Posted by: Leah | August 8, 2008

Lucky day and a sketch

8 is a lucky number especially for the Chinese culture. With the summer olympics held in China, what better day to get it started than 8/8/08 – August 8, 2008 at 8:08 p.m. I’d be sure to be glued on TV to watch this spectacular opening ceremony.

Today is also a day when brides and grooms choose to get married. So for those getting married, good luck and those that are already married, try to say “I love you” often to your loved one today. The phrase “I love you” actually has 8 letters.

And what shall I do to take advantage of this lucky day? I will buy a Lotto ticket worth $8. Hopefully, my lucky stars will shine brighter to me today.

What about you? Anything lucky you want to do or share?


As I finished making my Olympic rings above, my daughter decided to doodle on a blank canvas via Paint and here is what she produced. Pretty huh? I thought so, I asked if I can post it and she gladly obliged. Will you spy 8 things on it?



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  3. I had a brief glimpse of the Olympics opening ceremony – awesome !

    I’ve seen a Chinese office here were the phone extensions had no digits 4 nor 5 on them 🙂 If your house number is 8 or 88 or 888 you would sell it to aChinese folks in a jiffy hehe 🙂

  4. I hope you win the lotto Leah! I actually forgot that today is 8-8-8.

    Your daughter is artistic and has a good control of the mouse. Pretty picture. Have a great week!

  5. Good Luck with the lotto tickets Leah! The numbers were out at 10:15 right? I don’t usually play lotto except this one time on my birthday coz I had found an old lotto ticket of my lola when I cleaned out the basement. i didn’t win…. hope you had better luck.

    The opening ceremonies were awesome! Despite my loathing of the communist Chinese government and their totalitarianism and lack of transparency and accountability, I couldn’t help but feel the joy and pride of the Chinese people. They deserve their moment in the sun, that was the best opening ceremonies in my memory.

    Samantha’s very artistic eh? One day her work will grace the walls of the Art Gallery of Ontario. They’ve renovated that place too and is scheduled to open again in the fall (but that’s another blog)…. I spy with my little eye, a girl, her knapsack?, the art gallery of Ontario, a tree, flowers, blue skies, a bonfire, and a path to the art gallery of ontario.

  6. dapat sumayaw ka ng ocho-ocho bago tumaya ng lotto para panalo. hehe

    i saw a bldg in nyc with the number 666. so, ano kaya ang mga nasa loob nun? 🙂

  7. Hi Leah.
    08-08-08 was a very memorable day for our team at work. Imagine, I wrote pa as a shoutout sa skype ko na

    Today must be a lucky day

    Then we receive a phone call from our boss. He wanted to talk with us. So we taught he’ll be giving extra moolah kasi nga lucky day di ba….yun pla, my officemate will be remove from the dept at ililipat ng ibang dept. She doesn’t want na ilipat cya…so she resign na lang…hay…kakalungkot…

    Oh well 08-0-08 man o hindi, dapat positive lagi.

    Have a great week!

  8. wow, your daughter is very creative! that’s a nice drawing, say, to print and make into a card for her grandparents or relatives…. 🙂

    thousands got married indeed last 888. now i understand why china wanted to host the olympics very badly. such a good omen eh?!

  9. a little girl, green shirt, brown pants, blue sneakers, pink bag,birds,i think i see a tree with branches, the ROM?

    Well done S!

    Hope you had luck with your tickets Leah. I won $10 on lotto, got 4 numbers right. Muntik nang maging 10 million ano?

  10. i am not a believer of luck but i must admit that there are instances that can be considered ‘luck’.

    your daughter is creative; and imaginative i bet. her talent must be honed. who knows one day? 🙂

  11. I watched the opening ceremony and I also thought that it was spectacular. The first time I watched it, we caught it on the French channel. So pinagtiyagaan naming panoorin. When I heard the word lang lang, I said, what’s lang lang? Then my oldest son explained to me that that’s the name of the piano player. he he. So I guess the kids can pick up French after all. 🙂 I later caught the ceremony again at another channel later that night and it’s a lot more enjoyable watching it when you understand what the announcer is saying. 🙂

  12. lucky…swerte in tagalog, kaya pala may malas kasi may hindi swerte. di po ako masyadong naniniwala dyan. naniniwala po akong may rasong ang lahat ng nangyayari. 😀

    gandang ng drawing ng anak mo…sana maipagpatuloy nya ang hilig nya. kanino ba mana mommy?


  13. I always wanted to play but never really think of a special number, goodluck to your ticket number Leah ! I also watched the opening and it’s really impressive. My preference was that 2 Chinese guys who were dancing and drawing at the same time 😀 ! It was spectacular….your daughter’s drawing is just lovely, consider me a fan of her artwork 😀 !

  14. i am more of a “7” person, though 888 is an interesting number.

    well, was 888 a lucky day for you?

  15. Hi leah. how are you. I tagged you here pla.


  16. I had flu that time but I didn’t miss watching the opening of the Beijing Olympics. The presentations were spectacular.

    That is a lovely artwork. Your daughter is very creative.

    I see a girl wearing a backpack. I think she’s holding a flower. I see more flowers and plants around her. There’s a tree and a building nearby.

  17. Ang galing-galing naman ng drawing! Your daughter is so talented! 🙂

    I watched the opening of the Olympics in full. Spectacular! Sure was a lucky day for the Chinese. 🙂

  18. I was lucky in raffles before. I’ve won a cellphone and a 1yr supply of free movie passes at SM. But I think my luck in raffles ran out.

    great artwork by your daughter! 😉

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