bloghopping and got here. nice blog 🙂

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