Posted by: Leah | August 5, 2008


Crystal Museum

Finally….a meeting long overdue. Met with Gina and Angelo this weekend and it was a great time spending a day with these people. Despite the sunny and gorgeous weather outside, we went ahead and enjoyed our plans for discovery inside the Royal Ontario Museum. Lots to learn about Tony and Gina and Angelo and ofcourse of the different exhibits at ROM.

Made friends with Gina over the last 2 years of blogging and online scrabble matches. When we met, it felt like we’ve know each other for the longest time. Talking with her is so easy. And her hubby, Tony was such a character. He is adorable, no wonder Gina fell for the guy. He is full of stories and a very kind and loving person. He professes undying love for Gina and is not ashamed to say it. Kudos Tony and lucky you Gina! I nudged-nudge my hubby a bit after just to see his reaction and possibly get him some brownie points too, but oh well.

And Angelo, he is such a nice guy. Very quiet. I hope I didnt ask too may questions. I talked a lot, didnt I? But it was nice knowing so much about you. I love his blog and his photography. He has a very good blog entry with photos about the EB, so go visit him.

And those Galapagos Tortoises, that’s another story. They’re actually in You Tube. Just search in you tube Galapagos Tortoises in ROM.

And now, here’s a mosaic of some of the photos we took. The link actually directs you to my flickr page. If you want to see each photo. Click on the numbers below.

My creation
1. Totem pole, 2. carriage, 3. a view of the shanghai exhibit from the top, 4. Leah with the tiger, 5. and more skeletons, 6. Egyptian exhibit, 7. replica of the golden temple in India, 8. Gina and Tony with the Barong background, 9. broken tiles, 10. broken pottery, 11. hieroglyphs, 12. duyan, 13. Gina and Angelo chit-chatting, 14. Angelo, Gina, Leah and an extra girl, 15. the Crystal building, 16. and more skeletons, 17. Gina and Leah, 18. head dress?, 19. Gina and Leah again, 20. reflection, 21. Angelo, 22. Crystal, 23. Darwin’s theory of life, 24. just a great shot, 25. Galapagos Tortoise



  1. I love that mosaic Leah! Is that a Flickr thing? I’m going to look for those tortoises on youtube now hehe…. and no, you didn’t ask too many questions at all, in fact we didn’t really get that much time to talk I guess coz of all the interesting exhibits. We’ll have lots of time to talk again during our next EB…. although you’re right, I don’t talk a lot, but I can listen hehe…

    Hi Angelo,
    The mosaic was created via flickr toys. Pretty neat huh? Did you get to watch those tortoises? Apparently , they showcased this (of their own accord) on a regular basis.
    Yeah, I realized, we didnt really have a lot of time to chit-chat aside from the lunch hour. I’m sure there will be next time


  2. It was a pleasure finally meeting you and your family as well Leah.

    It just felt so right to cap our online friendship with a meeting in the real world =)

    We had a truly lovely time with you guys.

    Hi Gina,
    The meeting was great and I hope there will be a repeat. It was a full of discovery indeed.

  3. EB with fellow bloggers is always fun! You already have so much to talk about even before you meet in person 🙂 Kakilig naman on Gina’s husband & his undying love for her!

    Hi Makis,
    yes, EB is always fun. And the meeting is just like catching up, only this time, in person. And you dont have to write your comments down. You get feedback right away too.

  4. Sosyal mag-EB and aking dalawang amiga! Hindi basta basta ha, sa royal museum pa!

    And who’s the guy blogger? Maybe I visit him one of these days.

    So did the two guys hit off too?

    Leah, Gina’s Tony is demonstrative and yours .. well .. keeps things to himself. Kanya kanyang personality.

    Pero I know how that feels kasi I am also married to a a guy who finds it hard to express feelings. Medyo masarap pukpukin at mahirap dalhin ano?

    I saw the pictures at flicker …. kilig na din ako sa saya nyo.

    Hmmm … I know what Gina give you. Tusky little critters ha. And what did you give her in turn?

    Gina hasnt blogged about it, has she. Or she hasnt blogged .. period.

    Hi annamanila,
    Yup, it was ala “literati ” EB. Sosi ba? And yes, do visit Angelo’s blog, he posted about the EB and has cool notes too.
    Gina and I hit it off, she is so accomodating and I was at ease all the time with her. She did bestow an addition to my Tusker collection. Will post about it soon. And yeah, I gave here some candles.
    Next time, tayo naman mag-EB. Kelan ka punta dito sa Canada?

  5. beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. now i have a face to your name Leah, and so nice meeting your pic! 🙂

    Hi Odette,
    yeah, I dont post my photo in my blog that often. I suppose, this is an exception. Twas nice meeting you in pic too.

  6. Nice EB meeting and you guys had fun 🙂

    BTW, the ROM is amazing !!

    Hi bw,
    yup, ROM was great inside and out.
    Was going to invite you sana but I know you want to stay anonymous plus not sure if you were acquainted with Gina yet?

  7. Sarap naman ng EB na yan. Well, anywhere it maybe, the fun part are the joyous moments of sharing and the friendship which has developed out of blogging. EBs are really fun!

    Hi Vanidosa,
    I know, I never thought I’d be having online friends and more so to meet them in person. Exciting and fun.

  8. Wow, ang saya-saya nyo ha. And you also got to meet Gina’s hubby. 🙂 So Angelo pala is the quiet type. 🙂 Pareho tayo… I also ask too many questions. 🙂

    Hi Toe,
    Talgang matanong ako esp that I have not really met them before and want to know everything that’s not been written in their blogs. Although, I have a feeling na mas matanong ka kesa sa akin. Hopefully, one day, we can meet too.

  9. at nag EB din sa wakas yung mga fil- canadians, ey? 😉

    Hi Mitsuru,
    oo nga, finally.
    It was really fun eh!

  10. leah, how nice naman! bet you guys had fun.

    i love the mosaic. nice work. 😀

    Thanks bingskee! It was a fun and lovely time indeed

  11. Wow, I’m glad you had a successful EB. What a beautiful museum! Nice place to have an EB.

    Hi Tani,
    I’ve been to this museum before but a lot has changed. It was a great time. Very nice inside and out.

  12. Great to see that you finally met! 🙂

    My family and I visited ROM when we went to Canada in ’05. It was awesome. Back then the exhibit was on birdlike dinosaurs – totally loved it.

  13. Beautiful pictures and the photographer too.This is the first time I see your photo …lady from philippines but you look a bit like chinese ha2. (since you know well the chinese culture about number 8.)

  14. wait wait wait…where was i when all these plans were hatched? ahhhh…nasa maynila pala….

    sa susunod, sama ako ha?

    i didnt want to comment on the current blog post kasi it was about 08 08 08, eh may 8 comments na…:)

  15. hi leah! great pics! i so love museums 😉

    btw, thanks for wanting to join the creative swap; please send me an email with your complete address so i can include it in my files. thanks!

  16. I’ve read Angelo’s post about this, sarap talaga ng EB ano 😀 ! So don’t forget to meet us in Marseilles when you visit France ha Leah ! As I was saying to Angelo, very original ang meet up nyo, sa museums pa, indeed a nice way to explore places and people ;)!

  17. Nice EB,Leah!thats one of the wonders of blogging ano?online lang pero pag nagkita in person,seems like you know each other for decades na 🙂

    I was right,Angelo is such a silent guy…compare to us women?haha!we talk much right?or maybe I do?lol

    the mosaic is cool,Leah!nice idea to post lots of pics at a time 🙂

    goodluck to your next EB!!

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